Choosing The Best Pre Roll Cones for Your Automated Pre Roll Machine

Choosing The Best Pre Roll Cones for Your Automated Pre Roll Machine

With pre-roll sales continuing to rise since 2020 and remaining a staple consumption method in both recreational and medical markets, it’s important your business is using the best pre roll cones. Cannabis businesses around the country are ditching the traditional hand-packing method of making a joint and pivoting to automated or semi-automated pre-roll packing machines like the Mini-RocketBox. Whether you are a small, family-owned farm making hundreds of joints a week to a large, multi-state business producing thousands of joints in an hour, there is a pre-roll machine for you, and choosing the right one can save you a fortune on labor costs. Selecting the right machine for your business may seem like a difficult decision but there is an even more important factor to consider that will make or break even the most sophisticated pre-roll production systems – the pre-rolled cones you use.


Choosing the Best Pre Roll Cones

There are countless options you can go with when deciding what cones to use for your joints. Paper type, size of the paper, branded or unbranded crutches; all features you can choose from to make your joints unique and stand out in the market. While deciding on colors and paper for your pre-rolled cones is important, choosing the ones that maximize your pre-roll production is even more crucial. In this article, we will give you a few characteristics to look out for when choosing a cone for your joints that can make your experience with your automated or semi-automated pre-roll machine that much easier.


Don’t Fear the Reefer

In the pre-roll world, size matters! And depending on the pre-roll machine you have, you will most likely need a specific size of cone to make your joints (unless you are making a Barry Bond sized joint which most machines won’t help with). Most cone companies offer standard sizes that range from 0.5g to 1.0 joints so starting with the paper size is key. Here are some different types of the best pre roll cones you will find on the market: 

Best Pre Rolled Cones for Automated Pre Roll Machine Comparison

Keep an eye out for Reefer and Slim variations of the above sizes. Reefer and Slim alternatives will provide the same length of cone as some of the popular sizes but will be thinner in width. These are still great cones as they provide a sleeker look to a joint, but may not be compatible with your pre-roll machine. Make sure to inquire with your pre-roll machine manufacturer to see if Reefer or Slim sizes will work for you or buy a small pack at your local smoke shop to test out before buying in bulk.


Make Sure You’re In a Sticky Situation

Unfortunately, some cones are rolled better than others, and finding out which ones are the most dependable will help your pre-roll production from grinding to a halt. But how can you tell a bad cone from a quality cone? There are a few attributes to look for when determining the quality of a cone to put in your pre-roll machine but one seems to stick out more than others – the gumline.

The gumline of a pre-rolled cone is where the paper that has been wrapped around the filter or crutch meets and holds the form of the cone together. Seems easy enough, especially since most cone companies are using the same adhesive, Gum Arabic or Sugar Gum, to hold these cones together. But some cones do a better job of applying that adhesive and recognizing which ones will save you countless headaches. One of the biggest troubles in using any pre-roll machine is having cones folding in on the gumline and blocking the opening where material should be passing through. This can derail a run of joints in your machine and keep you from making them efficiently.


Round Bottomed Cones Make The World Go Round

Now most pre-roll machines in the market, from fully automated to having a single operator, will use some form of funnel system to deliver your cannabis material from the machine to the cone. The best way to ensure your material is filling your joint correctly is by finding a cone company that produces the roundest cone consistently.

Nothing is worse than ordering a few boxes of pre-rolled cones and finding them to be smashed or packaged incorrectly, leaving you with flat, misshapen papers that will undoubtedly bring more labor costs to your business. The money you may have saved getting a great deal on cones could cost you more in the long run if the shape of those cones is inconsistent. Also, having your team spend hours meticulously opening cones to get them to fit in your machine sounds like a terrible time. If you find a company that has a quality cone every single time but comes at a higher price, it just may be worth it! A lot of the top brands in the market do very well at this but it’s up to you to find which works best for your business.


Get Down with the Thickness 

The end result that every cannabis business owner wants for their joints is for their consumers to enjoy the product, be able to taste all of the wonderful flavors their cannabis has to offer, and of course, come back for more! So what pre-rolled cone will give your customers the optimal smoking experience? The argument over the best pre roll cones has been going on since the dawn of man but it typically all boils down to the thickness of the paper and the material it is made with.

Thinner papers will allow the cannabis inside your joint to shine but will be a nightmare to fill as they crush easily in any machine. Finding the right thickness of paper that provides a sturdy, easy fill, while also giving consumers a clean, smooth smoke is ideal for the success of any pre-roll filling machine.

There are tons of options for paper material out there as well that all claim to give the best flavor in a joint but keep in mind what will work best for your production? We have found that traditional wood pulp or hemp papers provide the ideal thickness and smoke for a fantastic end product while keeping your pre-roll operation rolling along. One newer player in the pre-rolled cones space, Zig Zag, has perfected this marriage of thickness and material to create an ideal cone that works amazingly in any pre-roll machine and delivers an excellent smoke. For a brand that has been in the rolling paper game for over 125 years, I’d think they know what they’re doing.

