Best Pre Roll Machines of 2020 – STM RocketBox

Hydrobuilder, the number one online retailer for all of your indoor and outdoor gardening needs. This massive ecommerce website has listed the STM RocketBox as one of the top pre-roll machines since 2020!

Hydrobuilder states “STM Canna has produced the highest output pre roll machine in the industry – the Rocketbox. The price tag reflects what this machine is capable of. No machine currently provides this level of automation, and the engineering that went into creating this pre roll machine is a marvel.”

STM Canna has unparalleled customer service and support in the entire industry.  Our products are backed by a 1-years parts and labor warranty.  Hydrobuilder acknowledges “Another thing that stands out about the RocketBox is the included on-site training. With every RocketBox purchase, STM Canna will send out a rep to your facility for an entire day of training. They teach you everything you need to know about the machine, including how to use, clean, and get the most out of it.”

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