What is the Rocketbox pre-roll machine?

The Rocketbox joint rolling machine is developed to maximize pre-roll cone production while significantly decreasing labor costs. Capable of rolling 453 pre-rolled cones in 3 minutes, the Rocketbox is the pinnacle of pre-roll machines.


Features of the Rocketbox Pre-Roll Machine

  • Pneumatic Leveling System
  • 4.3″ Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Durable, Food-Grade Components
  • 3-Point Safety System
  • OSHA Compliance

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Customer Satisfaction is #1

Want want our customers to feel confident using the Rocketbox. To help get you started, virtual training and unlimited access to our client portal are included with your Rocketbox purchase.

Optimal Pre-Rolled Cones

Pneumatic leveling technology and vibration frequencies fill pre-rolled cones with a 10% +/- variance. Advanced customizable settings allow for the ultimate control over your product. 

Save Time and Money

The Rocketbox has the capability to produce 25,000 pre-rolled cones per day, maximizing your cone production and significantly reducing labor costs associated with hand-rolling joints. 

Built to Last for Years

Rocketbox is designed with durability in mind. With a 10-year life span, the Rocketbox pre-roll machine will become an asset for your cannabis facilities for many years to come.

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Rocketbox Pre-Roll Machine Compared to Futurola Knockbox

The key differences between these two popular pre-roll machines are the production quantity of pre-rolled cones and the quality of the components inside of the machine.

The technology inside of the Rocketbox is unparalleled to any other pre-roll machine available. Programmed with 3 different stages, 9 settings, and the ability to program your own settings – You are truly in control of the quality and consistency of your product.

The Rocketbox is manufactured with high-quality, food-grade materials. Stainless steel components make the pre-roll machine easy to clean and extremely durable. 


Rocketbox Technical Specifications

1. Product Dimensions:
Approx. 20L x 46H x 15W

2. SAE 304 Stainless Steel Body

3. 110v 3-Prong Power Plug

4. Customizable Touch Control Operation

5. Designed & Made in the U.S.A.

6. Patent Pending

7. Ergonomic 4.3″ Capacitive Touch Control Panel

8. Pneumatic Leveling System

9. STM Upgradable System Software

10. Heavy Duty Casters

11. USB Port for Programming

12. 12-Months Parts & Labor Warranty

“10 Killer Technologies” – STM RocketBox

National publication, Marijuana Business Magazine, named the STM RocketBox pre-roll machine one of its “10 Killer Technologies”

Marijuana Business Magazine writes “The RocketBox is a commercial-grade machine that can roll 453 pre-rolls in three minutes—far faster than other pre-roll machines on the market.” 

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