STM RocketBox PRO High-Output Pre-Roll Machine

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STM RocketBox Pro

"Elevating Productivity: Where High Output Meets High Demand"

  • High Output Production Machine
  • Generate Up 360-715 Pre-Rolls Per 1 Minute Cycle, Up to 3000+ Per Hour with 2-3 People*
  • Simultaneously Operate Multiple Strains of Pre-Rolls Due to Multiple Independent Stations
  • Concurrently Process Multiple Sizes of Pre-Rolls Due to Multiple Independent Stations
  • Precision Filling Made Easy: Customizable Automated Lift Plate
  • Integrated Customizable Timer Functionality
  • Integrated Catch Tray to Reclaim Material
  • Designed, Manufactured & Assembled in the USA
  • 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • OSHA Compliant


  • Dedicated STM Client Services Technical team
  • Dedicated Client Portal with Library of Training Videos


72-Joint Configuration

***For use with the Cone Lander, LaunchPad &/or Atomic Closer Modules or any part of the 1-tray workflow system)
*NOTE: The new dog walker starter kit is required for achieving accurate fills. The kit includes 1 DW tray and a pre-fill block. You only need 1 starter kit for each set up. Otherwise you can just order extra dog walker trays as needed.

(1) STM RocketBox Pro Pre-Roll Machine
(5) Adjustable Top Trays
(10) 72-Joint Bottom or (84mm, 98mm, 109mm)
(2) Mini Loading Box
(1) Density Testing Graduated Cylinder
OPTIONAL - Extended Warranty doubles your warranty from 1-year to 2-years (see below for details).

143-Joint Configuration
(Not for use with 1-tray workflow or Atomic Closer)

If you have any questions before purchasing, please contact us using our website chat, email us at or reach us via phone/text at (509) 204-3165. Shipping cost does not cover any customs-related charges for international orders.

1-Year Warranty Information (Extended Warranty is for 2-Years)

* Results will differ depending on the material, strain, equipment, personnel, facility, controls and the specific processes employed. STM is dedicated to helping you attain optimal results through our equipment and processes.

* Dog Walker and Slim 98 Trays Require 8-12 Weeks Lead Time. Lead Time is 8-12 weeks..

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