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How Many Joints Can STM Canna’s One-Tray Workflow Produce in 1 HR?

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As the cannabis industry continues to bloom, the demand for pre-rolled joints is skyrocketing. One company at the forefront of this evolution is STM Canna. Renowned for its innovative pre-roll manufacturing equipment, STM Canna transforms how businesses cater to customers.

The Secret Sauce to Enhanced Production Efficiency

A question that constantly crops up for businesses investing in STM Canna’s equipment is: “How many joints can we churn out in an hour?” While the answer isn’t cut and dried, let’s delve into the factors that mold your hourly production.

Several elements influence your production rate:

  • The number of employees operating the machines
  •  The number of machines in use
  •  The number of 72-count joint trays being implemented

Meet the One-Tray Workflow: an Industry Game Changer

STM Canna’s One-Tray Workflow offers a range of machines, each tailored to execute specific tasks with unrivaled efficiency. Consider the Mini-Rocket Box+, your ally for rapid cone filling, and the Atomic Closer, your ace for achieving precise joint sealing with a slick Dutch crown.

Role of Material Type in Production Efficiency

The type of material you use also plays a critical role in the joints you create. An hour-long test conducted by STM Canna’s experts unveiled the fascinating performance of their equipment. Utilizing two workers, two trays, two loading boxes, a Mini-Rocket Box+, an Atomic Closer, and a hemp-substitute material, they produced just over 1,000 joints. Around 30 joints were reclaimed for refilling.

Harness the Power of STM Canna: Numbers Don’t Lie

Drawing on these outcomes and customer feedback, STM Canna concludes that with this specific set-up – encapsulated in the Jump Starter Promo package – clients can generate between 800 to 1,200 joints per hour. This figure is a ballpark estimate, and it could be boosted with more workers, trays, loading boxes, and equipment. For instance, integrating the Cone Lander cone loading machine could significantly improve productivity.

Step Up Your Pre-Roll Game w/ the One-Tray Workflow.

The STM Canna One-Tray Workflow offers cannabis businesses a golden ticket to streamline pre-roll production and meet the burgeoning demand for high-quality joints. Manufacturers can unlock higher output and achieve stellar results by investing in state-of-the-art equipment and refining the influencing factors.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Pre-Roll Workflow?

Our sales team is at your service if you’re ready to revolutionize your pre-roll workflow and harness the power of STM Canna’s cutting-edge equipment. They can offer detailed information, cater to your requirements, and guide you to the solutions that best serve your business needs. Embark on a journey towards superior efficiency, escalated productivity, and unmatched quality in pre-roll manufacturing. Contact us today and elevate your cannabis production game.

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