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zig zag sale

Load Up on Cones w/ Our “Stocktober” Zig Zag Sale!

As the harvest season approaches, STM Canna is dedicated to ensuring your business is fully equipped to meet your production demands. While we are known for our exceptional pre-roll automation equipment, we recognize the pivotal role that high-quality cones play in crafting flawless joints. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our latest “Stocktober” promotion with […]

Come See STM Canna at CannaCon Detroit

STM Canna, a leading provider of cannabis equipment proudly made in the USA, is thrilled to announce that they will be participating in CannaCon Detroit. This premier event is set to take place at the Huntington Place, 1 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI, from October 6th to 7th. We invite everyone to visit our booth during […]

commercial pre-roll

Challenges Facing Today’s Commercial Pre-Roll Producers

The commercial cannabis industry has blossomed in recent years, and one segment that has seen a particularly meteoric rise is the commercial pre-roll market.  Consumers love the convenience and sophistication of pre-rolled cannabis joints. Still, many don’t realize that producing these seemingly simple products can be difficult as a business owner if you don’t know where to […]

rocketbox pro

STM Canna Launches the RocketBox Pro: Meeting the Needs of Industrial-Scale Producers and Co-Packers/White Label

STM Canna, the leader in delivering cutting-edge solutions to the cannabis industry, is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation, the RocketBox Pro. This newest addition to their One-Tray Workflow collection of modular machines is designed to cater to the demands of high-volume production of pre-rolls.  The RocketBox Pro utilizes STM Canna 72 or 143-count trays, […]

98mm cones

Business Guide to 98mm Cones for Pre-Rolls

Decoding the 98mm Cone Gone are the days when 84mm cones alone ruled the roost. Enter the 98mm cone – the new grandmaster of the pre-roll world. But what sets the 98mm cone apart, and why should you consider switching up your pre-roll game? We’ll cover every nuance, from the distinct advantages of 98mm cones […]

mini rocketbox

Comparison: Mini Rocketbox Plus+ Pre Roll Machine & King Kone

Manufacturers constantly strive to keep pace with an ever-growing market demand, and the machinery they employ plays a pivotal role in their success. Today, we compare two prominent machines in the budget-friendly sector of the industry: STM Canna’s Mini Rocketbox Plus+ and King Kone commercial pre-roll machines. When talking about pre-roll production – efficiency and consistency are paramount. While both machines can […]

pre-roll cones

Zig Zag Pre-Roll Cones + STM Canna Equipment = Perfect Match

Quality is a cornerstone principle deeply entrenched at STM Canna, whether in our equipment or the pre-roll cones we use with them. From the precision-crafted pre-roll automation equipment to the unparalleled customer support we extend, the pursuit of delivering quality remains our daily commitment. This commitment to quality also applies to the products used with […]

commercial pre-roll machines

Elevate Your Business with Commercial Pre-Roll Machines

In 2023, commercial pre-roll machines have greatly benefited both small and large cannabis producers alike. As we transition into this next year, we want to provide an updated guide so you can reevaluate your pre-roll machine options. Automated pre-roll machines have revolutionized cannabis production, transforming it from a labor-intensive exercise to an efficient, cost-effective operation.  Say […]

infused pre-rolls

Perfect Your Infused Pre-Rolls w/ the Rocketbox 2.0

The cannabis industry is dynamic, perpetually evolving with technological advancements and innovative products. One emergent trend in cannabis manufacturing and processing that’s taking the market by storm is the rise of infused pre-rolls.  Forget your traditional joints; this new breed of pre-rolls adds a layer of potency and flavor through infusions of cannabinoids, terpenes, and […]

harvest package

Harvest Package Returns! Offer Ends Aug. 31st

STM Canna, the leading provider of cutting-edge pre-roll automation equipment, is thrilled to announce that we have brought back our Harvest Package for a limited time!  What’s the Harvest Package All About? From now thru Aug. 31, customers can purchase the Harvest Package that features the Mini-RocketBox+, the Atomic Closer, the Cone Lander, four bottom […]

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