Keeping in mind the following characteristics when choosing a brand of cones for your business will help maximize the potential of your automated or semi-automated pre-roll machine, reduce labor costs created by substandard cones, and leave customers with a memorable smoking experience.

Everything You Need to Know About CBD

Everything You Need to Know About CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is used medicinally for a wide range of issues. From muscle recovery to insomnia, the chemical has been slated as a cure-all and has become the foundation of holistic medicine, while also playing a significant role in mainstream medicine. 


What is CBD (And How Does it Differ from Traditional Cannabis)?

CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are the active compounds in cannabis that physiologically affect users. Along with THC, CBD is one of the most prominent cannabinoids, accounting for up to 40% of cannabis extracts, depending on the plant. 

Researchers have identified 113 different cannabinoids in cannabis, and all have unique properties with a range of effects — some of which are still not yet fully understood. Different compounds are beneficial for different physical and mental ailments. For example, cannabigerol (CBG) has antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties. CBD shares some of these benefits such as being anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving, while possessing additional properties such as anti-anxiety.

Hemp — cannabis plants containing little to no THC — still contain a high amount of CBD. These are the plants bred for CBD consumption. Hemp and cannabis plants can be bred to produce higher or lower amounts of individual cannabinoids. Within cannabis plants, there are two main categories: indica and sativa. 

Higher concentrations of CBD are found in indica strains of cannabis, whereas THC is more prevalent in sativa strains. Sativa-heavy strains produce a euphoric and stimulating effect and indica-heavy strains produce more relaxation and are more therapeutic due to having a higher CBD content.

For many years, there has been a misconception that CBD is a psychoactive substance like THC and that it will get users “high,”  but science and personal anecdotes will tell you that isn’t the case. 


The Endocannabinoid System

During the cannabis research explosion of the mid-1990s, scientists discovered that humans, as well as all mammals, have an endogenous endocannabinoid system, or ECS. In fact, cannabinoid receptors outnumber most other receptors in the brain. The ECS is crucial for healthy brain functioning, regulating and controlling many of our most critical bodily functions such as learning and memory, emotional processing, sleep, temperature control, pain control, inflammatory and immune responses, and eating. The cellular receptors act as traffic controllers in the brain, mediating other neuroreceptors and telling them to speed up or slow down depending on external situations or stimuli. Because of its role in mediating appetite, mood, and temperature, the endocannabinoid system is crucial to maintaining homeostasis in the body. 

CB1 and CB2 receptors are the neuroreceptors of the endocannabinoid system that respond to the compounds found in cannabis. The majority of CB1 receptors are localized to the hippocampus and amygdala — the memory, fear, and emotion centers of the brain. They are affected primarily by THC, which is why users sometimes experience an anxiety-producing high. 

CB2 receptors are mainly found in immune cells, lymphoid tissue, and peripheral nerve terminals. CBD binds to CB2 receptors. This is why CBD produces anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects.  

In 2008, the journal of Neuroendocrinology Letters published a paper that suggested some of the chronic health problems many people face may be due to an underlying endocannabinoid deficiency, including migraines and fibromyalgia. 


Ways to Consume CBD

CBD is available in a number of different strengths and companies offer a variety of inhalation/ingestion methods. How people consume CBD comes down to individual preference. The most common ways to consume the supplement include vaporizing, smoking, and eating.

Smoking is the most traditional way to consume hemp. Flower containing CBD can be smoked using a pipe, water pipe, or rolled into a hemp cigarette using rolling papers or a tobacco-based wrap. 

Because CBD has a lower boiling point (160-180°C) than the flowers and leaves that contain the compound, CBD can be vaporized, a method that heats the plant to a lower level than that of smoking. Vaporizing CBD is often seen as a healthier alternative to smoking, as carcinogenic compounds produced during combustion, such as benzene, naphthalene, and toluene are not released from the plant. Oil extracts with high levels of CBD are also available and often come in pre-filled cartridges powered by a lithium-ion battery.

Edibles combine the advantages of vaporizing with the ability to strictly control dosage. CBD, like THC and many other compounds found within cannabis, is not readily available to be converted by the body when ingested. Instead, CBD must be decarboxylated – a process that involves heating the compound to its boiling point to activate it, and bound to a fat source such as butter or milk. The CBD-infused fat is then used to create gummies, brownies, or other foods. 

Dosing is calculated by body weight, but factors including pain level, tolerance, and the purpose for using CBD should be considered when deciding the right dose. Sensitivity to the compound’s effects should also be considered. Although there is no recommended dose set by the FDA, general guidelines set by users and CBD producers have been established. On average for someone weighing 150 pounds, a light dose is 15-30 mg, a medium dose is 31-74 mg, and a heavy dose is 75-90 mg. 



