Accuracy made effortless.

Boost cannabis pre-roll quality and consistency with STM Canna’s innovative LaunchPad Scale.

The challenge: perfecting commercial cannabis pre-roll precision.

Achieving pre-roll production accuracy can often pose challenges. Maintaining a balance between efficient production and consistent quality is vital. Achieving precise weight and size in each pre-roll is critical to ensuring uniformity, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.

The solution: STM Canna's LaunchPad Scale.

STM Canna’s Launchpad Scale is your answer. Designed to automate pre-roll production, the LaunchPad Scale can weigh and quality check up to 72 joints in seconds. Its intuitive interface provides exact pre-roll weights and sizes, guaranteeing uniformity in every joint.

Integration efficiency.

As a part of STM Canna’s One-Tray Pre-Roll Automation Workflow, the Launchpad Scale complements a fully automated cannabis pre-roll production line. Combined with our pre-roll machines and grinders, the Launchpad Scale minimizes costs while accelerating efficiency.


Master the art of pre-roll production with STM Canna's One-Tray Automated Workflow.

Embrace efficiency, precision, and quality with STM Canna’s One-Tray Automated Workflow. Our unique system seamlessly integrates the steps of pre-roll production, from grinding, loading, and packing, to weighing and closing with a Dutch crown finish. We offer machines, extensive training, and ongoing support to ensure consistent excellence in your output. Ready to scale? STM Canna’s innovative solutions adapt to your growth, propelling your cannabis venture to new heights. Your success is our mission.

Elevate accuracy, not anxiety: deliver consistent pre-rolls that ignite customer trust.

Streamline operations without compromising pre-roll quality. The precision of STM Canna equipment helps you build customer trust with each perfect pre-roll without inflating your workforce. Precision, scalability, and productivity—it’s the new era in your operations.

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