Getting Started with the Mini-Rocketbox Pre-Roll Machine

Getting Started with the Mini-Rocketbox Pre-Roll Machine

Getting Started with the Mini-Rocketbox Pre-Roll Machine 

The Mini-Rocketbox is preferred by processors and dispensaries for its compact size, durability, and pre-roll filling efficiency. The Mini securely fits on any flat tabletop surface by adhering with a heavy-duty suction cup. With the ability to fill and pack 143 joints in each cycle, the Mini-Rocketbox is certain to increase productivity and save money on labor costs. 

Operating the Mini-Rocketbox properly is pivotal to ensure a smooth, consistent fill. Before starting, check your surroundings and remove any objects on the same table as the machine. The intense vibrations may cause objects in the same workspace to shift and move.

Placement of the Mini-Rocketbox

Avoid placing the Mini-Rocketbox pre-roll machine in the middle of a table. The vibrations will reverberate back through the four legs of the machine, causing inconsistencies with filling and packing. It’s recommended to place the machine on the side of a table as it’s sturdier, less flexible, and focuses the vibrations to the inside of the machine.

Mini Rocketbox Commercial Joint Rolling Machine - Table Placement

Leveling Creates Consistency

Verify that the Mini-Rocketbox is level with a leveling tool. This will ensure that the product is moving evenly across the top of the machine. If the machine is sloped in any direction, your material will move in the same direction, potentially causing weight inconsistencies with the pre-rolls. 

Rocketbox Table Leveling

Fill with Pre-Rolled Cones

After you’ve properly placed and leveled the Mini-Rocketbox, you can begin filling the bottom tray with cones. All pre-rolled cones should be sitting at roughly the same height throughout the tray. Keep in mind that cones will sit differently depending on the size of the tray used.

Mini-Rocketbox Filled with Cones

Optimal Vibration Frequencies for Packing Pre-Rolls

Turn on your Mini-Rocketbox, we recommend starting on high power. In this range, the machine vibrates just like the RocketBox and achieves a pack with the most optimal amount of vibration. Notice the low-frequency sound produced when the dial is turned in between “I” and “G” in “HIGH”. A higher-pitched frequency will be heard once Max Speed is achieved.

TIP: The machine will not vibrate the same without the Top Tray and Bottom Tray screwed down into the machine. When testing placement and vibration, be sure to test with the Top Tray and Bottom Tray together, with the washers and wing nuts fully secure. This will allow for optimal vibration research and development prior to filling and running the machine.

Mini-Rocketbox Joint Rolling MachineDial High

For additional questions and concerns relating to your Mini-Rocketbox, please reach out to us at [email protected] or give us a call at (509) 204-3148

Selecting the Right Paper for Your Pre-Rolled Cones

Selecting the Right Paper for Your Pre-Rolled Cones

Selecting the Right Paper for Your Pre-Rolled Cones

Pre-rolled cones made with paper are by far the most popular used today for cannabis and other smoking herbs. These cones make filling and packing pre-rolls quick and easy. There are various types of paper available to meet the needs of cannabis smokers. The choice between wood, rice, hemp, and other fibers depends on taste, smoking speed, bearing capacity, and other factors.

Using a quality pre-rolled cone can make the rolling process consistent, much simpler, and straightforward.

Thanks to the introduction of the STM Rocketbox pre-roll machine, it was developed to maximize joint production and significantly reduce labor costs. Able to roll 453 pre-rolled cones in 3 minutes, the Rocketbox is the pinnacle of pre-roll machines.

Each type of rolling paper has its characteristics that attract different types of smokers.

White and Brown Papers

Rolling papers can have different porosities to control ventilation and burning rate. Also, the paper may contain additional substances that reduce combustion, stabilize the paper, smoke, and ash. White rolling papers generally have a chemical appearance due to calcium chloride or carbonate, which contributes to delay combustion.

Wood Pulp Paper

The wood pulp paper is the most widely used in rolling, and they have been around for over a century. They can also be mixed with other fibers, and their consistency makes handling easier. The wood pulp is solid, and the realistic texture of this paper makes them practical for beginners because they retain their shape well, even in the presence of low humidity or sweaty hands. Pulp papers generally have an average burn rate.

Rice Paper

The best rice papers are made with natural ingredients, which mean they are mostly pressed and processed rice. These papers are generally thinner than others. They’re less harsh on the lungs, however, it can take little effort to run. This smooth paper may not stick well between your fingers and is quite vulnerable to certain conditions, especially in the humid air.


Its color is mostly light brown, as cannabis users generally don’t like the bleaching process. Hemp papers are thicker and harder than rice papers, offering excellent adhesion when rolled. However, they have a similar tendency to absorb (and eventually release) moisture. They have an average burn rate and go out less often than rice papers.

Start maximizing your pre-roll production

Choosing the right quality of paper for pre-rolled cones is essential for the production process, as this will determine the end product of your joints.

STM offers the highest quality pre-rolled cones in a variety of paper types, colors, and sizes to meet your business’s needs. All of our cones are compatible with the RocketBox and Mini-Rocketbox machines.


Announcing the Launch of Mini RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine

Announcing the Launch of Mini RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine

The Mini-Rocketbox Pre-Roll Machine has Arrived!

“STM Canna is excited to announce the launch of the all-new Mini-RocketBox, the world’s most efficient small-scale commercial pre-roll machine, following the exceptionally successful STM RocketBox. The Mini-RocketBox produces 43% more pre-rolls per cycle than its closest competitor, reduces overhead and provides a more affordable price point for smaller facilities and retailers than its larger counterpart.”
The compact size, efficiency, and versatility of the Mini-RocketBox make it the perfect addition to any sized cannabis cultivation facility. The Mini-Rocketbox has the ability to produce up to 11,000 pre-rolled cones each day, maximizing your pre-roll production and decreasing labor costs associated with hand rolling.

Don’t let the size of the Mini-Rocketbox fool you – it packs a mean punch! With an ultra-strong suction cup built into the base of the machine, it can fit securely on any flat, smooth surface. Vibrations can be customized easily with the small dial built into the front of the machine, allowing for high-quality, consistent cone packing.

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