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pre rolls (or pre-rolls)

Perfect Pre Rolls – How are Dispensaries Making Such Amazing Joints?

Looking back at the cannabis market during the last decade – it’s very clear that we’re in the midst of shifting consumer habits and demands at the dispensary counter. The cannabis market in general has changed dramatically. More and more consumers are opting for more accessible and more convenient ways to enjoy weed as marijuana becomes...
pre roll cone machines

Pre Roll Cone Machines – Which One Is Right for Your Business?

Right out the gate, the easiest way to save you and your employees valuable production time is to invest in a pre roll cone machine (sometimes fondly referred to as a “cone stuffer”). As your cannabis brand grows, finding ways to streamline your company becomes a crucial part of the operation. These machines are one...
commercial pre-roll machines

Our Commercial Pre-Roll Machines Outperform the Competition

For cannabis business owners, commercial pre-roll machines quickly become an essential part of the operation as a company grows. These machines are an effective way to quickly make clean, neat, and professional-looking, shelf-ready joints. However, there are tons of joint rolling machines on the market – and when the time does come to step up...
hemp & cbd pre rolls

Hemp & CBD Pre Rolls are Taking Over

Have you been hearing about CBD pre rolls and the explosive growth this sector has been experiencing lately? The marijuana market is shifting dramatically post-pandemic, with more and more consumers opting for pre-rolled joints than almost all other available options. CBD pre rolls are convenient, reasonably priced, and are ready to share with friends by...

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