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Perfect Your Infused Pre-Rolls w/ the Rocketbox 2.0

infused pre-rolls

The cannabis industry is dynamic, perpetually evolving with technological advancements and innovative products. One emergent trend in cannabis manufacturing and processing that’s taking the market by storm is the rise of infused pre-rolls. 

Forget your traditional joints; this new breed of pre-rolls adds a layer of potency and flavor through infusions of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other botanical extracts. And when it comes to mass-producing these flavor-packed pre-rolls, STM Canna’s Rocketbox 2.0 is your go-to commercial pre-roll machine.

Some of you “old timers” out there that may remember rolling your own hash infused pre rolls, and how difficult it can be to get your infusion material into the right portion of your joint! With our machines the process is much easier, and can be replicated on a much larger scale.

What are Infused Pre-Rolls?

Before diving into the revolutionary capabilities of the Rocketbox 2.0, let’s dissect what infused pre-rolls are. Unlike traditional joints, which only contain ground cannabis flowers, infused pre-rolls take the experience to the next level. 

These are high-quality cannabis joints that come loaded with additional compounds such as THC, CBD, or exotic terpenes. The result? A highly potent, richly flavored smoking experience that caters to recreational and medicinal users. One of the most well-known types of infused joints are “diamond infused pre rolls” or “diamond sauce” which refers to the appearance of the THC material in raw form.

infused joints

Why the Sudden Boom in Popularity?

Consumer demand for elevated cannabis experiences is pushing the industry to innovate continually. Infused pre-rolls are now in the limelight because they offer:

  1. Enhanced Potency: More bang for your buck, with every puff delivering concentrated doses of cannabinoids.
  2. Tailored Effects: Whether you’re looking for relaxation, pain relief, or a creative spark, there’s an infused pre-roll to suit your needs.
  3. Elevated Flavor Profiles: Indulge in a symphony of flavors, from earthy undertones to fruity highlights.
  4. Convenience: Ready-to-smoke, these joints eliminate the need for grinding, rolling, or any other preparation.

Rocketbox 2.0 is a Game Changer for Infused Pre-Rolls Manufacturing

STM Canna has always been at the forefront of cannabis processing technology, and their Rocketbox 2.0 commercial pre-roll machine is a game-changer. This state-of-the-art machinery is engineered specifically to accommodate the intricacies of creating infused pre-rolls.

#1 – Precision is Key

Accuracy is paramount when creating infused pre-rolls, and Rocketbox 2.0 does not disappoint. Its ability to uniformly distribute cannabis and infusion materials ensures that every pre-roll has the intended dosage. No more worrying about inconsistent experiences; precision can be greatly improved with the Rocketbox 2.0 or Rocketbox Mini.

#2 – Scalability & Efficiency

The Rocketbox 2.0 is not just any commercial pre-roll machine; it’s a juggernaut that can produce up to 453 pre-rolls in just 3 minutes. Its automated system minimizes human error and ensures that production keeps pace with demand, ensuring profitability and customer satisfaction.

#3 – Quality Assurance

With a focus on quality, the Rocketbox 2.0 has various customization options. You can calibrate the machine to fine-tune your infused pre rolls’ density if you need to add a layer or “core” of infused materials at some point in the process. 

The result for your brand? A high-quality, consistent joint product that helps you stand out in the market.

So Then, How are Infused Pre Rolls Made?

Well, that’s a difficult question to answer unfortunately as people are doing it a few different ways. The majority of systems we’ve seen tend to use either a manual or automated injection of the infused oil, or an insertion of a dose of “kief” into the joint. Furthermore, some processors and manufacturers are reasonably hesitant to reveal their exact methods for fear of replication of those systems by their competition.

Final Thoughts

Infused pre-rolls are the future of cannabis consumption, offering an elevated experience beyond mere smoking. STM Canna’s Rocketbox 2.0 is paving the way for this exciting trend, blending precision, scalability, and quality into a single commercial pre-roll machine set to revolutionize the industry.

Whether you’re a cannabis manufacturer looking to diversify your product line or a consumer eager for a premium experience, keep your eyes peeled for infused pre-rolls. And remember, the Rocketbox 2.0 by STM Canna is the powerhouse that makes it all possible.

Check out this page on one of our clients, Lion Labs – who’ve used the Rocketbox Mini to produce award-winning pre-rolls for the Michigan marijuana scene. They were also nice enough to leave a review of their experience with our machines.

Sorry, we don’t have any pre-made infused pre rolls for sale ourselves unfortunately as we’re on the manufacturing side, vs being at the retail level – so you’ll have to get your hands on these goodies from your local dispensary!

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