CBD-centered establishments began popping up like Starbucks across the U.S. in 2019 following the passing of the Farm Bill the previous year. The legislation removed hemp — cannabis that contains a low concentration of THC — from the Controlled Substances Act, freeing the market up to distribute cannabis flower and derivatives under 0.3 % THC to the masses. 

Although THC is federally banned and considered a schedule one drug under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, the Farm Bill enables growers, manufacturers, and distributors to cultivate and sell CBD for commercial purposes. However, it may be surprising to hear that CBD is not FDA approved yet even though it’s legal according to federal law. 

Companies can still sell CBD products if they adhere to regulations set by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. FDA approval may be on the horizon, but the agency is likely dragging its feet on the matter due to concern that CBD products will include misleading or unsubstantiated information on its packaging such as claims the product can cure cancer or other medical conditions. 


Regulation Gaps

Lack of FDA regulation means consumers need to be vigilant and research the companies from which they are buying. Lab testing for CBD has shown inconsistencies in labeling and dosages. 

Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University recently found synthetically derived delta-8 THC products lacked quality control and safety standards.  

“What we know — and we have analyzed lots of products — is that there’s no quality assurance for the final product,” said Michelle Peace, Ph.D., an associate professor in the Department of Forensic Science in the College of Humanities and Sciences at VCU. “In some of the products we have evaluated, they are two, three, 10 times more concentrated with delta-8 than what the package claims. That can create, potentially, a pretty scary experience for the consumer, particularly if they are inexperienced.”


Benefits of CBD

Despite potentially misleading product information, there are peer-reviewed studies on the benefits of CBD. 

One study found that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties significantly reduce chronic nerve pain and inflammation. Patients with multiple sclerosis have seen pain relief and reduced spasticity from CBD treatment. 

Cancer-related pain and chemotherapy side effects such as nausea and loss of appetite have long been known to be reduced with CBD medication. Patients experiencing mental health issues associated with the disease also reported improvement after taking CBD.  

“There’s also a growing body of evidence suggesting that CBD may actually facilitate cancer cell death and slow the spread of aggressive cancer cells for breast cancer, although the research is still in early stages,” according to

A recent Australian study showed that CBD could increase VO2 max — the amount of oxygen the body absorbs while exercising — as well as aid in muscle recovery. 

“CBD appears to alter some key physiological and psychological responses to aerobic exercise without impairing performance,” the researchers stated.


The Best Automated Pre-Roll Machine & Turnkey System for 2022!

The Best Automated Pre-Roll Machine & Turnkey System for 2022!

Atomic Closer, the Best Automated Pre-Roll Closing Machine of 2022

Updated 1/4/22

The all-new STM Canna Atomic Closer is the best automated pre-roll machine in 2022.  There are many reasons for this but it really boils down to fast performance, low cost, ease of operation and quick clean-up.

The Marijuana Business Conference 2021 (MJBizCon), the worlds largest business to business marijuana conference in the world, was held in Las Vegas October 19-21. With 1300 exhibitors and almost 30,000 attendees, it was a huge success.

STM Canna has exhibited and attended MJBizCon for the past 5 years, using it as a launchpad for new product releases, meeting with existing and prospective clients and networking with other innovators in the industry.  This year, STM Canna launched the new Atomic Closer, as the best automated pre-roll machine for 2021 and a main component in STM’s new line of turnkey systems releasing in Q1 of 2022.Atomic-Closer automated pre-roll machine

STM Canna’s Turnkey Systems are Better

At MJBizCon 2021, there were several other manufacturers selling large, all-in-one, automated pre-roll machines. They basically work in a similar way while costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The overall process for using these machines include adding your ground material into the machine. It then fills cones using a metered system for weights and closes joints with the standard twist tie of the ends as part of the complete process.

Major Cons with the Large Automated Pre-roll Machines:

  • Does not come with a grinder.  Must grinder material separately.
  • Can only use a specific grind size (superfine) to hit target weights.
  • Difficult to service if you have any issues and can shut down your entire production.
  • Consumes a lot of space in facilities and space can be a premium.
  • Costly to buy, rent and maintain.
  • Cannot fully compensate for variations in cones sizes such as slight nuances such as subtle height differences within sizes.
  • When closing joints, these machines can only twist tie the ends which may smoke unevenly.
  • Machines are not able to fill dogwalker micro joints or cigarette style tubes.
  • Cleaning can be extremely time consuming between strains.

STM Canna has chosen to move in a more customizable and scalable path. Instead of building huge, all-in-one solutions which costs anywhere from several hundred thousand dollars to over a million and beyond, we have decided to go with small form, high impact, modular turnkey systems which work as part of a complete workflow to meet and exceed what the larger all-in-one units can do.

