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Keep Your Atomic Closer At Peak Performance

atomic closer

The STM Canna pre-roll automation machine lineup boasts several remarkable products, but arguably none shine as brightly as the patented Atomic Closer. Since its launch, this cutting-edge device has transformed how producers close joints. 

The Atomic Closer stands out with its exceptional ability to close an impressive 72 pre-rolls in less than a minute, setting it apart as the sole compact and expandable modular pre-roll closing machine available on the market.

As with sophisticated equipment, proper maintenance, and usage are essential to ensure optimal functionality. To help you maximize the performance of your Atomic Closer or if you’re considering acquiring one, our client services experts offer the following valuable tips:

Atomic Closer Tips:

  • Regularly apply food-grade grease to all moving mechanical parts once a day.
  • When loading trays into the Closer, ensure the thumb screws are properly placed and tightened.
  • Maintain the correct fill lines in your joints, ensuring they remain below the tray funnel rings. Leave approximately ¼ inch of paper visible before running them through the Closer.
  • Prepare your spray bottle with 90% water and 10% isopropyl for spraying your joints.
  • When changing the size of joints you plan to close, swap out rod sets accordingly.

Learn More About the Atomic Closer

The Atomic Closer, patented by STM Canna, is a groundbreaking, ultra-compact, expandable modular pre-roll closing machine. Designed to combine machine efficiency with the artisanal finish of the human touch, this device offers a premium quality look and feel that is unmatched in the industry.

Exceptional Compatibility and Rapid ROI

The Atomic Closer has been designed with versatility in mind. It offers compatibility with a range of pre-roll sizes, including 84mm, 98mm, 109mm, Dog Walkers, and 98 Specials, meaning it can cater to various customer preferences.

The machine also brings financial benefits. Businesses using the Atomic Closer will typically experience a significant return on investment within weeks. This rapid ROI is largely attributable to the substantial reduction in labor costs that the device enables. The efficiency of the Atomic Closer means less human labor is required to close pre-rolls, leading to substantial savings.

User-Friendly Design and Comprehensive Warranty

Our machines have intuitive touchscreen controls, making operation effortless even for novices. Furthermore, the device requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking hassle-free operation. The Atomic Closer is designed to work seamlessly with most filling machines, maximizing versatility and streamlining operations.

Moreover, STM Canna backs the Atomic Closer with a comprehensive two-year warranty. This warranty gives business owners added peace of mind, knowing that the manufacturer will swiftly handle any potential issues.

Integrated Approach to Pre-Roll Production

Closing pre-rolls is one of the most time-consuming and expensive labor processes within pre-roll manufacturing. STM Canna has addressed this challenge head-on with the Atomic Closer. Our closing machine can significantly cut costs and boost production when used with other STM products like the Revolution grinder and the RocketBox pre-roll machines. This holistic approach is part of STM’s One-Tray Automated Pre-Roll Workflow, which integrates multiple stages of pre-roll production for maximum efficiency.

Quality Results with Consistency

The Atomic Closer stands out not just for its speed but also for the quality of its results. By implementing an automated process that mimics the hand-packed feel through crown folding – you can ensure your finished joints come out with a professional appearance. The result is a pre-rolled joint that burns evenly without canoeing, enhancing user experience. We design our devices to be effortless to clean so you can maintain them without hassle and offer your customers consistent results around the clock.

With its unmatched speed, compatibility, ease of use, and comprehensive warranty, STM Canna’s Atomic Closer is more than just a machine – it can be the game-changer you need to get an edge on the competition.

For additional information on this pre-roll machine or to explore its features in detail, we invite you to visit our product page or contact our sales team at To witness the Atomic Closer in action, consider joining one of STM Canna’s monthly live demonstrations. Experience the future of pre-roll closing technology today.

Check out the cleaning & maintenance process for yourself to see how easy things can be!

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