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Experience the best flavors possible from our preroll cones! We recommend Zig-zag cones and RAW prerolls at this time. Prerolls from these papers feature high-quality natural materials, providing a smooth smoking experience that won't leave a bitter aftertaste. Easy to use and easy to store, our preroll cones make marijuana more accessible than ever before so that your customers can enjoy their favorite strains without hassle or mess.

Available in both regular and king sizes, Zig-zag cones offer an ideal solution for any cannabis enthusiast looking for quality on the go. All our preroll cone papers are primarily for "bulk" sellers (pre-rolled cone processors) for use in dispensaries across the planet. We now offer Custom branded cones, zig-zag preroll cones, NEW - Natura Pre Roll Cones - Greengo Cones (Only available in Canada!)

Give Customers the Best w/ Bulk Preroll Cones from Zig-Zag, Natura, & Now Greengo!

For cannabis processors and producers, preroll cones offer an easy way to store and access marijuana. Made with high-quality natural materials, preroll cones provide a smooth smoking experience that won't leave a bitter aftertaste. Plus, their convenient size allows them to be easily stored and used on the go. Whether you're looking for regular or king-size preroll cones, Zig-zag preroll papers are sure to hit the spot.

Plus, with our custom-branded preroll cones, cannabis processors can now offer pre-rolled cones with a unique logo or artwork. With this feature, brands can stand out in the market and make a lasting impression on customers. Our Canadian friends can check out Natura Pre Roll Cones and Greengo Cones, which are only available in Canada. When you utilize preroll papers like the ones below, you can ensure a smooth smoking experience that all your customers will love.

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