🚀Gain the Pre-Roll Advantage: STM Canna's One Tray Workflow

Outpace competitors with STM Canna’s One Tray Workflow. Automate your entire pre-roll workflow from grind to close for unparalleled speed, consistency, and labor savings. Gain a competitive edge and maximize your growth potential.

Transform your cannabis processing now!

One Tray Workflow

Streamline Pre-Roll Production: STM Canna's One Tray Workflow.

Effortlessly move product from grinding to packaging with seamless automation on a single tray. Slash labor costs, ensure consistent pre-roll quality, and elevate your brand. This isn’t just a process – it’s a revolution!

Your journey to high-quality pre-roll production through the one tray workflow.

Step 1: Load- Cone Lander

Load 72 pre-roll cones in seconds – effortlessly handle 84mm, 98mm, or 109mm trays with the Cone Lander. This automation marvel delivers speed and precision, launching your pre-roll production process with unmatched efficiency.

Step 2: Pack- Mini-RocketBox or RocketBox Pro.

Effortlessly pack thousands of pre-rolls with the Mini-RocketBox or RocketBox Pro. Designed for any size operation, these machines streamline your process with a user-friendly interface and customizable settings. Maximize uptime with the robust RocketBox Pro!

Step 3: Weigh- LaunchPad Scale, Pre-Roll Quality Check.

Weigh 72 pre-rolls in seconds! The LaunchPad Scale’s intuitive interface guarantees consistent size and accurate weights, ensuring customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.


Step 4: Infuse- Astro Infuser, Fastest Infusing Available.

Precisely infuse 12 pre-rolls at once with the Astro Infuser. Advanced technology and accurate temperature controls ensure perfectly infused pre-rolls, expanding your product line and delighting customers.


Step 5: Close- Atomic Closer 2.0, Perfect Finish!

Add a premium touch to 72 pre-rolls in just 39.8 seconds! The Atomic Closer creates the sought-after Dutch crown, enhancing your pre-roll presentation. Compact and versatile, it delivers a flawless finish for multiple pre-roll sizes.

Trays are compatible across all machines, providing seamless integration throughout your process.

Superior training and support to unlock pre-roll excellence.

STM Canna delivers more than just machinery – we empower your team with expert knowledge and support. Virtually, on-site or in our Spokane, Washington facility, we’ll train your staff for mastery of our one-tray workflow and all pre-roll processes. Unlock consistent excellence and maximize your competitive edge.

Grow at your own pace.

Scale pre-roll production without sacrificing quality. STM Canna’s modular systems and customizable One-Tray Workflow adapt to your needs, ensuring consistent results as you grow.

Future-proof your pre-roll growth with STM Canna as your partner.

Join the leaders in cannabis automation with STM Canna. Scale pre-roll production now with our modular systems. Start small or maximize output – your investment grows alongside your business.

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