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Atomic Closer

pre roll closing machine


Dutch Crown 72 Joints in Just 45 Seconds!

The Atomic Closer is the only ultra compact and expandable modular pre roll closing machine available designed to incorporate the human touch for a true premium quality look and feel. Our automatic cone packing machine creates a CROWN on your joints – VS a “twist” at the end! 👑


Compatible with sizes: 84mm, 98mm, 109mm, Dog Walkers* and 98mm Slim Reefers* and most filling machines**

  • ROI in a Matter of Weeks
  • Commercial Grade Construction & Components
  • Works with Most Filling Machines*
  • Dimensions: 32″  x 18″  x 33″
  • 2- Year Warranty

Atomic Closer Features

Closing joints is pain point which can be mitigated. Automate it with the Atomic Closer pre roll closing machine. The ROI on the Atomic Closer is a matter of weeks.  

Close 72-Pre-Rolls in 45 Seconds Fast!

Daily capacity up to 11,500* (1 tray & 1 person) and much more by adding additional trays.

Easy to Use,
Painless to Clean

Simple to use with the 7″ touchscreen control and super easy to clean in only minutes.

Professional Crown Fold, More Even Burn!

Eliminate the #1 pre-roll bottleneck with crown folding providing a more even burn!

Compatible with the #1 RocketBox & Others**

Atomic Closer works best with the STM RocketBox & Mini-RocketBox. However, can also be used with other machines.**

Easily Increase Output,

Need to close more joints. Easy! Add another tray or more.  More trays = more joints per hour, per day & per week.

Made in USA with a
2-Year Warranty.

Durable stainless steel & aluminum construction with food grade materials. Made in the U.S.A and Serviced by STM! 

Managing two Mini’s & an Atomic Closer, we can do
8,000-10,000 infused pre-rolls a day!

2022 Michigan Cannabis Cup Winner for Best Infused Pre-Roll
Ryan Ratzloff, CEO Lion Labs, Michigan

Pre Roll Closing Machine


Joints Closed Per Cycle
Approx. Closed Per Hour
Approx. Closed Per Day
Atomic Closer Joints


Joints Closed Per Cycle
Approx. Closed Per Hour
Approx. Closed Per Day

STM Canna Atomic Closer Pre-Roll Closing Machine

Small Form. Huge Impact.

Closing pre-rolls is time consuming and ultimately the most costly labor component of the pre-roll manufacturing process. The compact Atomic Closer automatic pre roll closing machine reduces costs and increases production simultaneously especially when paired with other STM products such as the Revolution grinder, and RocketBox pre-roll machines as part of STM’s One-Tray Automated Pre-Roll Workflow.


The Atomic Closer automated pre-roll machine crown folds finished joints to give it that hand-packed feel instead of a twist, resulting in a much more professional looking pre-rolled joint which burns evenly (no canoeing).


It is by far the simplest closing machine available to use, with fast, consistent results, and is super easy to clean and maintain. 

Advanced Automated Pre-Roll Systems

As with all of STM Canna’s machinery, the Atomic Closer can function independently, however, it is much more efficient as part of STM Canna’s complete one-tray pre-roll automation workflow system from grind to close. 

  • STM Canna has a complete pre-roll automation workflow system to maximize your operation from grinding to packing to weighing and closing.  STM Canna’s unique and proven workflow is easily scalable as your business grows.
  • When you invest with STM Canna you invest in your future as STM continues to innovate, improve and expand.
  • We now offer the STM Launchpad Scale, and our proven STM RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine is leading the industry in technology and functionality.

Learn about the 1-Tray Pre-Roll Automation Workflow in less than 3 minutes.

Pre-Roll Automation Workflow

The Atomic Closer is the first and only compact modular automated pre roll closing machine for companies of all sizes. Though it can function completely independent, it also functions as the fourth and final step in our One-Tray Pre-Roll Automation Process which is a complete pre-roll production workflow from start to finish or as we like to say from “Grind to Close”. 


The Atomic Closer complements other STM products such as the Revolution grinders, RocketBox pre-roll machines and LaunchPad scale for a complete, customizable & scalable workflow.


STM Canna has hundreds of satisfied customers in 41 U.S. States and 8 countries.

  • “The RocketBox 2.0 is simply the best in the industry bar none!”

    Metolius Hemp Company
  • “Great machine, simple to use, great customer service.  Short learning curve, makes some of the best joints out of the several machines I’ve tried.”

    Matt H., Verified Buyer
  • I love all the resources and the company checkin on us, it feels more like you want us to understand the machine. So far we have loved the support and we are looking forward to producing with you guys.”

    Ascend Wellness Holdings, MI
  • “Our Efficiencies have increased, labor costs decreased and it makes a superior product all around”

    Levi Budz, Budz Butter, WI

* Your results may vary. Factors include number of people, trays, machines, material prep, material type etc.  Numbers  based on average runs per hour with 1 or more trays and 1 or more people. If you use other pre-roll machines with the Atomic Closer, you need to use our trays and make sure the fill line meets our requirements.  Adding more machines, trays and people can drastically increase the output. Contact our sales team for more information.
* We cannot guarantee fill lines and weights for dog walker, cig reefer and 98 slim reefer trays, however, our client services team can help you get them dialed in. Also, these are custom trays and subject to slightly longer lead times
** You are required to use our tray system with other filling machines so there is an extra step moving filled joints into one of our trays before closing. We cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with other machines since the Atomic Closer was designed to work with the STM RocketBox, however, we have several clients who successfully use the Atomic Closer with other pre-roll filling machines.

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