The Atomic Closer automated joint closer is one element or module in this workflow and the our complete system is better than anything else on the market in terms of usability, production output and scalability.  Let me explain:

STM Canna Workflow

The 7 Main Advantages of the Atomic Closer in STM Canna’s Turnkey System:

  1. Compact Footprint
  2. Ease of Use & Cleaning
  3. Overall Cost
  4. Output volume
  5. Versatility
  6. Scalability and Growth
  7. Future Proof

STM Turnkey Pre-Roll Systems

Compact Footprint

To compare with the large all-in-one automated pre-roll machines, the STM Canna approach is to use several small compact machines to meet and even exceed the output of these automated machines. The reason is simple:  Space is a premium in many facilities.

The STM basic workflow consists of a Mini-RocketBox pre-roll machine or RocketBox 2.0 pre-roll machine, the upcoming weighing machine and the Atomic Closer automated closing machine

With the all-in-one machines, they do not even include a grinder. With STM, a high quality commercial grinder can still be added to any package for far less that what other companies charge.  Best of all, our machines do not take up much space, are portable and can be set-up to best function in any facility which best suits your needs.

Ease of Use & Cleaning

One of the best aspects of our machines is simplicity of operation.  For instance, to use the Revolution commercial cannabis grinder, all you have to do is dump in your material, press the start button and get the best grind with minimal cannabinoid degradation of any commercial cannabis grinder or shredder.

With our Mini-RocketBox joint filling and packing machine, it’s a simple process of loading empty pre-rolled cones, adding your material and 45 seconds later, you have beautifully filled papers.

The Atomic Closer is a simply loading your filled trays and hitting the go button to close 72-joints in 40 seconds.  Best of all each machine is easy to maintain and clean with a shop vacuum and isopropyl alcohol (or soap and water) in just a few minutes. Try doing that to the monster all-in-one pre-roll machines between strains!

Overall Cost

The STM Atomic Closer is only $45,000 if purchased separately (but much better and less expensive as part of a complete workflow system). The large automated machines cannot complete with the Atomic Closer in output, simple operation and easy clean up.

Output Volume

STM Canna offers the best quality commercial grade processing equipment for the money period. Our machines are built to last a long time and operate all day long.  With the proper workflow, you can do upwards of 25,000 joints or more per day in our machines. Add in the Atomic Closer and shave your labor costs and production time dramatically.

The Atomic Closer can close 72 joints in around 40 seconds. This is a minimum of 20 runs (x 72 joints per run = 1440 an hour) with just one employee filling cones in the Mini-RocketBox and closing them with the Atomic Closer. Of course this is scalable to meet your needs.


STM has the most versatile machines available.  We have always offered the ability to fill and pack, or roll, several joint sizes including the standard 84mm, 98mm and 109mm. Now we can also do the popular micro joints or dog walkers 70mm sizes and the new cigarette style tubes.

The STM Canna research and development team is constantly developing new trays and new sizes to accommodate trends in the marketplace and consumer demands. Let us know in comments what type of joints you produce and what tray sizes you need.

RocketBox Pre-Rolled Cone Sizes

Scalability & Growth

With our system and in an 8-hour day, it is possible to fill, pack and close 11,500 joints with just 1 employee. Because our turnkey packages and workflows are designed around a compact modular model, it is easily expandable as your business grows and expands. Add another employee or two with a 2nd RocketBox and a few extra trays and double, triple or even quadruple your production output easily. Did I mention that our machines are easy to use and clean?  You can get a full production space saving workflow and even purchase a commercial grinder and still be 1/4 or more of the cost of those other large systems.


When you invest with STM Canna, you invest in your future. Moving into 2022, STM Canna is continuing to innovate new products and improve existing products. A minimum of 4 new products will be released between now and the end of 2022, including an all-new weighing module so that you can make sure your pre-rolls are where they need to be with weight and accuracy. Everyone of STM Canna’s future products will fit into the existing workflow to improve your process and slash your production costs while increasing your production output and accuracy.

According to the Investing Whisperer, automation moving into cannabis pre-roll production will dramatically reduce costs and increase cash flow. STM is committed to providing a fast return on investment in our technology, producing a high quality product at lower prices than the competition which is great for your bottom line and profits.  STM Canna will continue to innovate and expand well into the new year and beyond.

Ultimate 2022 Guide to the Best Small Pre-Roll Machines

Ultimate 2022 Guide to the Best Small Pre-Roll Machines

Ultimate 2022 Guide to Small Pre-Roll Machines

updated 1/4/22

  • Why Use a Pre-Roll Machine?
  • What is a Pre-Roll?
  • How to Select a Compact Pre-Roll Machine?
  • How Much Do Compact Pre-Roll Machines Cost?
  • What Type of Business Would Use a Compact Pre-Roll Machine?
  • How Do Compact Pre-Roll Machines Work?
  • How Many Pre-Rolls Can a Compact Machine Make?
  • How Portable are these Compact Pre-Roll Machines?
  • Do Pre-Roll Machines Make Good Joints?
  • What is the Best Grind for a Pre-Roll?
  • What Are the Best Pre-Rolled Paper Cones to Use in a Pre-Roll Machine?
  • What Type of Pre-Rolls are Popular in 2022?
  • How Fast are the Small Compact Pre-Roll Machines?
  • How Accurate are Small Compact Pre-Roll Machines?
  • What is the Best Way to Close Pre-Rolls?
  • What is the Best Small Pre-Roll Machine in 2022?


