Revolutionize Your Pre-Roll Game with the STM Canna RocketBox Pro. 🚀

Outpace the competition with unrivaled pre-roll output, filling multiple strains and sizes at once, producing up to 5,000 pre-rolls per hour.

The RocketBox Pro: Dominate Pre-Roll Production. Untouchable Value.💥

Leave the competition in the dust. The RocketBox Pro commercial pre-roll machine reigns supreme in pre-roll production, outperforming everything else in speed, versatility, and value.

Unmatched Efficiency for High-Volume:

  • Multi-Station Design: Manage multiple strains and sizes simultaneously – perfect for MSOs and co-packers
  • Dominate Multiple Orders: Fulfill orders efficiently, keeping customers happy and profits soaring.

Unparalleled Value Proposition:

  • Revolutionary Technology: STM’s patented features deliver unmatched performance and reliability.
  • 10x More Competitive: Dominate the market without breaking the bank.

The RocketBox Pro isn’t just a machine, it’s a game-changer.


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The RocketBox Pro: Pre-Roll Production Reimagined.

The RocketBox Pro isn’t just a machine – it’s a revolution. Experience the power of five high-speed pre-roll machines in one, maximizing output and minimizing downtime.

Key Innovations:

  • 5-in-1 Efficiency: Streamline your workflow, replacing multiple machines with a single powerhouse.
  • Built-In Automation: Timers, lift plates, and overfill trays optimize every production stage.
  • Frictionless Operation: Quick-swap parts eliminate bottlenecks for continuous output.

Upgrade Your Pre-Roll Game. Embrace the Future with the RocketBox Pro.

STM Canna Rocketbox Automate Pre-Roll Machine

Crush High-Volume Pre-Roll Production with the RocketBox Pro.🔥

Maximize output and streamline your workflow. The RocketBox Pro commercial pre-roll machine is built for serious pre-roll producers, seamlessly integrating with STM Canna’s One-Tray system and 72-count trays. Pair it with the LaunchPad Scale and Atomic Closer for unmatched speed, precision, and premium pre-roll quality.

The RocketBox Pro’s Unmatched Features.


  • RocketBox Pro Dimensions: 37″ h x 22″ d x 61.75″ w
  • RocketBox Pro Weight: Approx. 320lb
  • Power: Standard 110v 15a

    Key Features

    • Produce up to 5000+ Pre-Rolls Per Hour with 2-3 people*
    • Produce up to 40,000+ Per Day with 2-4 people*
    • Run Multiple Joint Sizes at Once with Multiple Independent Stations
    • Run Multiple Strains at Once with Multiple Independent Stations
    • Automatic & Customizable Timers. Manual Mode.
    • Automated Lift Plate for More Accurate Filling
    • Integrated Catch Tray for Easy Cleaning
    • Designed for Fast Easy Operation, Maintenance and Cleaning


    Configure to Conquer Any Strain

    "For anybody co-packing, the ability to run different strains and different trays (sizes) on the RocketBox Pro is phenominal"
    Oasis Cannabis

    Operational Brilliance in an Integrated System

    Elevate your pre-roll operations with STM Canna’s integrated system, from grinding, loading, and packing to weighing and sealing with an elegant Dutch Crown. STM Canna’s RocketBox Pro adapts as your business scales, empowering growth. Your triumph is our commitment.

    With STM Canna, You're Always Ahead

    Join a community that prioritizes quality and efficiency. Whether you’re a budding business or an established name, STM Canna’s equipment, training, and ongoing support promise consistent excellence. Be a part of the esteemed group of cannabis producers placing their trust in STM Canna for seamless pre-roll automation.

    RocketBox Seri reviews

    Pricing table


    Commercial Pre-Roll Machine
    $ 6,600
    • 72-143 pre-rolled cones in 30-45 seconds
    • 84mm, 98mm & 109mm, (70mm Dogwalkers & Cigarette Style available)
    • Food grade components
    • Great for small to large facilities
    • Variable adjustable dial for complete filling & packing control
    • Durable, commercial grade construction and components
    • Compact and portable


    Commercial Pre-Roll Machine
    $ 49,950
    • Versatile – 5 independent filling stations for ZERO downtime!
    • Ideal for Large Producers, Co-Packers & White labelers
    • Run multiple strains and sizes simultaneously
    • Up to 5000+ Pre-Rolls Per Hour for Extreme High Output*
    • With a turn of a switch, easily select pre-roll size on each station
    • Fine tune your pre-roll weights with a push of a button


    Commercial Pre-Roll Machine
    $ 18,570
    • (2) 72-453 pre-rolled cones per 1 minute cycle
    • 84mm, 98mm & 109mm, (70mm Dogwalkers & Cigarette Style available)
    • Food grade components
    • Proprietary built-in smart density software to achieve weight accuracy
    • Built-In training mode with video tutorials and user manual
    • 6-7x faster than other pre-roll machines
    • Commercial grade construction and components

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