Jump Starter 2.0 Pre-Roll Automation SYSTEM

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The Jump Starter Package 2.0 is a cost-effective solution for producing up to 10K joints per day with 2-3 people using our patented Mini-RocketBox and Atomic Closer 2.0. The Mini-RocketBox Plus guarantees precise and consistent joint filling, even with infused materials, while the just released Atomic Closer 2.0 provides a polished Dutch-crown finish in seconds. The average ROI will be recouped in mere weeks to months.

Expand production efficiently and cost-effectively by adding more trays and team members with our expansion booster packs.

STM Pre-Roll Systems are:

  • Most Cost Effective Solutions Available
  • Proven Results, even with Infused Material*
  • The Most User Friendly of Any Automated Pre-Roll System
  • Easier to Clean and Maintain than Any Other System
  • The Most Scalable and Customizable System to Suit Your Exact Needs
  • The Jump Starter System can Replace an Entire Team of Pre-Roll Closers (allocate those resources to other areas)
  • Free Virtual Training and access to client portal training videos

Add a discounted expansion booster packs to increase your daily output of 1000 up to 20K or more joints a day.

The Jump Starter 2.0 Package includes - $49,995 (Save over $7000):
1- Mini-RocketBox Plus pre-roll machine
1- Atomic Closer 2.0 joint closing machine
2- Bottom trays of your choice (84mm, 98mm, 109mm and Dog Walker 70mm)
1- Loading Box
1-Top Tray

*Note: Dog Walker Tray needs to have the kit selected for only first tray. Additional DW trays can be tray only. Dog Walker Rod kit required for use in Atomic Closer.

* Pre-roll output numbers are estimated from STM Canna's extensive research and development, client results and other factors. Your results may vary based on material, process, number of personnel and other factors. Infused material may require a dial-in person to obtain desired results. For this system we recommended a minimum of 2 people to get up to 10K a day. 2-3 is optimal.

**Add On-Site Training at time of purchase and save $500. We will send a trainer to your location for a few days and show you how to obtain the best results with our machines. Please note that there is a required lead time for scheduling of on-site training and other pre-visit requirements prior to training.

***STM is not responsible for misprints, typos or other errors. Limited to stock on hand, promotion may end at any time.

  • NOTE: Due to variables out of our control we do not guarantee fill or target weights for the non-standard dog walkers.
    Produce up to 10,000 pre-rolls a day with 3 or more people for optimal results.
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