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The original STM Canna RocketBox commercial pre-roll machine, burst onto the scene at the world’s largest cannabis business expo, the Marijuana Business Conference in December 2018, and was an instant hit. Prior to the release of the RocketBox, the only real option for making joints with a semi-automated joint filling and packing machine, was the Futurola Knockbox.

The Knockbox was fine for smaller runs, however, it wasn’t a tool which allowed medium to large facilities to instantly scale production output. Instead, large production facilities had to use multiple Knockboxes to try and satisfy production demands with several disadvantages.

The main drawback was that the Futurola KnockBox was not designed for use in high volume settings. Built from plastics and non-industrial grade components led to huge issues with reliability and accuracy.

Introducing the RocketBox, a Superior Pre Roll Machine

The original RocketBox was a superior joint rolling machine in every way. It had a much larger capacity at 453 pre-rolls per three minute cycle and provided an obvious solution for larger production facilities needing to push out much more product in less time. The RocketBox was hands down the best pre-roll machine on the market and the only one which offered complete control over the vibration speed and intensity with fully customizable options via a 4.3 touch screen display to get the desired results.

Perhaps the most substantial advantage which the RocketBox exhibited over the Knockbox, was the complete production workflow system. From start to finish, this continuous flow system allowed for mass production at an efficient pace because it addressed the bottlenecks in the process from loading to closing joints.

The build quality of the RocketBox was unsurpassed. The RocketBox was constructed from food grade stainless steel and aluminum, and all of the components were industrial quality made for durability and longevity. The motor alone was rated to last a whopping 10 years. No other machine came close! Add to that STM Canna’s standard 1-year parts and labor warranty and it was easy to see why the RocketBox quickly grew to become the #1 selling and most trusted commercial pre-roll machine in the world.

STM Canna Revolution 2.0 Commercial Pre-Roll Machine

Top 5 Reasons the RocketBox 2.0 is the Best Pre Roll Machine in 2022

The RocketBox 2.0 was released in September of 2020.  We listened to our customers regarding the original RocketBox and made enhancements based on customer feedback.  There were several major improvements made to version 2 of the RocketBox:

  1. Twice as Fast – Due to increased efficiencies in operation, the output of the RocketBox 2.0 was also increased and, on average, twice as fast as the original. The new average run time per 453 cycle was reduced from an already fast 3+ minutes down to swift 1:00 – 2:00 minutes. The STM RocketBox 2.0 is the most advanced pre-roll machine in its class available and the return on investment (ROI) at full production capacity is achieved in just a matter of a few weeks.
  2. Improved User-Friendly Design – The RocketBox 2.0 was physically redesigned to make it even easier to use. The side arm which housed the touch screen on the original RocketBox was replaced, relocated and integrated to a more user-friendly location on the side of the RocketBox 2.0. The 2.0’s overall machine height was also lowered 10 inches for easier reach and quicker accessibility during operation mode.
  3. Reduced Training Time During Employee Turnover – STM clients often asked for easier ways to train new staff after turnover. STM Canna addressed this concern in the RocketBox 2.0 with a new high-definition, 7 inch touch screen. The new screen allowed for a built-in Training Mode with training videos to show current and future employees how to effectively use the RocketBox 2.0, resulting in a much faster onboarding time, especially after turn over.
  4. Improved Accuracy and Results – The RocketBox 2.0 makes tremendous strides at improving weights and accuracy with new smart technology built into the machine which was based on customer feedback. This smart technology calculates the proper densities and target weights depending on your pre-roll size.
  5. Workflow Expandability – Scalability is quick and easy thanks to the modular expandability of the RocketBox workflow system. Add additional trays when needed and speed up the workflow process when expanding your output. This built-in efficiency can maximize your output.

RocketBox 2.0 – More Than Just a Joint Rolling Machine

The RocketBox 2.0 is more than a pre-roll machine. It is part of a workflow system which allows you to make pre-rolls from start to finish allowing you to control the results. Other machines on the market may do a similar thing however, none of them is a complete workflow system which improves on efficiencies, saves time and money.  More importantly, this system is fully expandable allowing you to scale as your business expands and grows.

Here is some recent feedback from RocketBox 2.0 Customers:

“Great machine, simple to use, great customer service. Short learning curve, makes some of the best joints out of several machines I’ve tried” – Matt H.

“Wow, this thing is powerful and fast!” – Phil B

Learn how to maximize your production workflow and grow your production on demand!

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