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Stay ahead of the cannabis curve. Automate your pre-roll process and future-proof your operation with industry-leading innovation.

Upgrade Your Cannabis Pre-Roll Game: Why STM Canna is Your Winning Choice

STM Canna’s One-Tray Workflow and complete pre-roll systems deliver:

  • Speed & Efficiency = Increased ROI: STM Canna systems dramatically boost pre-roll output and slash labor costs.

  • Precision for Premium Quality: Ensure consistent, high-quality pre-rolls that build customer loyalty.

  • Scalable to Fit Your Growth: Customize your pre-roll automation from startup to high-volume production.

  • Seamless One-Tray Workflow: Optimize efficiency with STM Canna’s streamlined production system.

  • Expert Support for Your Success: Get the training and ongoing guidance to excel in the cannabis market.

Boost Pre-Roll Production. Cut Costs. Explore STM Canna Systems Today. 🚀

Jump Starter System

Take the hassle out of pre-roll filling and closing. The STM Canna Jump Starter delivers easy-to-use automation for perfect cannabis pre-rolls, fast. Enjoy consistent, quality results with minimal effort.


Astro Infusion System

Master every step of infused pre-roll production with the STM Canna Astro Infusion System. Precision filling, targeted infusion, and perfect closing ensure consistent flavor profiles and cannabinoid dosing for a superior cannabis pre-roll experience.


RocketBox Pro System

Supercharge your pre-roll production with the STM Canna RocketBox Pro. This high-output system loads, fills, and closes up to 5,000 pre-rolls per hour, streamlining workflows and maximizing profitability.


Galactic Turnkey System

The ultimate pre-roll production solution: STM Canna’s Turnkey System automates grinding, loading, filling, weighing, and closing. Achieve high-volume, consistent cannabis pre-rolls with maximum efficiency.

Standard & Pro Includes:

STM Pre-Roll Systems are:

  • Modular Design: Customize the only compact automated pre-roll system to fit your needs.
  • One-Tray Workflow: Maximize production with a seamless start-to-finish process.
  • Proven Results: Consistent quality, even with infused pre-rolls.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to operate, clean, and maintain.
  • Rapid ROI: See returns on your automation investment in weeks or months.

Streamline pre-roll production. Boost profits with cutting-edge automation.

Automate pre-roll production. Boost profits, future-proof your operation.🔥

Scale your pre-roll business without sacrificing quality. Automate production for the consistent, high-demand pre-rolls your customers crave.

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