The Mini-Rocketbox Pre-Roll Machine has Arrived!

“STM Canna is excited to announce the launch of the all-new Mini-RocketBox, the world’s most efficient small-scale commercial pre-roll machine, following the exceptionally successful STM RocketBox. The Mini-RocketBox produces 43% more pre-rolls per cycle than its closest competitor, reduces overhead and provides a more affordable price point for smaller facilities and retailers than its larger counterpart.”
The compact size, efficiency, and versatility of the Mini-RocketBox make it the perfect addition to any sized cannabis cultivation facility. The Mini-Rocketbox has the ability to produce up to 11,000 pre-rolled cones each day, maximizing your pre-roll production and decreasing labor costs associated with hand rolling.

Don’t let the size of the Mini-Rocketbox fool you – it packs a mean punch! With an ultra-strong suction cup built into the base of the machine, it can fit securely on any flat, smooth surface. Vibrations can be customized easily with the small dial built into the front of the machine, allowing for high-quality, consistent cone packing.

7/10 BIG SALE - RocketBoxes, Revolutions, Mini's & Accessories!
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