Why a Use a Pre-Roll Machine?

The rise of automated and semi-automated pre-roll machines have made a huge impact in the cannabis production arena the past few years. Previously, if you wanted to produce joints in high volumes, in the tunes of hundreds or even a thousands a day, it was a tedious manual process requiring a dedicated army of personnel from dusk till dawn loading, filling, packing and carefully closing each pre-roll by hand. Automated pre-roll machines simplify the process by filling and packing dozens of pre-rolls at once maximizing production efficiency and capacity.

With the rise of small and large filling and packing machines, the process of meeting large production pre-roll demands is now a reality. These joint filling machines typically fill between 50 and 500 pre-rolls at a time and are efficient, fast and cost effective, saving you time and reducing labor costs. The return on investment (ROI) is usually achieved in a matter of weeks, making them a great investment for your operation.


What is a Pre-Roll and How Are They Made?

Futurola Knockbox 100

Futurola Knockbox 100

A pre-roll is another name for a marijuana or hemp joint which is smoked. Ground cannabis is packed into various types of paper cones. Instead of using straight cigarette style papers, joints use paper cones where the top is wider than the bottom. The filter or crutch is the part you draw from and hold onto during smoking.

Joints used to be rolled by hand or in other ways manually until the Futurola Knockbox 100 came onto the scene and changed the game forever. Instead of having a line of employees manually making joints, the Knockbox could do 100 in a few minutes.





What Type of Business Would Use a Compact Pre-Roll Machine?

  • Smaller cannabis production facilities looking to do a few hundred pre-rolls a week.
  • Retail and medical cannabis dispensaries who produce their own joints in-house.
  • Large cannabis production facilities looking to do smaller boutique runs.
  • Individuals who like to smoke a lot of weed.

How to Select a Compact Pre-Roll Machine?

The best way to select a pre-roll machine is to first decide on your budget and your needs. Choose a joint rolling machine which will meet your production goals while also keeping in mind any future growth and expansion which might happen.

Manual systems such as the Buddie’s Bump Box, Thousand Per Hour and even the Knockbox are designed for light duty production. If you have the staff and your goal is to make a few hundred a day, any one of those machines will probably suffice.

Mini-Rocketbox Commercial Joint Rolling Machine Front

Mini-RocketBox Plus

However, if you want to scale and grow your production output, you will need to consider a commercial grade machine at some point. A machine such as the Mini-RocketBox Plus is considered a commercial grade pre-roll machine which is durable and can handle the rigorous demands of your production if that is your goal. This type of machine is good quality, sturdy and reliable which will last a long time. The Mini-RocketBox can run continuously if needed.


How Much Do Compact Pre-Roll Machines Cost?

Smaller pre-roll machines vary in price and tend to range between $2500-6000. The difference in price can vary greatly and typically the higher priced machines use superior grade components and have a higher capacity per cycle.

A cycle is defined as a single run in a given machine. When comparing costs, consider what you are getting in the base packages with your machines. These machines are generally part of a larger system and the extras can add up making the lower priced machine not so cost effective.


How Do Compact Pre-Roll Machines Work?

All pre-roll machines use some type of tray or loading system to place the blank cones. They also use some type of vibration mechanism during the filling process. Generally, they all work by pouring your material onto the machine as it is running or something similar.

The Futurola Knockbox uses a tamping system which bounces the cones up and down while lightly tapping the crutches of the papers during filling.

The Thousand Per Hour is lightweight and comes with a tray to hold the cones and a fill funnel to pour your material in.

The Mini-RocketBox Plus uses a more sophisticated vibration system consisting of nitrogen filled airbags and a powerful variable vibration motor. No tamping or touching the cones. The cones free-float in the trays as they vibrate, fill and pack.


How Many Pre-Rolls Can a Compact Machine Make?

The Knockbox can fill either 50 or 100 cones every 2 or so minutes depending on which machine you get. The machines and trays are not interchangeable and you need to purchase separate machines to do either size.Bulk Pre-Rolled Cones
The Thousand Per Hour 128 can fill 128 cones in a few minutes. You can use standard trays or buy custom size trays which makes this machine quite versatile. It is super light and portable.

The Mini-RocketBox Plus can fill 143 pre-rolls in 30-45 seconds. There is also an option to purchase the new Mini-50 tray to do smaller runs of 50 with the same machine. Unlike the Knockbox, you only need 1 machine to do either 143 or 50 depending on how small or how large a run you need. The Mini-RocketBox weighs about 35 pounds.


