Pre-Roll Automation: Improve Your Manufacturing Process

pre-roll automation

Discover the importance of pre-roll automation in cannabis production, including its advantages, efficiency, consistency, and increased productivity, with STM Canna leading the way as a trusted provider of automated pre-roll solutions. Advantages of Pre-Roll Automation Pre-roll automation represents a transformative leap forward in the cannabis industry, serving as a cornerstone for achieving unparalleled efficiency and […]

Infused Pre-Rolls: Enhancing User Experience

infused pre-rolls

The evolution of pre-roll infusion techniques in the cannabis industry has been a remarkable journey, with brands now offering premium indoor flower pre-rolls infused with potent distillates and flavorful terpenes. Flavor-infused pre-rolls have not only transformed the cannabis experience but have also provided a symphony of taste and potency for consumers, representing a convergence of […]

Crafting Consistency: The STM LaunchPad Pre-Roll Scale and Rocketbox 2.0

pre-roll scale

Explore the benefits of STM Canna’s LaunchPad Pre-Roll Scale in achieving precise and consistent pre-roll weights, enhancing efficiency and profitability in automated pre-roll production. Precision Weighing Systems in Pre-Roll Production In the realm of cannabis production, precision is the linchpin for ensuring the high quality and consistency of pre-rolls. This meticulous attention to detail is […]

The Best Automated Pre Roll Machines of 2024

automated pre-roll machines

The all-new STM Canna Atomic Closer is the best automated pre roll machine in 2024.  There are many reasons for this but it really boils down to fast performance, low cost, ease of operation and quick clean-up.The Marijuana Business Conference (MJBizCon), the worlds largest business to business marijuana conference in the world, was held in […]

Exploring the State of the Pre-Roll Market in 2024

stm canna pre-roll market

The US pre-roll market has been on an upward trajectory, with the segment showing remarkable resilience and growth potential. This expansion is attributed to a confluence of factors, including advancements in production technologies, an expanding consumer base, and evolving product preferences. The increasing popularity of infused pre-rolls is a testament to the market’s innovative spirit, […]

Future of Infused Pre Roll Machines: Astro Infuser

infused pre roll machines

In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, the STM Canna Astro Infuser stands out as a beacon of innovation, particularly in the realm of pre roll infusion machines. Unlike some of our competitor’s infused pre roll machines that are repurposed from cartridge filling systems, the Astro Infuser is purpose-built, honing its design specifically for the task […]

December Promo (10,000 Cones Included)

december promo

STM Canna, the leader in pre-roll automation technology, is excited to spread some holiday cheer with our December Promo. This special mini-promotion is designed to help you save big and boost production during the joyful season. We offer an exclusive yuletide package throughout December with our acclaimed Mini-RocketBox+ and Mini-Revolution Grinder, paired with 10,000 Zig-Zag […]

Bleached vs Unbleached Cones: A Manufacturer’s Guide

custom preroll cones

While navigating the diverse world of pre-rolled cones, consumers and businesses alike are left to try and determine the differences for bleached vs unbleached cones. Both variants have found their rightful place within the cannabis industry, and each brings with them distinct attributes. Before we get started, don’t forget that it’s Stocktober month at STM […]

How to Start a Pre-Roll Company

pre-roll company

Starting a pre-roll company can be an exciting business venture. As the legalization of cannabis continues to spread, the demand for convenient and high-quality pre-rolled products is increasing. In this article, we’ll guide you through starting a pre-roll company, covering everything from production to pricing and sales. The Importance of Market Research Undertaking comprehensive market […]

Challenges Facing Today’s Commercial Pre-Roll Producers

Commercial Pre-Roll Machines

The commercial cannabis industry has blossomed in recent years, and one segment that has seen a particularly meteoric rise is the commercial pre-roll market.  Consumers love the convenience and sophistication of pre-rolled cannabis joints. Still, many don’t realize that producing these seemingly simple products can be difficult as a business owner if you don’t know where to […]