STM Canna: American Innovation Fuels the Pre-Roll Revolution.

Tired of pre-roll machines that don’t deliver? We were too. That frustration fueled the creation of STM Canna in 2016. We started with the RocketBox OG to bring speed and consistency to the industry. But our mission goes beyond machines. We’re about making your entire pre-roll process work better. Because in a fast-growing market like this, you need reliable, scalable solutions. 

The pre-roll solution for 1000+ cannabis businesses. 

STM Building

 STM Headquarters 

We’re committed to innovation, and our recent expansion is just the beginning. Ready to level up your pre-roll game? STM Canna has what you need.

Why Choose STM Canna?

Outperforming in the cannabis equipment manufacturing sector for over six years, STM Canna is an investment in your future. We’re not just a vendor; we’re your growth partner with an evolving collection of innovative solutions under development.

True Pre-Roll Experts

STM Canna boasts years in business, thousands of hours in R&D, and more pre-roll equipment testing than any other company globally. Our top-rated customer support and commitment to growing alongside you make us genuine pre-roll experts.

Designed for Excellence and Made in the USA

Our product design and development are handled in-house, ensuring stringent quality control and superior raw materials in every machine. We’re proud to be a USA-made brand recognized globally, with clients in 43 U.S. states and nine international locations.

"That's why I like STM Canna. It's not an all-in-one package, you can pick which way you want to go and not have to spend an arm and a leg to get one machine to do a pre-roll for you."
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More Than Just Equipment

STM Canna is committed to providing advanced, eco-conscious commercial-grade products, contributing to our community, and conserving the environment. With a 98.4% satisfaction rate, we offer more than just equipment; we offer solutions for your cannabis production needs.

The Real Pre-Roll Experts!

Based out of Spokane, WA, STM Canna has helped thousands of cultivators, harvesters, and commercial cannabis processing facilities optimize and scale their production capabilities with automation since 2017.

  • American-Made Quality: Emphasize reliability and domestic manufacturing.
  • Scalable Solutions: Mention that equipment is suitable for operations of all sizes.
  • Proven ROI: Highlight the cost-effectiveness and return on investment STM Canna machines deliver.
  • Data-Driven Insights (if applicable): Briefly mention any data tracking or analytics offered with the machines.
  • STM Modular Systems vs All-In-One Systems: Modular pre-roll automation, offers exceptional cost savings, flexibility, & increased output.

Design & Development

All of our product design and development verticals are handled in-house, to ensure rigorous quality control and the use of superior quality raw materials in every machine’s production.

Expert Innovators

Our products are a result of over 24 years of expertise in design, prototyping and manufacturing by innovators with a deep understanding of the needs of both cannabis producers and users.

Manufactured in U.S.A.

With clients in 43 U.S. States, as well as international clients in Canada, U.K., Italy, Israel, Australia, Mexico, Poland Italy, Thailand and South Africa, STM Canna is recognized as a global leader in this space.

Founded STM Canna

STM Canna was founded in Spokane, Washington and now a leading manufacturer in the cannabis processing industry. We design, engineer and manufacture everything in house.

Rosin Press 4.0 & RocketBox Launched

The Rosin Press 4.0 was the first commercial grade rosin press on the market and the first STM Canna product. Soon followed by the industry first and leading RocketBox commercial pre-roll machine.

Revolution Grinder Released

At MJBizCon New Orleans was the release of the Revolution commercial cannabis grinder to save the terpenes of the world from whipped destruction.

Mini-RocketBox Launched

Built with the same technology as the RocketBox, the STM Canna Rocketbox Mini pre-roll machine has taken the cannabis pre-roll machine market by storm with almost a 50% higher capacity per run than the KnockBox.

RocketBox 2.0 Released

Following the success of the industry leading RocketBox pre-roll machine and Revolution grinder, STM engineered new features to enhance productivity, user friendliness and accuracy with the built-in smart technology and training mode.

Revolution 2.0 Grinder Released

Following the success of the industry leading RocketBox pre-roll machine and Revolution grinder, STM engineered new features to enhance productivity, user friendliness, operation, cleaning and maintenance.

Revolution Sub-Zero Launched

The Revolution Sub-Zero cannabis grinder model was launched for dry/cured or cryogenically frozen flower processing. The Sub-Zero prevents subsequent degradation of volatile terpenes, trichomes, and cannabinoid profiles by grinding in a low temperature-controlled environment.

Mini Revolution

The all-new Mini-Revolution cannabis grinder is taking the market by storm delivering a homogenous, consistent grind. Don’t whip the terpenes and cannabinoids out of your product! We won’t allow it!

Atomic Closer Released

The all-new STM Canna Atomic Closer automatic pre-roll machine pre-release at MJBizCon 2021.

LaunchPad Scale Released

Official release of the LaunchPad commercial cannabis scale which weighs our 72-count tray in seconds and the Atomic Closer which closes that same tray of 72-joints in just 45 seconds fast!

1-Tray Workflow

STM Canna releases the patent pending one-tray workflow as the central component of the #1 modular pre-roll production system available! Immediately see the advatages of STM Canna's Modular Pre-Roll Systems vs. All-In-One Systems such as the Pre-RollER.

Cone Loader Introduced

The all-new STM Cone loader can load a 72-count tray full of cones in just a few seconds with the press of a button. See this brand new machine at MJBizCon 2022 in Las Vegas, Nov 15-18. The Cone Loader will compliment our 1-tray workflow process which highlights a complete pre-roll production workflow from grind to close to a finished product.

New Cone Lander Launched

Introducing the STM Canna Cone Lander, designed to streamline pre-roll production by automating cone loading. This innovative machine seamlessly loads up to 72 pre-roll cones in mere seconds, boosting efficiency and saving valuable time in your cannabis operation. Discover the Cone Lander and elevate your pre-roll game today!

Summer 2023
RocketBox Pro Release

STM Canna launches the all-new RocketBox PRO, a high-output pre-roll machine revolutionizing cannabis production. This powerful system is designed for speed, efficiency, and superior pre-roll quality, making it ideal for MSOs, co-packers, and any operation seeking to streamline their pre-roll workflow. Upgrade your cannabis pre-roll production today with the RocketBox PRO from STM Canna.

Fall 2023
Big Release this Fall at MJBizCon 2023

Another huge release from STM Canna in 2023 and the biggest game changer in the history of the cannabis pre-roll industry!

March 2024
STM Moves into new manufacturing facility

STM Canna is thrilled to announce our move to a larger, state-of-the-art facility in Spokane, Washington! This expansion reflects our rapid growth and commitment to providing the cannabis industry with the best pre-roll automation solutions. Our new space allows us to increase production capacity, accelerate innovation, and better serve our growing customer base. We're excited to continue pushing the boundaries of pre-roll production from this new home.

March 2024
Astro Infuser: The Future of Infused Pre-rolls is here!

Introducing the STM Canna Astro Infuser – your key to perfectly infused pre-rolls. This cutting-edge machine seamlessly integrates into STM Canna's streamlined workflow, enabling precise and rapid infusion of pre-rolled cones. Boost efficiency, guarantee consistent dosing, and elevate your infused cannabis product offerings – discover the power of the Astro Infuser today.

Innovation Never Stops
New Pre-Roll Power Arriving Soon – STM Canna's Innovation Never Stops

Prepare to elevate your pre-roll production! STM Canna's dedication to excellence fuels the creation of groundbreaking automation solutions. Our latest lineup is set to transform your operation with unmatched speed, precision, and game-changing features. Get ready for the future of pre-rolls – it's coming from STM Canna.

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