How Portable are these Compact Pre-Roll Machines?

The KnockBox is mostly plastic and weighs just a couple of points. The Thousand Per Hour is a combination of stainless steel and plastic and weighs about 10 pounds. The Mini-RocketBox is constructed of mostly stainless steel and aluminum, along with commercial components and weighs around 35 pounds.


Do Pre-Roll Machines Make Good Joints?

Pre-roll machines generally do make good quality joints providing you are using good quality papers, have the proper grind size and are using good quality flower.


What is the Best Grind for a Pre-Roll?

Revolution 2.0 industrial cannabis grinderThe best grind is one that is not too fine or powder like or too coarse with stems and seeds. If your grind is too fine (powder like), then your joints will overfill and not have a good smoking experience as it will be difficult to pull through a densely packed pre-roll.

Conversely, a course joint may have air pockets and weak necks causing an uneven burn and equally poor smoking experience. Grinders such as the Futurola Shredders can get the job done quickly. If you want to take more care with your grinding, the STM Revolution cannabis grinders are known for their low heat, low friction grinding technology to preserve your precious terpenes and cannabinoids. This comes at a higher price, however, the results are worth it to some producers.


What Are the Best Pre-Rolled Paper Cones to Use in a Pre-Roll Machine?

There are a variety of pre-rolled cone paper types and sizes. Most common are organic or bio-organic (hemp), regular classic brown hemp and white rice or flax type papers. The typical sizes are 84mm (½ gram), 98mm or 98 Specials, and 109mm or King Sized. Crutch sizes vary, however most standard cones use a 26mm crutch though you will also find 20mm, 30mm andPre Rolled Cones Promo July everything in between.

Raw and Elements brand papers are the most common and have been around the longest. Raw papers date back to the 1990’s and are the most well known brand in the world. There are several other good papers available from The Rolling Paper Company, Hara Supply and Custom Cones.


What Type of Pre-Rolls are Popular in 2022?

Pre-roll sales have been steadily rising into 2022 and the data shows 50% growth over 2020 even despite Covid-19. Joints of all types and sizes are popular including your typical pre-roll, infused pre-rolls and the growth and rise in CBD hemp pre-roll.

Production facilities which diversify and offer several pre-roll options for sale will need to use some type of automated pre-roll machine to maximize production efficiencies.


How Fast are Small Compact Pre-Roll Machines?

Using a pre-roll machine is much faster than rolling by hand. The Futurola Knockbox fills and packs 50 or 100 (depending on which model you have) in about 2 minutes. The Mini-RocketBox Plus with the 50 or 143 tray fills and packs in roughly 30-45 seconds.


How Accurate are Small Compact Pre-Roll Machines?

Most are fairly accurate like the Futurola KnockBox and Thousand Per Hour 128. Sometimes, fairly accurate is not close enough, as some states and countries such as Canada have strict requirements for pre-roll weights. The Mini-RocketBox can fill and pack with accuracy variance within 10% or less.

What sets the Mini-RocketBox Plus apart from the others is that it utilizes a proprietary Lift Plate to level out the cones during filling and an Adjustable Top Tray to regulate fill volume into the cones. Both of these enhancements allow the Mini-RocketBox to produce results with accuracy.

Furthermore, the Mini-RocketBox can even control the vibration motor speed to get that targeted pack. The Mini-RocketBox is so much more versatile and able to hit the weights you require with no pre-weighing of material, saving your much time in the process.


What is the Best Way to Close or Fold Pre-Rolls?

The best way to close joints is actually a personal preference.  Closing your joints properly can impact the smoke ofclosing joints and pre rolls the joint. Poorly packed joints may not pull properly or you can have “canoeing” which is uneven burning.

Some people like to twist the ends so they have something to light when smoking. The best overall method is the the dimple or fold method. This allows you to tightly (but not too tightly) pack the joint while dimpling the end. This allows the joint to burn more evenly (no canoeing) and looks much cleaner. Check out this video which shows you how to do the typical twist close and the cool dimple method.


What is the Best Small Pre-Roll Machine?

The Futurola Knockbox 100 has been the standard go to pre-roll machine for years. It is quite capable of filling 100 joints a time but not under constant use. It was not made for that purpose. It is a light-medium duty machine. Likewise, the Thousand Per Hour 128 is a light and capable machine for those on a budget.

If you are seeking a machine which is fast and efficient but also built to be a workhorse, look no further than the Mini-RocketBox which is the best bang for your buck.

