Pre-Rolled Cones

Available in multiple paper options, sizes, and brands.

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Our Selection of Pre-Rolled Cones

STM offers the highest quality pre-rolled cones in a variety of paper types, colors, and sizes to meet your business’ needs. All of our cones are compatible with the RocketBox and Mini-RocketBox pre-roll machines.

Pre-Rolled Cone Compatibility


‘Good Cones’ by Hara now as low as $53 per box

Custom Cone Branding

Variety of Paper Types

From classic white to natural brown, choose the paper type that best reflects your brand and preferred smokability. 

Industry Standard Sizes

From standard 1-1/4 cones for .25g to .5g pre-rolls, all the way up to King Size cones for 1g pre-rolls, STM offers numerous industry-standard sizes that are tested and approved for use in the RocketBox and Mini-RocketBox.

Rocketbox Pre Roll Cone Sizing Chart