Top 3 Reasons to Use an Industrial Cannabis Grinder [in 2021]

Top 3 Reasons to Use an Industrial Cannabis Grinder [in 2021]

Top 3 Reasons to Use an Industrial Cannabis Grinder

Why Use an Industrial Cannabis Grinder ?

When scaling production, you want a grinder which is fast and efficient for large volume. However, keep in mind that speed is not the only or even the most important consideration. There is a fine balance between speed and non-destructive grinding. Using a quality, industrial cannabis grinder or shredder is an invaluable part of this overall process.

When it comes to grinding your cannabis for that smooth, slow and even-burning experience from your pre-rolls to maintaining your bud’s potency for extractions, the proper grind is perhaps one of the most important and overlooked aspect in the process. Trichomes are delicate and and must be carefully processed to preserve integrity. Proper grinding maintains the flavor and aroma of your marijuana strain. It takes the upmost care in the grinding process to keep this potency intact for the better tasting weed, which is well worth it!

1. A Quality Industrial Cannabis Grinder Saves Money

Revolution Industrial Cannabis Grinder not a cannabis shredder

STM Canna Revolution 2.0 Industrial Cannabis Grinder

Let’s face it, to assemble pre-rolls or produce extractions on a large scale, at some point your operation will need some type of a higher output grinder. Using a commercial cannabis grinder is the easiest and fastest method to get the most out of your flower. There are many types and styles of grinders available.

Quality commercial cannabis grinders such as the STM Canna Mini-Revolution are built specifically to process cannabis and can carefully grind one pound every few minutes and deliver the most consistent, analogous grind optimal for evenly packed pre-rolls and extraction.

The Mini-Revolution also keeps stems and seeds intact for easy shifting after grinding insuring more potency in the final product.  For larger throughput, the STM Revolution 2.0 industrial cannabis grinder is your best option and uses a dual-blade oscillating system to create scissor like cuts to preserve product integrity.

2. Non-Aggressive Grinding Produces Much Better Results

There is a vast difference when it comes to not only the quality of the cannabis grinder, consistency of grind and preservation of potency. A popular machine is the whip type cannabis shredders, which use plastic whips, the same as on your weed eater, to shred your product. Weed eaters are for grass, not your precious flower. Whips are not very careful in the method employed to separate the bud. They are fast, but there is a price to pay for speed in reduced quality. Don’t shred, grind!

Another group of commercial cannabis grinders are either repurposed from other industries or imported and white labeled from China. While these look like commercial grade quality and may do the basic job, the quality of the components and the long-lasting durability will not be on par with a machine specifically designed for cannabis use. The end result may ultimately suffer not only from the lower quality of vital components such as motor which controls the grinding speed but also the type of cutting mechanism or blade which dictates the overall cut quality.

STM Canna Revolution 2.0 Commercial Cannabis Grinder Premium Grind Quality

STM Canna Revolution 2.0 Commercial Cannabis Grinder Premium Grind Quality

Most people know to achieve the best results from grinding your weed depends on the quality of your flower in the first place which is 100% correct. Garbage in equals garbage out. Particle size does matter.

However, a little considered factor such as aggressive grinding which increases friction and heat and can wreak havoc on your final result. Fast grinding may save your time but is pulverizing and degrading your product worth saving a few minutes? Many marijuana grinders are built for speed and not for preserving trichomes.

Aggressive shredding creates heat which contributes to the destruction of trichomes and potency of your flower. Slow and steady wins the race which is true for many things, especially grinding your flower.

3. Increase Profits and Maximum Potency

Mini-Revolution Commercial Cannabis Grinder Shredder

STM Canna Mini-Revolution Cannabis Grinder Shredder

The Revolution 2.0 is a premium commercial cannabis grinder is especially made for high-volume precision cannabis grinding while preserving the potency of your flower. There is no other cannabis grinder or shredder which comes close. The brand new STM Canna Mini-Revolution commercial cannabis grinder is the best compact cannabis grinder for joints (and extraction) available which delivers the most consistent, homogenous grind optimal for evenly packed pre-rolls and extraction.

Many grinders on the market are so-called “cannabis shredders” and shred your product destroying vital terpenes and cannabinoids thus lowering the quality and most of all, the potency of your final product. Do yourself a huge favor and purchase a quality cannabis grinder designed especially for preservation of vital terpenes and cannabinoids.


The All-New Sub-Zero Cannabis Grinder & Mini Revolution Cannabis Grinder at Emerge Today!

The All-New Sub-Zero Cannabis Grinder & Mini Revolution Cannabis Grinder at Emerge Today!

See the Brand New Revolution Sub-Zero Cannabis Grinder and The Mini Revolution Cannabis Grinder at Emerge Today!  STM Canna is a Platinum Sponsor at the Emerge Virtual Cannabis Spring Conference which kicks off today through Thursday. STM Canna is debuting the all-new Revolution Sub-Zero cannabis grinder which is engineered to operate in environments below -20F with its built-in temperature control and pre-heating technology.  STM Canna is also showing a sneak peak at the Revolution Mini Cannabis grinder. The Mini Revolution cannabis grinder is the latest edition to the STM catalog of products which includes the industry leading RocketBox 2.0 commercial pre-roll machine, the Mini RocketBox pre roll machine and the Revolution 2.0 commercial cannabis grinder.