The Mini-RocketBox is the absolute best compact pre-roll machine for these reasons:

  • The Mini-RocketBox Plus is made of stainless steel and aluminum so it is durable.
  • The Mini-RocketBox Plus only uses food grade materials and is OSHA compliant.
  • The Mini-RocketBox Plus uses industrial grade components and is the only true compact commercial joint rolling machine.
  • The Mini-RocketBox Plus is faster and fills a larger capacity at 143 in 30-45-seconds.Check out the STM Canna’s YouTube playlist for the 45-Second Challenge where people who have never operated the Mini-RocketBox fill and pack 143 joints in 45 seconds!
  • The Mini-RocketBox Plus is more versatile and accurate with a variable motor speed control, Adjustable Top Tray to regulate fill volume and Lift Plate to level cones for accurate filling. The optional 50 tray adds to this versatility.
  • Finally, the Mini-RocketBox Plus is faster than any other machine available. It is also the simplest to use – just load empty cones, add material (no pre-weighing necessary) and in 45 seconds or less, you will have 143 accurately filled pre-rolled cones.

Furthermore, the Mini-RocketBox Plus improves greatly upon 2019’s Mini-RocketBox in areas speed, quality of pack and accuracy of weights. The Plus model adds the adjustable Top Tray, the Lift Plate leveling technology and is twice as fast.Mini-Rocketbox Commercial Joint Rolling Machine Front

At $6000, the Mini-RocketBox Plus is light years ahead of the competition for the reasons above. Once you add the 1-year warranty backed by a superior STM Client Services support team, there is only one clear choice – The Mini-RocketBox Compact Pre-Roll Machine is the best pre-roll machine in 2022.

Mini-RocketBox vs the Knockbox rolling machines


It’s Not All About the Warranty? It’s About the Action!

It’s Not All About the Warranty? It’s About the Action!

The Importance of A Good Product Warranty –

STM Canna’s processing machines are engineered to last a long time. The RocketBox cone filling pre-roll machines and Revolution commercial herb grinders are constructed out of stainless steel and aluminum, and assembled withIt's Not All About the Warranty? It's About the Action! industrial-grade components. The motors alone have a life expectancy of 10-years. All of our machines are backed with a full 1-year parts and labor warranty.


What Does A Good Warranty Really Mean?

A good warranty means that STM Canna guarantees the equipment you are purchasing is of good quality without manufacturing defects. It means that if a part fails within that 1-year period, we will take care of it. We have even taken care of customers who bought our equipment second hand.  Whatever the circumstance, a warranty, or company for that matter is as only as good as their action. 

Warranties build confidence, trust and set expectations between the business and client. They also serve as protection for both the business and customer. The client knows that if they experience a problem, they have a right to request that the business will manage and take care of any issues as per their terms and conditions.


What If There Is a Problem?

In the rare event that there is a problem, contact our Client Services department immediately. They will happily assess the situation to make the best determination on how to move forward to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.  Our Client Services team is well-trained and knowledgeable on all equipment related issues from simple questions and in-depth training to the most complex issues which may arise.

What Are the Expectations from Clients?

STM’s Client Services staff are experts in handling requests in a timely manner. We have level techs on standby to ensure that all of our 550+ clients receive the proper attention and support which best matches the severity of the issue.

STM Canna’s ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our service and the resolution of your case. 

We will:

  1. Treat you with respect and treat you fairly.
  2. Listen to your concern and identify the best course of action
  3. Take responsibility to resolve the situation.
  4. Keep you updated with open lines of communication.
  5. Resolve the situation within a reasonable and timely manner.


What Are the Client Expectations from STM Canna?

We all have the same goal in mind – to resolve whatever the issue is to get you up and running as soon as possible. This is NOT a one way street. In order to assist us so we can assist you, we ask for a few things from our clients.

  1. Be kind and courteous when speaking with our staff about your issue.
  2. Be thorough and clear in your explanation of any issues.
  3. Be prepared to document the problem with photos and videos when requested.
  4. Be patient and set realistic expectations on a resolution and timeline.
  5. Don’t take advantage of our good intentions and company.


Kindness Is a Gift

Be kind to our Client Services team and customer service personnel in general. They excel at what they do and work hard each and every day.  Being kind is a choice which should be appreciated and not just something you expect. Do not try to manipulate people and take advantage of the kindness of others, especially customer support personnel.Copy of the four step 1

Jeff Bezos once said

“It’s harder to be kind than to be clever. It’s the difference between gifts and choices. Cleverness is a gift. Kindness is a choice.”



Our Goals Are the Same!

We want to make sure our clients are well taken care of. Not only do we offer the best pre-roll machines and industrial cannabis grinders in the business, we pride ourselves in superior and outstanding customer service. If there is an issue, we will work with you to find a solution. We stand behind our products 100%.

We want clients to be happy with our products. We want to build that trust to get your repeat business.

We want you to know that if there is an issue, STM will take care of you in a timely manner. STM Canna has hundreds of happy customers in 37 States and 6 countries.

