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Mini RocketBox+

Rated 5.0 out of 5
4 days ago

We are a small medical shop in Maine. Prerolls have been a large seller for the last 3 years. We used to grind and load all of our cones by hand, and going through over 5000 or so a week between kings and 1/1/4, it was a full time job for 2 people. We researched, and used different machines and when we found the Rocket Box Mini, it was an instant game changer. The training videos were on point and left nothing to question. It took us a couple of attempts to get it adjusted the way we wanted it, and then we were off! It paid for itself in two months and freed up almost 16 man hours a day!

*Tips: Make sure your crutches are not crinkled, if so, skip it. Get a top plate for each size to avoid having to reset each time. When you’re setting it up, use masking or painters tape to block off a majority of holes to run maybe 20 while you figure it out. Get your grind right, not too fine, not too chunky, stems will cause issues.

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Jonathan H.

Rocket Box Mini

Rated 5.0 out of 5
9 months ago

I researched Pre-Roll Machines for a couple months before deciding on the Rocket Box Mini. Its size and output is exactly what I needed for a shop my size. Coincidentally before I purchased online STM was showing at Cannacon in Albuquerque. I went specifically to see the Rocket Box Mini. I found the booth and was greeted by the most friendly and helpful staff in the whole show. They explained everything, helped me order only what I needed and even showed me the best grinder in my budget that happened to be from another company! I placed my order immediately! After the show the whole STS crew stopped by my little dispo and hung out for a min! I was told it would be probably 2-3 weeks before I got my Rocket Box… I received it less than a week later! It has been so far one of the most solid best purchases I have made. Def worth the $! And as for customer service it has been the best, most helpful, and real service I have received from any company I have dealt with in this industry. I cant recommend STS and Its people enough. Great Company, Great Products, Great people!

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Marco N.

Turnkey System - Lion Labs

Rated 5.0 out of 5
1 year ago

We tried a lot of different papers, we bought a lot of machines. We brought a primo machine, one of the more popular ones, it bounces up and down and it literally caught on fire in the lab, which was a deal breaker for us. It didn’t work that well anyway, but catching on fire was a problem. And so far, the STM Rocketbox is the only one that’s worked. We use the Rocketbox Mini. And it was a little bit different tech on those that allowed our product to work. And their team worked really well with us to develop. We have a custom size cone. We eventually moved to a new custom cone that we got through STM. But because of the unique product that we put into that paper, our filling process is different and it’s longer, and it’s a little more complicated and it’s a little more nuanced because all of the flowers infuse a specific way. We’ve paired [the mini-Rocketbox] with a grinder as well as the new Atomic Closer. The Atomic Closer was a huge win. Closing the pre-rolls for us was a job for eight or nine people, and now we have about five people managing two RocketBox Minis, and an Atomic Closer that can do about 8,000 to 10,000 infused pre-rolls a day.

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Ryan F.

Rocketbox 2.0 - Indiva Inc.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
2 years ago

We love your Rocketbox so much we want a second one!

Avatar for Johanna C.
Johanna C.

Mini Revolution - Nuthera Labs

Rated 5.0 out of 5
2 years ago

I spoke to STM Canna after a frustrating experience with a competitor’s grinder, which was causing our facility to fail the chromium testing mandated by the state of Missouri. Ben and the STM Canna team were confident that I wouldn’t see the same issue with their grinders, and we ended up going with their Mini-Revolution. We gave the machine a thorough cleaning out of the box to avoid any possible contamination, and have not failed another chromium test since beginning production.

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Nuthera L.

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