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Mini-RocketBox Plus+

Premium Pre-Roll Machine
Mini-Rocketbox 2
MIni-RocketBox Commercial Pre-Roll Machine

Mini-RocketBox Plus+

Premium Mini Commercial Pre-Roll Machine

Built like a tank, the patented Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ commercial pre-roll machine is the industry leader which combines power, efficiency, and versatility to maximize pre-roll production output.


Despite its smaller size, the Mini-RocketBox is capable of producing up to 72 – 143 pre-rolls per 60 seconds or less, making it a highly efficient option for businesses with moderate production needs. The machine’s small footprint also makes it ideal for businesses with limited space or those looking for a more portable solution.


The Mini-RocketBox is also highly adaptable, with the ability to produce pre-rolls in a wide range of sizes and configurations. This means that businesses can easily customize their pre-roll production to meet the demands of their customers and the market.

No other machine (sorry, Knockbox) comes close to the build quality, durability, versatility and sheer speed of the Mini-RocketBox Plus!  No pre-weighing necessary, can fill multiple joint sizes with weight accuracy and super simple to operate and clean!


$6,600 / Payments as Low as $134/Mo*
*For 60 months, OAC. Reach out to our sales department via chat for more information.

How a Commercial Pre-Roll Machine Works:

Mini-Rocketbox Plus

Maximize Efficiency

The STM Canna Mini-RocketBox Plus commercial pre-roll machine is the ultimate tool for maximizing efficiency in the pre-roll production process. This state-of-the-art machine is designed to streamline the pre-roll production process, allowing for faster and more efficient production with minimal waste.


The Mini-RocketBox Plus+ proves its versatility over every other compact commercial pre-roll machines with the ability to fill and pack multiple pre roll sizes including 70mm “dogwalker” mini-joints, 83mm cigarette style joints, 98 reefer and the standard 84, 98 and 109 sizes.


With its high production capacity and efficient operation, the STM Canna Mini-RocketBox Plus commercial pre-roll machine is an essential tool for any commercial pre-roll production facility looking to maximize productivity and profitability.

✅ Fast, Efficient & Accurate

The Powerhouse Mini RocketBox Plus commercial pre-roll machine can fill & pack a tray of 72 or 143 joints in 30-60 seconds and unlimited production a day with more trays*.

Adjustable Top Tray

Adjustable Top Tray regulates fill volume for more accurate weights. This allows you to fine-tune and compensate for under or over fills.

Lift Plate Technology

Because paper cones are handmade and slightly inconsistent, the Lift Plate levels cones from the bottom up for a more even fill.

NO Pre-Weighing!

The Mini-RocketBox plus controls the amount of filling and packing so no need to pre-weigh material. Just dump & go!

See the Mini-RocketBox in Action!

84MM  |  98MM  |  109MM  |  Dog Walker* |  Cig Style *  |  98 Reefer
Results are not guaranteed with Dog Walker and Cig Style. Our CS team will help you dial in the results as best as possible.



Discover what our clients are saying about the pantented STM Canna Mini-RocketBox Plus commercial pre-roll machine! Our clients have been raving about the machine’s performance, speed, and precision, as well as its ease of use and versatility.


So, take a moment to read through our client testimonials and discover how the STM Canna Mini-RocketBox Plus can transform your pre-roll production process.

  • “I am extremely happy with our experience with STM Canna.”

    Pure Beauty
  • “The RocketBox sets the standard for commercial pre roll machines.”

    Appalachian Growers
    North Carolina
  • “This is the only cannabis grinder (Revolution) that’s good enough for the Ice Box Flat Farms pre-rolls.”

    Ice Box Flat Farms
  • “Our efficiencies have increased, labor costs have gone down, and it makes a superior product all around.”

    Budz Butter

Mini-Rocketbox PLUS+


Commercial Pre-Roll Machine

  • ✅ 72-143 pre-rolled cones in 30-45 seconds
  • ✅ 84mm, 98mm & 109mm, (70mm Dogwalkers & Cigarette Style available)
  • ✅ Food grade components
  • ✅ Great for small to large facilities
  • ✅ Variable adjustable dial for complete filling & packing control
  • ✅ Durable, commercial grade construction and components
  • ✅ Compact and portable

Rocketbox 2.0


Commercial Pre-Roll Machine

  • ✅ (2) 72-453 pre-rolled cones per 1 minute cycle
  • ✅ 84mm, 98mm & 109mm, (70mm Dogwalkers & Cigarette Style available)
  • ✅ Food grade components
  • ✅ Proprietary built-in smart density software to achieve weight accuracy
  • ✅ Built-In training mode with video tutorials and user manual
  • ✅ 6-7x faster than other pre-roll machines
  • ✅ Commercial grade construction and components
Manufacturing in USA
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