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Modular Pre-Roll Automation System (20K A Day) Includes On-Site Training & Premium Tech Support

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Complete Modular Pre-Roll Automation System
Grind. Load. Pack. Weigh. Close. Up to 20K a Day!

Complete modular turnkey system from grind to load to pack, weigh and close. With just 2-3 people produce up to 20K joints a day or more. Easy to scale, easy to operate and easy to clean and maintain. Add papers and flower and you're on the way to producing premium, high quality pre-rolls in a flash with a professional dutch crown finish.

In an industry where the choices are a complete manual system vs expensive and complicated all-in-one pre-roll machines which can cost upwards of $250K, $500K or more, STM Canna has the most cost-effective automated pre-roll solutions with a complete system for $109,995 which can match and out perform machines costing 6 times or more.

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Mini-RocketBox Plus+ Pre-Roll Machine - fill and pack joints quickly and accurately
    (2) 72-Joint Top Trays
    (8) 72-Joint Bottom Trays
    (2) Mini Loading Box
    (1) Graduated Cylinder for Density Testing
  • 1 x Cone Lander - automated cone loading machine - load trays with cones in seconds, automatically
  • 1 x Revolution 2.0 Grinder - homogenous grinding with minimal terpene & cannabinoid degredation
    (1) Dual-Blade Set (installed)
    (1) Fine Particle Screen
    (1) Coarse Particle Screen
    (1) Pair of Cut-Proof Safety Gloves
  • 1 x LaunchPad Weighing Scale - Quality Check each weight for accuracy and consistency.
  • 1 x Atomic Closer Module - Close 72 joints in just 45 seconds
  • 1-Year Warranty Information (Extended Warranty is for 2-Years)
  • 3-4 x Days of Premium On-Site Training (Canada, Continental USA/Lower 48 Only. Inquire for AK and HI)
  • NOTE: Due to variables out of our control we do not guarantee fill or target weights for the non-standard dog walkers, reefer or cigarette tube trays.
  • Premium Tech Support with dedicated contact person

    **For 60 months, OAC. Reach out to our sales department via chat for more information.

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