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Select the Right Papers for Your Pre-Rolled Cones

pre-rolled cones

In the realm of smoking cannabis and other herbs, pre-rolled cones made from paper have emerged as the gold standard, owing to their convenience and versatility. The process of filling and packing pre-rolls is streamlined thanks to these handy cones.

When considering your pre-roll paper options, you have various materials to choose from, such as wood, rice, hemp, and other fibers. These choices can influence factors like taste, burning speed, durability, and more.

The value of a top-tier pre-rolled cone shouldn’t be underestimated, as it can make the rolling process more uniform, simple, and efficient.

Types of Pre-Rolled Cones

There’s a wide spectrum of rolling paper types, each bearing unique attributes that cater to different user preferences.

White Papers: White rolling papers are a common choice and can be customized in terms of porosity to optimize ventilation and burn rate. Often, they contain additional ingredients to control combustion, ensuring a stable paper structure and consistent smoke and ash production. A key characteristic of white papers is their somewhat chemical-like appearance. This is due to the presence of calcium chloride or carbonate, compounds that are included to slow down the combustion process.

Brown Papers: As for brown papers, they also share the same customization in terms of porosity to regulate ventilation and the burn rate. Like their white counterparts, these papers may include other elements designed to reduce combustion and stabilize the paper. Their natural, unbleached appearance distinguishes them from white papers, making them a popular choice for smokers seeking a more organic smoking experience. Their ability to control the smoke and ash produced provides an enjoyable and consistent smoking session.

Wood Pulp Papers: Wood pulp papers are the most ubiquitous rolling paper and have a history spanning over a century. These papers may be blended with other fibers and are known for their consistent texture that facilitates handling. Their robust nature and realistic texture make them an ideal choice for beginners, as they maintain their shape well, even under low humidity or sweaty conditions. Wood pulp papers usually possess a moderate burn rate.

Rice Papers: Top-quality rice papers are crafted with natural ingredients, primarily consisting of pressed and processed rice. These papers are typically thinner than other variants, providing a less harsh experience on the end users’ lungs. However, they may require a bit of effort to roll due to their smooth texture. Rice paper tends to be sensitive to certain conditions, especially humidity.

Hemp Papers: Generally light brown in color, hemp papers are popular among cannabis users who prefer to avoid bleached papers. These papers are slightly thicker and tougher than rice papers, which aids in rolling. They can absorb and eventually release moisture, similar to rice papers. Hemp papers have a moderate burn rate and tend not to extinguish as frequently as rice papers.

Optimizing Your Pre-Roll Production

Choosing paper quality for your pre-rolled cones is a crucial decision in your production process, as it directly impacts the quality of your final product.

STM offers premium pre-rolled cones in various paper types, colors, and sizes to cater to your business’s needs. All our cones are designed to be compatible with both RocketBox and Mini-Rocketbox machines, ensuring seamless integration into your production line.

Innovative Rolling Technology

The rise of automated rolling technology is revolutionizing the world of pre-rolled cones. STM Canna, in particular, is at the forefront of this development with machines like the RocketBox and the Mini-Rocketbox. These advanced machines are designed to ensure the consistency and quality of every pre-rolled cone, thus enhancing the smoking experience for end users. 

Not only do these devices minimize the labor involved, but they also ensure that the production process is time-efficient. Regardless of the paper type you select for your pre-rolled cones, automated rolling technology guarantees a flawless end product every single time.

For businesses looking to amplify their pre-roll production while simultaneously slashing labor costs, the STM Rocketbox pre-roll machine serves as an invaluable resource. Boasting the capability of rolling 453 pre-rolled cones in just 3 minutes, the Rocketbox is the epitome of efficiency in pre-roll production.

A Sustainable Choice

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, there is a growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices. By choosing certain types of papers for your pre-rolled cones, you can help contribute to this movement. For instance, hemp paper is made from a renewable resource and is typically unbleached, reducing its environmental impact. 

STM Canna is committed to supporting sustainable options for businesses, offering a range of environmentally friendly pre-rolled cone papers. This helps us demonstrate our respect for the planet. Ultimately, making sustainable choices in your pre-roll production can boost your brand’s reputation and appeal to a wider consumer base!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team with your burning pre-rolled cones queries! They are extremely knowledgeable about our products and can guide your business towards the appropriate solutions. Call us at (509) 204-3165 or visit our contact page for more information.

Don’t forget, we sell wholesale pre rolled cones too!

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