Revolutionize your pre-roll grinding capability!

Elevate your cannabis processing with the patented Revolution 2.0 commercial cannabis grinder, ensuring superior product quality and extraction. Rated #1 as the perfect grind for the perfect pre-roll!

Preserving the purity of your product.

$17,545: Payments as Low as $356/Month*

*For 60 months, OAC. Contact our sales team for more information.

Our Revolution 2.0 Commercial Cannabis Grinder is the key to preserving terpenes and cannabinoids for potent and consistent pre-rolls. No whipping, no mashing, just a precise, homogenous grind with a dual blade system which carefully cuts and slices like scisors. An independent 2021 study by Brilliant Health LLC validates the Revolution 2.0’s low-heat, low-friction grinding approach with less than 1% terpene loss.

"The Revolution Grinder is the only commercial one available good enough for Ice Box Flat Farms Pre-rolls"

Get a Commercial Cannabis Grinder with Quality yields through a premium build.

The Revolution 2.0 commercial cannabis grinder guarantees superior yields, slicing 30+ lbs  or more of dry flower/hemp per hour – ideal for premium pre-rolls and extraction. Our patented dual-blade system delivers consistent particle size that mills and whips can’t match. Industrial-grade construction and food-grade materials ensure longevity and inhibit microbial growth.”

  • Revolution 2.0: The Commercial Cannabis Grinder That Maximizes Your Profits
  • Protect Your Investment: Revolution 2.0’s gentle grinding preserves terpenes and cannabinoids for maximum potency and flavor.
  • Scientifically Proven: Independent studies prove Revolution 2.0 maintains superior product integrity, preserving terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • Deliver the Perfect Pre-Roll: A superior grind creates an enjoyable, hassle-free pre-roll that customers will love and keep coming back for.

Revolution 2.0: Upgrade your cannabis operation. Buy or demo – maximize your ROI!

"Machine is fantastic, effcient and fast. Much better than Futurola."

Fast, accurate, and user-friendly.

This mini powerhouse of a commercial cannabis grinder can fill and pack a tray of up to 143 joints in 30-60 seconds. The adjustable top tray allows for fine-tuning, compensating for under or overfills. Thanks to Lift Plate Technology, cones level from the bottom for an even fill. No pre-weighing; dump and go.

Master the art of pre-roll production with STM Canna's One-Tray Automated Workflow.

Embrace efficiency, precision, and quality with STM Canna’s One-Tray Automated Workflow. Our unique system seamlessly integrates the steps of pre-roll production, from grinding, loading, and packing, to weighing and closing with a Dutch crown finish. We offer machines, extensive training, and ongoing support to ensure consistent excellence in your output. Ready to scale? STM Canna’s innovative solutions adapt to your growth, propelling your cannabis venture to new heights. Your success is our mission.

STM Canna grows with you.

Whether you need a complete cannabis pre-roll system or individual components, our modular designs adapt to your growth needs. Join the exclusive league of cannabis producers trusting STM Canna for pre-roll automation needs.

Revolution 2.0 reviews

Pricing table


Industrial Cannabis Grinder
$ 6,600
  • Simple to Use
  • Effortless Operation
  • Simple to Clean
  • Compact, Efficient and Affordable


$ 17,545
  • Grinds 15-30 Lbs Per Hour of Dry Flower
  • Preserves Terepenes and Cannabinoids
  • Dual-Blade Scissor-Like Cuts
  • Touch Screen Operation


$ 27,225
  • Grinds Cryogenically Frozen Flower
  • Sub-Zero Freezer and Refrigerator Safe
  • Excellent for Live Resin Extraction
  • Built-In Pre-Heating & Temp Control

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