Pre-Roll Infusion Machine

Elevate Your Infused Pre-Rolls | STM's Lightning-Fast Infusion Machine

Capture the booming infused pre-roll market with unmatched production speed. STM’s infusion technology delivers precision and consistency at record pace.

Speed that Scales: Outpace the infused pre-roll demand surge

The patented STM Astro Infuser pre-roll infusion machine streamlines your workflow while maintaining high quality. Process up to 3600 pre-rolls per hour, ensuring you capitalize on the fastest-growing market segment.

Scale your infusion output without the massive labor costs. The Astro Infuser’s speed pays for itself in a days, a few weeks to a few months depending on volume. Check out the ROI calculator below.



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Boost Infused Pre-Roll Profits | STM Canna Astro Infuser

  • Slash Costs, Grow Revenue: Focus on reducing expenses and increasing profits.
  • Precision = Customer Satisfaction: Consistency is crucial in the infused market.
  • Adaptable to Your Growth: Adapt to market changes with a versatile infusion machine
  • Simplify Your Workflow: Offer an aspirational solution, not just a piece of equipment.

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Cut Infusion Labor Costs by 90%+ | STM Canna Astro Infuser

  • Automate infusion, free up your staff: Reallocate 12+ workers for higher-value tasks
  • 3,600 pre-rolls/hour: Incredible speed = massive production capacity. Unmatched by any other machine.
  • Rapid ROI = Growth Fuel: Reinvest savings to dominate your market.
  • Invest in Quality and Efficiency: Secure Long-Term Success.

Harvest Pre-Roll Automation SYSTEM

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Product Details

The Harvest package is everything you need to produce up to 10K joints a day with the patented Mini-RocketBox and patented Atomic Closer. The Mini-RocketBox Plus will fill and pack your joints with accuracy and consistency, even with infused materials finished off with a professional looking Dutch crown in the Atomic Closer. Our Harvest package is cost-effective and the return on investment is realized in just weeks to a few months.

In an industry where the choices are a complete manual system vs expensive and complicated all-in-one pre-roll machines which can cost upwards of $250K, $500K or more, STM Canna has the most cost-effective automated pre-roll solutions starting at just $54,990 which can match and out perform machines costing 6 times or more. With STM's Harvest Package, you can produce 1000-10K or more pre-rolls a day with 2-4 people. Add more trays to drastically increase production output at minimal costs.

STM Pre-Roll Systems are:

  • Most Cost Effective Solutions Available
  • Proven Results, even with Infused Material*
  • The Most User Friendly of Any Automated Pre-Roll System
  • Easier to Clean and Maintain than Any Other System
  • The Most Scalable and Customizable System to Suit Your Exact Needs
  • The Jump Starter System can Replace an Entire Team of Pre-Roll Closers (allocate those resources to other areas)
  • Compatible with tray types and sizes: 84mm (.5g), 98mm, 109mm (1g), Dog Walker

Included in the Harvest System:

  • Mini-RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine
  • Atomic Closer Auto Closing Machine
  • 4 Bottom Trays, 1 Top Tray
  • 2 Loading Boxes
  • On-Site Training Included
  • 10K Free Cones (70mm. 84mm, 98mm and 109mm)
  • Free Shippping
* Pre-roll output numbers are estimated from STM Canna's extensive research and development, client results and other factors. Your results may vary based on material, process, personnel and other factors. Infused material may require a dial-in person to obtain desired results.

**Please note that there is a required lead time for scheduling of on-site training and other pre-visit requirements prior to training.

***STM is not responsible for misprints, typos or other errors. Limited to stock on hand, promotion may end at any time.
**For 60 months, OAC. Reach out to our sales department via chat for more information

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