STM Atomic Closer Automated Pre-Roll Closing Module

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Price for Bronze 15: 45325.00
Price for Silver 20: 44100.00
Price for Gold 25: 42875.00

STM Atomic Closer

Small Form. High Impact.

The only modular pre-roll closing machine on the market designed to incorporate human touch
for true premium quality look and feel.
Boasting an ultra compact footprint, this one-of-a-kind
system can operate on a tabletop in facilities of all sizes, eliminating the industry's #1 pre-roll bottleneck.

  • Fully Modular System Enables Exceptional Ability to Scale Rapidly Anytime
  • Compatible with RocketBox, Mini-RocketBox & Other Pre-Roll Machines
  • Tamps & Folds Ends into Beautiful, Consistent fold
  • Fastest in the Industry: Capable of 72 joints every 45 seconds (1440+ per hour / 20,000+ per 8 hour day)
  • Very Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • HMI Touch Screen Control
  • Emergency Stop Switch & Reset Button
  • Adaptable to Upcoming Weighing Pad & Packaging Modules
  • Includes 2-Year Parts & Labor Warranty

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