August Loyalty Special: 20% Off All Trays For Returning Customers!

august loyalty special

STM Canna, an industry leader in manufacturing sophisticated pre-roll automation machinery, is thrilled to unveil an exclusive Loyalty Special aimed at rewarding our loyal returning customers throughout August.

What’s Brewing This August?

Throughout the month, we’re providing a remarkable opportunity for our existing STM Canna customers to enjoy a 20% discount on ALL STM Canna trays. This special offer encompasses our complete selection of trays, granting ample avenues to enhance production levels, optimize equipment efficiency, and cater to the diverse needs of your customers.

Why Does This Offer Matter?

Integrating more trays into the signature STM Canna One-Tray Workflow can significantly ramp up output and slash production times. The availability of various tray sizes means you can offer a more diverse range of pre-rolls perfectly suited to your customers’ unique tastes and preferences.

Our Tray-size Offerings Include:

  • 109mm count (available in 72, 143, and 453)
  • 98mm count (available in 72, 143, and 453)
  • 84mm count (available in 72, 143, and 453)
  • Dog walkers count (available in 72 and 143)
  • Cigarette/Reefer count (available in 72 and 143)

Discover More About the August Loyalty Special

“The August Loyalty Special presents an excellent opportunity for STM Canna customers to maximize the potential of their equipment,” STM Canna’s Marketing Coordinator Chanse Watson said. “By incorporating more trays into your system, you can effortlessly boost production rates and expand your product offerings without the need for additional equipment.”

If you’re intrigued by our August Loyalty Special and wish to learn more, we invite you to contact our devoted sales team. They are accessible through our contact page or phone at +1 (509) 204-3165.

Our sales professionals are ready and enthusiastic to provide thorough details and assist customers in choosing packages most suitable to their specific production needs.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your pre-roll production with STM Canna, the benchmark for innovation in pre-roll machine manufacturing. Your journey toward enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction begins here!

Please Note: The STM Canna loyalty special is exclusively for returning customers. If you’re new to STM Canna, we encourage you to join our customer family and take advantage of future promotions!

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