Efficiency and elegance in every pre-roll closure.

Improve your pre-roll production quality with STM Canna’s innovative Atomic Closer.

The challenge: achieving perfect pre-rolls.

Pre-roll production often presents a daunting challenge: ensuring quality without sacrificing efficiency. Most pre-roll closing machines fail to strike this balance. With many machines, you might grapple with inconsistency in closure quality, inability to handle high volumes and maintenance difficulties. The result is a pre-roll that lacks a premium touch, creating a subpar consumer experience and jeopardizing your brand’s reputation.

The solution: STM Canna's Atomic Closer.

STM Canna’s Atomic Closer is your answer. Its capacity to Dutch Crown 72 joints in just 45 seconds guarantees high-quality and efficient production. Its intuitive touchscreen controls and effortless cleaning make operation a breeze, while compatibility with most filling machines offers unparalleled versatility.

Superior quality with every fold.

STM Canna’s Atomic Closer revolutionizes the closure process, promising a professional crown fold that offers a more even burn. With the option to increase output by adding more trays, the Atomic Closer is designed for cost-effective scalability.


Master the art of pre-roll production with STM Canna's One-Tray Automated Workflow.

Embrace efficiency, precision, and quality with STM Canna’s One-Tray Automated Workflow. Our unique system seamlessly integrates the steps of pre-roll production, from grinding, loading, and packing, to weighing and closing with a Dutch crown finish. We offer machines, extensive training, and ongoing support to ensure consistent excellence in your output. Ready to scale? STM Canna’s innovative solutions adapt to your growth, propelling your cannabis venture to new heights. Your success is our mission.

Trust in quality, invest in efficiency.

The Atomic Closer ensures the superior quality of your pre-rolls without compromising efficiency. With significant ROI potential and the added reassurance of a comprehensive two-year warranty, it’s a wise investment in your operations.