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Complete Turnkey Solutions

Full turnkey systems from grind to pack, weigh and close. Time is money and our systems produce high volume quality pre-rolls in less time.

Fastest Pre-Roll Packing Machines

The Industry leading RocketBox 2.0 & Mini-RocketBox Plus set the standard for excellence in pre-roll filling in 45 seconds fast.

Optimum Industrial Grinders

STM's Industrial grinders deliver a low friction, homogenous grind which preserves cananbinoids and terpenes for the best results.

Rapid Pre-Roll Weighing Scale

The LaunchPad Weigher is the only commercial scale which simultaneously weighs 72 pre-rolls in a few seconds to a .01 accuracy.

Premium Dutch Crown Closing

The Atomic Closer is the only compact modular automated pre-roll closing machine which can close 72 filled joints in just 45 seconds!

Learn about STM Canna’s industry leading technologies in under 5 minutes!

From Grind to Pack to Weigh to Close, STM Canna has got you covered with our innovative processing solutions.


Grind quality is one of most important considerations for pre-rolls. STM Grinders preserve terpenes and cannabinoids.


The STM RocketBox Commercial Pre-Roll Machines are the most efficient and fastest available. Fill joints in 45 seconds fast!


Confidently weigh 72 joints simultaneously, very quickly and accurately with the all-new STM Canna LaunchPad weigher scale.


The STM Canna Atomic Closer can close 72 pre-rolls in just 45 seconds with a professional dutch crown. No twist ties allowed!

Mini Rocketbox Plus

STM Canna has been a leading force in the cannabis processing equipment space with sophisticated technology solutions and industry-leading commercial joint machines and industrial grinder extraction systems.

All of our product design and development verticals are handled in-house, to ensure rigorous quality control and the use of superior quality raw materials in every machine’s production.

With clients in 41 U.S. States and Puerto Rico, as well as international clients in Canada, Mexico, U.K., Israel, Poland, South Africa and Australia, STM Canna is recognized as a global leader in cannabis commercial processing.


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Superior Pre-Rolls

“This is the only equipment that’s good enough for the Ice Box Flat Farms pre-rolls”

Ice Box Flat Farms Owner of Revolution cannabis grinder and rocketbox 2.0 pre-roll machine

Ice Box Flat Farms

Why STM’s Turnkey System are Better!

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Everything You Need to Know About CBD

Everything You Need to Know About CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is used medicinally for a wide range of issues. From muscle recovery to insomnia, the chemical has been slated as a cure-all and has become the foundation of holistic medicine, while also playing a significant role in mainstream medicine. 

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