Perfect Pre-Rolls in Record Time: The Atomic Closer 2.0

The World’s Fastest Pre-Roll Closer. Automate closing for flawless Dutch crowns, increased output, and lower labor costs.

atomic-closer 2.0

Ditch Inconsistent Hand-Closing: Atomic Closer 2.0 Automates Flawless Pre-Rolls

Forget inconsistent pre-roll closures. The patented Atomic Closer 2.0 delivers speed, precision, and a premium Dutch crown finish. Craft beautifully closed pre-rolls that burn smoothly and evenly – exactly what customers demand.

$49,000 / Payments as Low as $994/Month*

*For 60 months, OAC. Contact our sales team for more information.

Streamline Pre-Roll Production: Close 72 in Under 40 Seconds

Achieve flawless Dutch crowns at lightning speed – close 72 pre-rolls in just 39.8 seconds and scale capacity to 20,016 daily. Expand production easily with additional trays and ensure seamless integration with your existing setup thanks to 84mm, 98mm, 109mm, and Dog Walker

atomic-closer 2.0

Upgrade to STM Canna's One-Tray Workflow: The Atomic Closer 2.0

  • Optimize your workflow! The Atomic Closer 2.0 pairs seamlessly with any pre-roll filling machine or excels as part of STM Canna’s proven one-tray system. Automate closing for perfect Dutch crowns, boost daily output to 20,016, and enjoy the ease of its intuitive design.

Achieve Impressive ROI & Quality: The Atomic Closer 2.0 Delivers

See rapid ROI and slash labor costs with the Atomic Closer 2.0 pre-roll closing machine. Get peace of mind with our 1-year warranty, robust food-grade construction, and USA-based manufacturing and service.

Here’s what Ryan Ratzloff, CEO of Lion Labs, 2022 Michigan Cannabis Cup Winner for “Best Infused Pre-Roll,” says about our Atomic Closer.

"Managing two Mini's and an Atomic Closer, we can do 10,000 infused pre-rolls a day!"

Master the art of pre-roll production with STM Canna's One-Tray Automated Workflow.

Embrace efficiency and flawless pre-rolls with STM Canna’s One-Tray Automated Workflow. Our system streamlines grinding, filling, weighing, and closing with a premium Dutch crown finish. Get machines, expert training, and ongoing support for consistent, scalable success. Your pre-roll excellence is our mission.

We're your partner in growth.

Join the league of cannabis producers leveraging STM Canna for their pre-roll automation needs. Whether you require a complete system or individual components, our modular designs adapt to your growth, ensuring your investment today propels your success tomorrow.

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