"I can't speak highly enough of our experience with STM."

HighRize, San Francisco, CA



"Highrize prides itself on the idea that connectivity is key in this industry and personal relationships formed through shared experiences are what's going to make this industry amazing to be part of. Thank you for embracing that whole heartedly and for being like-minded enough to be on the same page as us. Defintely gives us hope for the future. I can't speak highly enough of our experience with STM...Here's to the future!"

453 Pre-rolled Joints in Under 3 minutes

STM RocketBox



“Setting the Standard!”

"The RocketBox sets the standard for pre-roll machines allowing us to provide the best product on the market."

Appalachian Growers, NC

“Efficient Cone Filling!”

"This product is great for filling cones in a timely and efficient manner.  I would recommend the RocketBox. "

District 8, CO

“Production is Way Up!”

"Since we added the RocketBox, our capacity has improved and production volume is way up."

Phat Panda/Grow Op, WA

"Quality, Consistently"

"Our production speed is now up to 3000 pre-rolls every 15 minutes producing a quality pre-roll, consistently"

G-Can, OR

"Extremely Happy!"

"I am extremely happy with our experience with the STM RocketBox. Their training was extremely helpful!"

Pure Beauty, CA

"Mini-RocketBox - Best Bang for the Buck"

"If you are looking for the best bang for your buck cone roller this is probably the best option for you."

LV Grow Industries, NV

“Thanks for coming out last week to show my guys the ways of the RocketBox! It really works well and the joints are coming out burning really well and tasting great! We have really enjoyed working with the RocketBox. It has helped us increase our inventory by 500%!  It is easy to maintain and use.”


Verano, Multi-State Operator/National Brand



STM Canna is a proud member of NCIA, The National Cannabis Industry Association.


The RocketBox is solid. Defintely built for large-scale production.
Grow Op Farms/ Phat Panda, Spokane, WA

“Since we added the RocketBox to the line, capacity has improved – production is way up. It also has so much potential, I don’t think anyone has brought it up to this level. Super quiet, it’s really important when you’re working closely with a machine all day. The whole industry is plagued with durability issues. The RocketBox is solid. Defintely built for large-scale production.”

The RocketBox is setting the standard for pre-roll machines. This allows us to provide the best product on the market. Thanks for the great service & support!

Appalachian Growers, N.C.

I was in the facility yesterday and it appears there was great results with the RocketBox. This service does not go unnoticed and this is the kind of supplier GTI will partner with long term.

GTI, Multi-State Operator/National Brand

We are an indoor producer of the stickiest flower to grace the RocketBox yet, according to their team. Which only proves to me that no matter how much medicine the plants have, the RocketBox will still produce a quality pre-roll, consistently

G-Can/Quantum, OR

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