Watch Redman Dive into Pre-Roll Automation w/ STM’s Mini-RocketBox & Atomic Closer

Redman Pre-Roll Promo

Check out this video of rapper Redman using STM Canna’s equipment to make perfect joints and see the technology in action! In the competitive world of cannabis production, efficiency, consistency, and quality are key. STM Canna, a leader in pre-roll automation equipment, is transforming the industry with its state-of-the-art machines: the Mini-RocketBox and Atomic Closer. These […]

The Benefits of In-House Financing

in-house financing

As the cannabis industry grows, businesses must find efficient, cost-effective solutions to remain competitive. STM Canna, a leading innovator in pre-roll automation equipment, understands this need and is excited to announce a new in-house financing option designed to help you quickly upgrade or purchase new pre-roll automation equipment. STM Canna’s in-house financing is tailored to […]

Behind the Scenes: Our Pursuit of Pre-Roll Machine Perfection

Today, we’re taking you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of STM Canna’s manufacturing department, where all the magic happens. If you’ve ever wondered how those state-of-the-art pre-roll machines come to life, you’re in for a treat. Join us as we dive into the world of precision, craftsmanship, and innovation that makes STM Canna a leader […]

STM Cannabis Grinders: A Journey of Innovation

cannabis grinders

STM Canna began with a vision to address the industry’s need for reliable and efficient processing equipment. Early products set the foundation for what would become a significant evolution in cannabis grinders and other machine technologies. First Generation: Revolution Series The introduction of the original Revolution Grinder marked a pivotal moment. This first-generation grinder improved […]

Press START To Customize Your Cones!

Cones Sale

As the summer sun beckons and outdoor gatherings increase, it’s time to gear up for more pre-rolled joints and enjoyable smoke sessions under the open sky. To kick off this vibrant season, STM Cannabis excited to announce our Custom Cone Sale featuring fantastic introductory pricing that won’t want to miss. Throughout the entire month of […]

Modular Pre-Roll Automation: The Future-Proof Solution for Scaling Your Business

pre-roll automation

Overcome high costs, inflexibility, & the scaling limitations of popular all-in-one pre-roll systems. The pre-roll segment continues to boom within the cannabis industry. Data from reveals pre-rolls as a consistent top-growing category, with infused pre-rolls spearheading the expansion. To meet this surging demand, cannabis producers need flexible, cost-effective, and specialized pre-roll automation solutions While […]

Grind for Greatness: Elevate Your Pre-Roll Grinding Experience w/ STM

pre-roll grinding machines

In the grand theater of cannabis enjoyment, the pre-roll is a beloved classic – a timeless ode to convenience and craftsmanship. Yet, even classics can suffer from poor production. Picture this: you’re poised for a serene evening, pre roll in hand, ready to ascend into a cloud of relaxation, only to be jolted back to […]

Why You Should Embrace Pre Roll Automation in 2024

pre roll automation

2024 is already showing us an increasing demand for pre-rolled joints, a convenience consumers cherish for its ready-to-enjoy form.  However, this rising demand casts a substantial shadow over traditional hand-packing methods, which, while remaining an artisanal product, fall short of meeting the industry’s accelerating pace.  Enter the realm of pre roll automation, a standard of […]

Pre-Roll Automation: Improve Your Manufacturing Process

pre-roll automation

Discover the importance of pre-roll automation in cannabis production, including its advantages, efficiency, consistency, and increased productivity, with STM Canna leading the way as a trusted provider of automated pre-roll solutions. Advantages of Pre-Roll Automation Pre-roll automation represents a transformative leap forward in the cannabis industry, serving as a cornerstone for achieving unparalleled efficiency and […]

Infused Pre-Rolls: Enhancing User Experience

infused pre-rolls

The evolution of pre-roll infusion techniques in the cannabis industry has been a remarkable journey, with brands now offering premium indoor flower pre-rolls infused with potent distillates and flavorful terpenes. Flavor-infused pre-rolls have not only transformed the cannabis experience but have also provided a symphony of taste and potency for consumers, representing a convergence of […]