Bleached vs Unbleached Cones: A Manufacturer’s Guide

custom preroll cones

While navigating the diverse world of pre-rolled cones, consumers and businesses alike are left to try and determine the differences for bleached vs unbleached cones. Both variants have found their rightful place within the cannabis industry, and each brings with them distinct attributes. Before we get started, don’t forget that it’s Stocktober month at STM […]

How to Start a Pre-Roll Company

pre-roll company

Starting a pre-roll company can be an exciting business venture. As the legalization of cannabis continues to spread, the demand for convenient and high-quality pre-rolled products is increasing. In this article, we’ll guide you through starting a pre-roll company, covering everything from production to pricing and sales. The Importance of Market Research Undertaking comprehensive market […]

Challenges Facing Today’s Commercial Pre-Roll Producers

Commercial Pre-Roll Machines

The commercial cannabis industry has blossomed in recent years, and one segment that has seen a particularly meteoric rise is the commercial pre-roll market.  Consumers love the convenience and sophistication of pre-rolled cannabis joints. Still, many don’t realize that producing these seemingly simple products can be difficult as a business owner if you don’t know where to […]

Business Guide to 98mm Cones for Pre-Rolls

98mm cones for pre-rolls

Decoding the 98mm Cone Gone are the days when 84mm cones alone ruled the roost. Enter the 98mm cone – the new grandmaster of the pre-roll world. But what sets the 98mm cone apart, and why should you consider switching up your pre-roll game? We’ll cover every nuance, from the distinct advantages of 98mm cones […]

Comparison: Mini Rocketbox Plus+ Pre Roll Machine & King Kone

King Kone

Manufacturers constantly strive to keep pace with an ever-growing market demand, and the machinery they employ plays a pivotal role in their success. Today, we compare two prominent machines in the budget-friendly sector of the industry: STM Canna’s Mini Rocketbox Plus+ and King Kone commercial pre-roll machines. When talking about pre-roll production – efficiency and consistency are paramount. While both machines can […]

Elevate Your Business with Commercial Pre-Roll Machines

pre-roll machine

In 2023, commercial pre-roll machines have greatly benefited both small and large cannabis producers alike. As we transition into this next year, we want to provide an updated guide so you can reevaluate your pre-roll machine options. Automated pre-roll machines have revolutionized cannabis production, transforming it from a labor-intensive exercise to an efficient, cost-effective operation.  Say […]

Hand Rolled Joints vs. Machine Rolled Joints

machine rolled joints

The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving. With that, the number of methods available to roll the perfect joint are increasing as well. While purists may swear by the traditional hand-rolled method, technology now presents a compelling case for machine rolled joints. In this unparalleled guide, we’ll delve into the key differences between the two, highlighting […]

STM’s Guide to 84mm Cones for Pre-rolls (1 1/4″)

84mm cones custom pre-roll cones

Understanding the Basics What is an 84mm Cone? Also known as 1 1/4″ cones – simply put, are pre-shaped rolling papers. The size refers to the length of the cone from the filter to the tip, which is approximately 3.3 inches. This size is often considered the “standard” in pre-rolls, closely resembling the size of […]

STM Pre-Roll Automation: Gain a Strategic Advantage

pre-roll automation

Lower Your Processing Costs and Optimize Your Business with STM As the global cannabis market continues to mature and evolve, industry players face a growing challenge: how to streamline their production processes, maximize efficiency, and minimize costs without compromising the quality of their products. One of the best options to deal with these concerns is […]

Ultimate Pre-Roll Sizes Guide for 2024

pre-roll sizes

You’ve stumbled onto our comprehensive guide into the fascinating world of pre-roll sizes and paper types! STM Canna is proud to present this detailed exploration into pre-roll sizes, including our handy visual cone size chart for quick referencing. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge required to navigate the robust selection of pre-roll […]