Pre-Rolled Cones

Quality pre-rolled paper cones available in multiple paper options, sizes, and brands like Hara, Raw and Elements.

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Our Selection of Pre-Rolled Cones

STM offers the highest quality pre-rolled cones in a variety of rolling paper types, colors, and sizes to meet your business’ needs. All of our joint papers are compatible with the RocketBox 2.0 and Mini-RocketBox Plus+ pre-roll machines.

Pre-Rolled Paper Cone Compatibility


‘Good Cones’ by Hara now as low as $53 per box

Classic White and Hemp joint papers side by side

Rolling Paper Types

From bio-organic to classic white to natural brown, choose the pre-roll paper type which best reflects your brand and preferred smokability. 

Pre-Roll Industry Sizes

From standard 1-1/4 cones for .25g to .5g pre-rolls, all the way up to King Size cones for 1g pre-rolls, STM offers numerous industry-standard sizes which are tested and approved for use in the STM Canna’s pre-roll machines.

Rolling papers size chart