The Mini Revolution cannabis grinder is designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA at STM Canna’s facility in Spokane, Washington. The Mini Revolution is made from food grade materials including a stainless steel body and industrial grade components and is backed by STM Canna’s 1-year parts and labor warranty and unparalleled customer service. The Mini Revolution was thoughtfully designed with the customer in mind. It is user friendly and you can get up and running in a matter of minutes. Clean-up is a breeze with easy assembly and disassembly with no special tools required. Come check it out at the Emerge Conference today!

The Emerge Conference spans over 3 days, and 30 sessions. There are more than 2500+ attendees. The Emerge Conference is produced in partnership with the cannabis industry’s leading media outlets and organizations, the Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference & Expo is a quarterly live three-day event leading to 90 days of learning, networking, and business on the most experiential platform in the world. Attendees personalize their avatars to step into Emerge, adding immersion and gamification to the experience. No travel, no safety concerns. Just thousands of connections alongside cannabis business opportunities and education!


STM Canna Announces Move to New 13,000 sq/ft. Production Facility to Accommodate Accelerated Growth

STM Canna Announces Move to New 13,000 sq/ft. Production Facility to Accommodate Accelerated Growth

STM Canna Announces Move to New 13,000 sq/ft Production Facility to Accommodate Accelerated Growth.

STM Canna, a leading designer and manufacturer of in-house and commercial grade cannabis pre-roll machines and grinders, is excited to announce its big move to a new, larger production facility in Spokane, WA.

SPOKANE, WA, March 15, 2021 – STM Canna (, a leading manufacturer of commercial cannabis processing equipment, moved into a larger manufacturing facility in response to the increasing demands of its market and a growing clientele base.

The new facility located at 3038 E Trent Avenue, in Spokane WA. is 13,000 square feet, which makes it more than double the size of the previous production facility and will allow STM Canna immediately increase its production capacity of its flagship product, the RocketBox commercial pre-roll machine and others. The additional space will help drive innovation and provide the opportunity for further expansion into additional markets, product lines and services.

“We are experiencing rapid growth and this new production facility provides us the expansion we require to manufacture more equipment to meet our rising demands,” said Erik Blackerby, Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice President.

The new facility is a reflection of STM Canna’s growing reputation and its commitment to quality standards in the industry. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art production machineries to cater to the production lines of STM Canna’s legacy products, the RocketBox and Mini RocketBox; both commercial pre-roll machines and the Revolution commercial cannabis grinder which minimizing terpene and cannabinoid loss during the grinding process, as well as the introduction of other new products into the company’s catalog.

In the coming months, STM Canna is expected to announce the introduction of several new products into the market including a Revolution Sub-Zero commercial cannabis grinder and a Mini Revolution cannabis grinder.

About STM Canna

Established in 2017, STM Canna has through the years grown to become the industry’s standard for pre-roll machines and bespoke cannabis grinders. With clients in 35 U.S. States as well as international clients in Canada, United Kingdom, Israel, and Australia, STM Canna is recognized as a global leader in cannabis and hemp commercial processing. STM Canna’s clients range from small producers and processors to the largest, most well-known cannabis and hemp companies in the world.

STM Canna is located in Washington State from where they serve clients across the United States and globally. For more information, visit


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Hydrobuilder’s Best Pre-Roll Machines of 2021 – RocketBox 2.0

Hydrobuilder’s Best Pre-Roll Machines of 2021 – RocketBox 2.0

STM Canna has produced the highest output pre roll machine in the industry – the RocketBox 2.0.   This is the second version of the RocketBox, which brings a ton of improvements to what was already one of the best pre roll machines.

The base RocketBox package can produce up to 3,000 pre roll cones a day, or 453 every 3 minutes!  The optional add on package range from 5k daily all the way up to 25k daily cones! This is an insane number of pre rolls, but more and more facilities are looking for this type of production.

Another thing that stands out about the RocketBox is the built in training mode.

Read more…

Mini RocketBox Plus+

Mini RocketBox Plus+

The Brand New MIni-RocketBox Plus+ Pre-Roll Machine

In the Fall of 2020 STM Canna updated the popular best seller, the Mini-RocketBox compact pre roll machine with the Mini-RocketBox Plus+. The new Mini Plus is constructed from commercial grade components and built to last.

The Mini-RocketBox Plus+ fills 143 pre-rolls in 45 seconds. The new model adds the same superior features found on the industry leader, RocketBox 2.0. The goal of the Mini-RocketBox Plus+ adds new lift plate technology to level out the cones for more accurate fills. The brand new adjustable top tray provides complete control over your fill rate. These new enhancements improve the fill and accuracy rate of the 143 pre-roll fills and makes the Mini RocketBox-Plus+ the premiere cone filling machine in its class.

Mini PlusTop