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Best Automated Commercial Pre Roll Machines Since 2017

STM Canna offers cutting-edge technologies and systems to produce 1000 up to 10,000 or more pre-rolls a day. Our innovative equipment and expertise are designed to streamline the production process, ensuring maximum efficiency and providing the most cost-effective solutions for mass producing pre-rolls available. Whether you're a small startup or an established cannabis company, our tailored solutions are designed to help you achieve success.

Pre-Roll Automation Workflow

Simple One-tray pre-roll automation workflow, which easily moves between each step of the production process, from grind to close.


Commercial Grinders

Science-backed low friction & heat, homogenous grinding preserves cannabinoids and terpenes for a superior grind in the patented Revolution.

Commercial Pre Roll Machines

Industry leading patented RocketBox & Mini-RocketBox Plus set the standard for the fastest & most accurate commercial pre roll machines.

launchpad pre-roll scale

Pre-Roll Scales & Weighing

Accurately weigh 72 pre-rolls at once in the patent-pending LaunchPad commercial pre-roll scale for ultimate quality control & labor savings.

atomic pre-roll closer

Automated Joint Closer

Dutch crown 72 pre-rolls in just 45 seconds in the  patented Atomic Closer-fastest automated closer in the world works with any pre-roller!

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Browse all joint rolling machines. Complete automated production systems featuring the One-Tray Workflow for ultimate scalability.

Everything from Grind to Close!

Whether you want to produce a few thousand, to tens of thousands of pre-rolls a day, there is no doubt that STM Canna’s made in the USA premium pre-roll automation technology can help increase production, reduce costs and advance the quality of your product. Using a pre roll filling machine will save your company thousands of dollars each month in labor costs! Our renowned customer service and support can help you achieve your goals. No other fully automatic pre roll machine or process is more cost effective, scalable, and easier to use and maintain than STM Canna’s modular joint rolling machines. 

We Grow with You! Ask Us How!

Trusted Pre-Roll Automation

Learn how STM Canna’s proven technologies can help you!

From Grind to Close, STM’s phenomenal cost-effective systems feature our simple one-tray workflow, which quickly moves between each step of the pre-roll production process, from grind to close, giving you ultimate control over your entire production process with proven results. 

Quality, made-in-the-USA products which match or exceed all-in-one systems which cost 4x or more.

Our Commercial Pre Roll Machines are Preferred!

About STM Canna

STM Canna is a leader in the made-in-the-USA cannabis equipment space since 2016/2017 with sophisticated automated pre-roll technology solutions including industry-leading commercial pre roll machines, industrial grinders, pre-roll scales and automated closing machines.

STM has helped over 1000 leading cannabis companies worldwide, from small operations to the largest cannabis companies in the world, scale production, improve efficiencies & reduce costs with our tried and true methods and systems.  STM Canna is recognized as a global leader in cannabis commercial processing technology. All of our product design and development verticals are handled in-house, to ensure rigorous quality control and the use of superior quality raw materials in every machine’s production.

We’ve offered a fully automated pre roll machine for sale for many years now. Commercial pre roll machines don’t have to be a cumbersome hassle (like they may have been when you first started your operation years ago!)

Looking for a small pre roll machine? The patented Mini-Rocketbox Plus+ is right up your alley. We also just released our cone filling machine the “Cone Lander“.

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

Here’s what our customers are saying about our industry-leading commercial weed rolling machines:

  • “Five people managing two RocketBox Mini’s & an Atomic Closer that can do about 8,000 to 10,000 infused pre-rolls a day!” 

    2022 Michigan Cannabis Cup Winner for Best Infused Pre-Roll

    Lion Labs
    Lansing, MI
  • STM Canna has really helped us produce high quality pre-rolls with speed and precision. We love that the STM system can scale with us as we grow.

    The Honeybee Collective
    Denver, CO
  • On-site training was awesome, Ken is the man.  We’ve had on site trainings here from a couple other machine manufacturers in the past, and this was by far the best experience.”

    Mother Earth Creations
    Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  • “We’ve paired [the mini-Rocketbox] with a grinder as well as the new Atomic Closer. The Atomic Closer was a huge win!” 

    2022 Michigan Cannabis Cup Winner for Best Infused Pre-Roll

    Lion Labs
    Lansing, MI
  • Your machine works great and dealing with your team has been a pleasure. We appreciate you guys checking in so often and making sure we are all set.”

    Columbia Care
    Columbia Care
    New York
  • “The STM Canna Revolution grinder provides the only grind that is good enough for Ice Box Flat Farms Pre-Rolls.  Best service in the industry!”

    Ice Box Flat Farms
  • When you get the quality metrics all lining up: The Company, The Team, The Machine, The Training, The Results, then you know you are working with a world class company and product line.

    Metolius Hemp Co.
  • “I love all the resources and the company checking on us. So far we have loved the support and we are looking forward to producing with you guys.”

    Ascend Group
    Athol, Massachusetts


STM Revolution Grinders preserve your important terpenes and cannabinoids with low heat, low friction grinding.


Choose the STM RocketBox Commercial Pre Roll Machines accurately fill & pack pre-rolls in 45 seconds.


Quickly & accurately weigh 72 joints at once in the all-new STM Canna LaunchPad scale for the ultimate in quality control.


Atomic Closer folds 72 pre-rolls in just 45 seconds with a professional looking dutch crown. No twist ties Permitted!

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  ALL NEW RocketBox Pro
Up to 5000+ Filled Per Hour!