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Pre-Roll Cone Loading Machine

Pre-Roll Cone Loading Machine
STM Canna Cone Lander Cone Loading Machine

Cone Lander - Pre-Roll Cone Loader

Pre-Roll Cone Loading Machine Loads 72 Cones at Once!

Introducing the all-new STM Cone Lander pre-roll cone loader machine.  Load a 84mm, 98mm or 109mm tray of 72 pre-rolls in just seconds, quickly and accurately.  The Cone Lander can help speed up your pre-roll production by reducing the time it takes to manually load 72-count trays with empty pre-rolled cones. 

The Cone Lander commercial joint cone loader functions independently to load your trays quickly and efficiently – or better yet as part of STM Canna’s cost effective and scalable complete pre-roll automation workflow.

Our automated pre-roll workflow includes the RocketBox commercial pre-roll machine, the LaunchPad pre-roll scale and the Atomic Closer pre-roll closing machine.

$7000 / Payments as Low as $142/Mo*
*For 60 months, OAC. Reach out to our sales department via chat for more information.

Load 72-Joints at Once!

The STM Cone Lander saves time by loading each tray of pre-rolled 72 cones in just 2 seconds. 

Saves Time & Money

The Cone Lander can save hours a month loading trays with empty pre-rolled cone papers.

Simple to Use

The Cone Lander operates with a simple push of a button loading a 72 empty cones into a tray in seconds.

STM Cone Lander Pre-Rolled Cone Loader

Improve Production Efficiencies w/ an Industrial Weed Cone Loader!

Discover the future of pre-roll manufacturing with STM Canna’s latest innovation, the Cone Lander. This state-of-the-art pre-roll cone loader is meticulously designed to elevate the quality and efficiency of your production line. With the Cone Lander, not only will you save invaluable time, but you’ll also significantly cut down on labor costs associated with manual loading operations.

The Cone Lander pre-roll cone loader saves tons of time and reduces labor costs from manually loading trays. Maximize efficient pre-roll operations  producing more quality pre-rolls.

The Cone Lander allows you to maintain consistency in your pre-rolls while expediting production times. By automating the cone loading process, we’ve reduced the chance of human error, resulting in a higher-quality product with uniform consistency.  

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✅ Step 1

Open door and pull out side drawer and load in full stacks of pre-rolled cones straight from the box.  Close drawer and side door.

Step 2

Open front door and pull out drawer.  Place an empty STM 72-count tray into the drawer.  Close drawer and front door. The Cone Lander weed cone loader can load 72 pre-rolled cones at once into the empty tray.

Step 3

Select the crutch size with the selector switch.  Press button on right side of machine to initiate the cone loading into the tray. Wait 1-2 seconds and tray will load empty cones.  Open front door, pull out draw and remove tray.  To load more trays, repeat same steps above.

See the Cone Lander in Action!

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