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pre-roll grinder
In the rapidly expanding world of cannabis, pre-rolls have become a popular choice for consumers. As demand grows, so does the need for more efficient and effective production methods. Enter STM Canna commercial weed grinders: a trio of machines designed to revolutionize your pre-roll production process. In this blog post,...
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Jump starter pre-roll automation
STM Canna has got you covered with our new 4/20 Jump Starter Package, available until April 22. For a limited time, you can take advantage of this package which includes a Mini-RocketBox, Atomic Closer, two one-tray workflow trays, a loading box, and miscellaneous accessories for only $49,995. But wait, there’s...
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referral program
STM Canna, a leading provider of pre-roll automation equipment, is pleased to announce the launch of its new referral program for customers. The program is designed to reward loyal STM Canna customers with $500 in product credits when they participate in a case study or speak to potential customers about...
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weed cones
The Basics of Weed Cones Weed cones, sometimes informally referred to as “cones for weed,” are typically pre-rolled cones made from natural materials, usually hemp or rice paper, designed to be filled with ground cannabis. A simple crown or twist at the top seals the cone, making it ready to...
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custom preroll cones
STM Canna has the perfect solution for business owners & marketers in the cannabis space – our custom preroll cones. With a variety of sizes and paper types, including brown, white, and hemp paper, you can choose the perfect cones that best represent your brand. Whether you’re looking for a...
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