STM Canna
[email protected]
(509) 204-3164

Copy of the four step

The Best Pre-Roll Machine in 2022 [RocketBox 2.0]

The Best Pre-Roll Machine in 2022 [RocketBox 2.0]

Joint Rolling Machines –

Futurola Knockbox Cone Filling Machine

Futurola Knockbox Cone Filling Machine

The original STM Canna RocketBox commercial pre-roll machine, burst onto the scene at the world’s largest cannabis business expo, the Marijuana Business Conference in December 2018, and was an instant hit. Prior to the release of the RocketBox, the only real option for making joints with a semi-automated joint filling and packing machine, was the Futurola Knockbox.

The Knockbox was fine for smaller runs, however, it wasn’t a tool which allowed medium to large facilities to instantly scale production output. Instead, large production facilities had to use multiple Knockboxes to try and satisfy production demands with several disadvantages.

The main drawback was that the Futurola KnockBox was not designed for use in high volume settings. Built from plastics and non-industrial grade components led to huge issues with reliability and accuracy.

Introducing the RocketBox, a Superior Pre-Roll Machine

The original RocketBox was a superior joint rolling machine in every way. It had a much larger capacity at 453 pre-rolls per three minute cycle and provided an obvious solution for larger production facilities needing to push out much more product in less time. The RocketBox was hands down the best pre-roll machine on the market and the only one which offered complete control over the vibration speed and intensity with fully customizable options via a 4.3 touch screen display to get the desired results.

Rocketbox Pre Roll Machine Joint Roller

Original RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine

Perhaps the most substantial advantage which the RocketBox exhibited over the Knockbox, was the complete production workflow system. From start to finish, this continuous flow system allowed for mass production at an efficient pace because it addressed the bottlenecks in the process from loading to closing joints.

The build quality of the RocketBox was unsurpassed. The RocketBox was constructed from food grade stainless steel and aluminum, and all of the components were industrial quality made for durability and longevity. The motor alone was rated to last a whopping 10 years. No other machine came close! Add to that STM Canna’s standard 1-year parts and labor warranty and it was easy to see why the RocketBox quickly grew to become the #1 selling and most trusted commercial pre-roll machine in the world.


STM Canna Revolution 2.0 Commercial Pre-Roll Machine

STM Canna Revolution 2.0, the best pre-roll machine of 2022

STM Canna Revolution 2.0 Commercial Pre-Roll Machine

Top 5 Reasons the RocketBox 2.0 is the Best Pre-Roll Machine in 2022


The RocketBox 2.0 was released in September of 2020.  We listened to our customers regarding the original RocketBox and made enhancements based on customer feedback.  There were several major improvements made to version 2 of the RocketBox:

  1. Twice as Fast – Due to increased efficiencies in operation, the output of the RocketBox 2.0 was also increased and, on average, twice as fast as the original. The new average run time per 453 cycle was reduced from an already fast 3+ minutes down to swift 1:00 – 2:00 minutes. The STM RocketBox 2.0 is the most advanced pre-roll machine in its class available and the return on investment (ROI) at full production capacity is achieved in just a matter of a few weeks.
  2. Improved User-Friendly Design – The RocketBox 2.0 was physically redesigned to make it even easier to use. The side arm which housed the touch screen on the original RocketBox was replaced, relocated and integrated to a more user-friendly location on the side of the RocketBox 2.0. The 2.0’s overall machine height was also lowered 10 inches for easier reach and quicker accessibility during operation mode.
  3. Reduced Training Time During Employee Turnover – STM clients often asked for easier ways to train new staff after turnover. STM Canna addressed this concern in the RocketBox 2.0 with a new high-definition, 7 inch touch screen. The new screen allowed for a built-in Training Mode with training videos to show current and future employees how to effectively use the RocketBox 2.0, resulting in a much faster onboarding time, especially after turn over.
  4. Improved Accuracy and Results – The RocketBox 2.0 makes tremendous strides at improving weights and accuracy with new smart technology built into the machine which was based on customer feedback. This smart technology calculates the proper densities and target weights depending on your pre-roll size.
  5. Workflow Expandability – Scalability is quick and easy thanks to the modular expandability of the RocketBox workflow system. Add additional trays when needed and speed up the workflow process when expanding your output. This built-in efficiency can maximize your output.

The RocketBox 2.0 is Much More Than Just a Rolling Machine

Phat Panda Branded Pre-Rolls on the Rocketbox Joint RollerThe RocketBox 2.0 is more than a pre-roll machine. It is part of a workflow system which allows you to make pre-rolls from start to finish allowing you to control the results. Other machines on the market may do a similar thing however, none of them is a complete workflow system which improves on efficiencies, saves time and money.  More importantly, this system is fully expandable allowing you to scale as your business expands and grows.



Here is some recent feedback from RocketBox 2.0 Customers:

“Great machine, simple to use, great customer service. Short learning curve, makes some of the best joints out of several machines I’ve tried” – Matt H.

“Wow, this thing is powerful and fast!” – Phil B


Learn how to maximize your production workflow and grow your production on demand with the RocketBox 2.0 today!