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"Our Efficiencies have increased, labor costs decreased and it makes a superior product all around" [RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine]

– Levi Budz, Budz Butter, WI


Boost Production with STM Canna

STM RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine

Rocketbox 2.0 Pre-Roll Machine

The #1 industry leader and trusted standard in pre-roll machines for speed, accuracy and built-in smart technology



STM Canna Mini RocketBox Plus+ Commercial Pre-Roll Machine

Mini-RocketBox Plus+ Pre-Roll Machine

Fill and pack 50 or 143 pre-rolls in 45 seconds fast at a higher level of accuracy than any other small pre-roll machine available.



Mini-Revolution Industrial Cannabis Grinder

Mini-Revolution Cannabis Grinder

The New Mini-Revolution cannabis grinder can grind a pound in under 2 minutes using low friction, low heat contact





The only cannabis grinder built specifically to preserve terpenes and cannabinoids with a consistent, homogenous grind.



STM Canna Revolution 2.0 Commercial Cannabis Grinder


The Sub-Zero cannabis grinder prevents subsequent degradation by grinding low temperature-controlled environments.



The STM Canna Difference

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We Are the Manufacturer

 We exclusively design, manufacture & service our industry leading processing equipment with a 1-year warranty and first-rate customer service.

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Trusted Industry Leaders

With over 550+ clients worldwide, we surpass industry standards, backed by superior engineering, experience & patented technology.

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Pre-Roll / Extraction Experts

Our staff have a wealth of industry knowledge and the technical expertise from our staff ready to help you succeed.


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“STM Canna has served over 550 clients from the largest to smallest cannabis producers in the world”


STM Canna has been a leading force in the cannabis processing equipment space with sophisticated technology solutions and industry-leading commercial joint machines and industrial grinder extraction systems.

Based out of Spokane, WA, we have been helping cultivators, harvesters, and commercial cannabis processing facilities optimize and scale their production capabilities with state-of-the-art technologies. All of our product design and development verticals are handled in-house, to ensure rigorous quality control and the use of superior quality raw materials in every machine’s production.

Our products are a result of over 20 years of expertise in design, prototyping and manufacturing by innovators with a deep understanding of the needs of both cannabis producers and users.

With clients in 37 U.S. States and Puerto Rico, as well as international clients in Canada, U.K., Israel and Australia, STM Canna is recognized as a global leader in cannabis commercial processing.

STM Canna’s valued clients include:

STM Canna Clients

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The Best Pre-Roll Machine in 2021 [RocketBox 2.0]

The Best Pre-Roll Machine in 2021 [RocketBox 2.0]

Joint Rolling Machines - The original STM Canna RocketBox commercial pre-roll machine, burst onto the scene at the world’s largest cannabis business expo, the Marijuana Business Conference in...


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Why the STM RocketBox Commercial Pre-Roll Machine?

“Everything is about efficiency and the RocketBox is a solid piece of equipment that has really helped operational efficiencies on our end.”
– Tommy, CMO, King’s Garden

Kings Garden Inc. is California’s predominant cannabis cultivation, processing and manufacturing company, specializing in the world of top shelf, boutique products at an unsurpassed commercial scale.