The Launchpad Scale: Weigh, Sort, and Profit Faster.

Maximize pre-roll production efficiency with the STM Canna Launchpad Scale. Effortlessly weigh and sort up to 72 pre-rolls simultaneously, ensuring perfect weights and sizes for premium quality and increased profitability.

End Costly Pre-Roll Weighing Practices

Tired of inconsistent joints and wasted product from manual weighing? The STM Canna Launchpad Scale delivers fast, accurate weighing to streamline your pre-roll production and protect your bottom line.

$35,000 | Payments as low as $710/Month.*

*For 60 months, OAC. Contact our sales team for more information.

The LaunchPad Scale: Upgrade Your Pre-Roll Production

  • Effortlessly weigh up to 72 pre-rolls at once with the LaunchPad Scale.
  • The color-coded display instantly identifies any rejects, saving you time and money.
  • Customize weight targets and tolerances for perfect, consistent pre-rolls every time.
  • The LaunchPad features a large, easy-to-read screen and is compact and portable for seamless integration into your workflow.
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Maximize Pre-Roll Profits with STM Canna Launchpad Scale

Boost your bottom line with the STM Canna Launchpad Scale. Achieve precision, reduce waste, and save on labor costs:

  • Perfect Pre-Rolls: Eliminate inconsistent fills for higher customer satisfaction and less wasted product.
  • Labor Savings: Weighs and checks multiple pre-rolls at once, streamlining your production.
  • Protect Your Brand: Rigorous quality control ensures a premium product and avoids costly recalls.

The LaunchPad Scale three-step process.

Step 1

Load your filled tray into the LaunchPad Scale. Use the touchscreen to select your pre-roll size, target weight, and weight tolerance percentage. 

Step 2

View the 20” heads-up display to see if your pre-rolls are within the appropriate weight tolerance. Save and export batch data to increase business intelligence when necessary. 

Step 3

Remove the tray and place it in the (optional) STM Atomic Closer, our pre-roll closing machine, for folding in 39.8 seconds with a professional Dutch crown.

STM Canna: Your Partner in Pre-Roll Production Excellence

We’re dedicated to designing and manufacturing the USA’s most innovative, reliable pre-roll solutions. The LaunchPad Scale is a prime example – optimizing operations and boosting your bottom line. STM Canna prioritizes quality, efficiency, and exceptional customer support to fuel your cannabis business success.

Master the art of pre-roll production with STM Canna's One-Tray Automated Workflow.

Our One-Tray Automated Workflow revolutionizes pre-roll efficiency. We integrate grinding, loading, packing, weighing, and finishing for precision and scalability. STM Canna machines, training, and support ensure consistent, high-quality pre-rolls. Ready to grow? Our solutions adapt to your cannabis business, driving success.

STM Canna: Experts in Pre-roll Profitability

Reduce labor costs, ensure consistent pre-roll weights, and maximize profits with the LaunchPad Scale. Eliminate waste and streamline your pre-roll production for optimal efficiency.

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