To cannabis cultivators and processors, our U.S.A. made, highly efficient commercial-grade machinery
is cutting edge, eco-conscious and provides the latest technologies in cost-effective processing solutions.

We are proud to design, engineer and manufacture our products in-house to provide the premium
quality products
and exceptional customer service which you deserve.


Durable & Reliable,
Made in the U.S.A.


Future-Drive Innovative


Zero Waste Products
and Processes

Customer Centric

Research & Developed with your Business in Mind

All-New STM Revolution Grinder

Experience the world's most efficient continuous feed grinder for marijuana & hemp.

STM Clients


STM Canna Clients and Customers

Who We Are

STM Canna is recognized as a global leader in the cannabis & hemp commercial processing equipment space. STM Canna has clients in over 20+ medical and recreational legal states along with 8+ provinces across Canada with more added every week.  Our clients range from smaller producer and processors to the largest, most well-known cannabis & hemp companies in the world.

“I can’t speak highly enough of our experience with STM.”

HighRize, San Francisco, CA



“Highrize prides itself on the idea that connectivity is key in this industry and personal relationships formed through shared experiences are what’s going to make this industry amazing to be part of. Thank you for embracing that whole heartedly and for being like-minded enough to be on the same page as us. Defintely gives us hope for the future. I can’t speak highly enough of our experience with STM and we blame (Randy) entirely for us feeling that way…Here’s to the future!”

STM RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine

STM RocketBox (Pre-Rolls)

The highly efficient STM RocketBox is a commercial grade pre-roll machine, producing 453 pre-rolled joints in a 2-3 minute cycle.

STM Revolution Grinder

STM Revolution (Grinder)

The STM Revolution Grinder can maintain a continuous feed for sustained, efficient grinding with smooth and quiet operation. 

STM Rosin Press

STM Rosin Press 4.0

The fully automated, commercial STM 4.0 Rosin Press is engineered & built using food grade stainless steel and industrial components.

The STM RocketBox just featured in the latest August 22, 2019 Episode 8 of Grower's House "Canna Cribs."

Brand New STM Product Spotted in NYC

Brand New STM Product Spotted in NYC

STM has some big surprises on the way and continuing through 2020.  Recently spotted on the streets of NYC last week, was a brand new STM product.  STM Canna was attending the NYC Arcview Investor conference and gave a sneak peak to those in attendance.  If you are...

STM Canna to Attend Arcview Summit in NYC

STM Canna to Attend Arcview Summit in NYC

STM Canna will be well represented at the Arcview "Evolution of Cannabis:2020" investor summit October 2nd-4th, 2019 in New York City.  This is an invaluable opportunity to network with industry leading companies, investors and entrepreneurs.  STM will showcase our...

Sustainable Leadership Awards 🏆

Sustainable Leadership Awards 🏆

The Cannabis & Tech Today Sustainable Leadership Awards offer the opportunity for your organization to be nationally recognized as a leader within the cannabis industry. Any cannabis business that is operating in accordance with state and local regulations in...

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