The Best Automated Pre Roll Machines of 2024

automated pre-roll machines

The all-new STM Canna Atomic Closer is the best automated pre roll machine in 2024.  There are many reasons for this but it really boils down to fast performance, low cost, ease of operation and quick clean-up.
The Marijuana Business Conference (MJBizCon), the worlds largest business to business marijuana conference in the world, was held in Las Vegas October 19-21. With 1300 exhibitors and almost 30,000 attendees, it was a huge success.

STM Canna has exhibited and attended MJBizCon for the past 5 years, using it as a launchpad for new product releases, meeting with existing and prospective clients and networking with other innovators in the industry. 

STM Canna’s Turnkey Systems are Better

At MJBizCon 2023, there were several other manufacturers selling large, all-in-one, automated pre roll machines. They basically work in a similar way while costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The overall process for using these machines include adding your ground material into the machine. It then fills cones using a metered system for weights and closes joints with the standard twist tie of the ends as part of the complete process.

Major Cons with the Large Automated Pre Roll Machines:

  • Does not come with a grinder.  Must grinder material separately.
  • Can only use a specific grind size (superfine) to hit target weights.
  • Difficult to service if you have any issues and can shut down your entire production.
  • Consumes a lot of space in facilities and space can be a premium.
  • Costly to buy, rent and maintain.
  • Cannot fully compensate for variations in cones sizes such as slight nuances such as subtle height differences within sizes.
  • When closing joints, these machines can only twist tie the ends which may smoke unevenly.
  • Machines are not able to fill dogwalker micro joints or cigarette style tubes.
  • Cleaning can be extremely time consuming between strains.

STM Canna has chosen to move in a more customizable and scalable path. Instead of building huge, all-in-one solutions which costs anywhere from several hundred thousand dollars to over a million and beyond, we have decided to go with small form, high impact, modular turnkey systems which work as part of a complete workflow to meet and exceed what the larger all-in-one units can do.

The Atomic Closer automated joint closer is one element or module in this workflow and the our complete system is better than anything else on the market in terms of usability, production output and scalability.

Let me explain:

The 7 Main Advantages of the Atomic Closer in STM Canna’s Turnkey System:

  1. Compact Footprint
  2. Ease of Use & Cleaning
  3. Overall Cost
  4. Output volume
  5. Versatility
  6. Scalability and Growth
  7. Future Proof

Compact Footprint

To compare with the larger all-in-one automated pre-roll machines, the STM Canna approach is to use several small compact machines to meet and even exceed the output of these automated machines. The reason is simple:  Space is a premium in many facilities.

Ease of Use & Cleaning

One of the best aspects of our machines is simplicity of operation.  For instance, to use the Revolution commercial cannabis grinder, all you have to do is dump in your material, press the start button and get the best grind with minimal cannabinoid degradation of any commercial cannabis grinder or shredder.
With our Mini-RocketBox joint filling and packing machine, it’s a simple process of loading empty pre-rolled cones, adding your material and 45 seconds later, you have beautifully filled papers.

The Atomic Closer is a simply loading your filled trays and hitting the go button to close 72-joints in 40 seconds.  Best of all each machine is easy to maintain and clean with a shop vacuum and isopropyl alcohol (or soap and water) in just a few minutes. Try doing that to the monster all-in-one pre-roll machines between strains!


Overall Cost

The STM Atomic Closer is only $49,000 if purchased separately (but much better and less expensive as part of a complete workflow system). The large automated machines cannot complete with the Atomic Closer in output, simple operation and easy clean up.


Output Volume

STM Canna offers the best quality commercial grade processing equipment for the money period. Our machines are built to last a long time and operate all day long.  With the proper workflow, you can do upwards of 25,000 joints or more per day in our machines. Add in the Atomic Closer and shave your labor costs and production time dramatically.

The Atomic Closer can close 72 joints in around 40 seconds. This is a minimum of 20 runs (x 72 joints per run = 1440 an hour) with just one employee filling cones in the Mini-RocketBox and closing them with the Atomic Closer. Of course this is scalable to meet your needs.



STM has the most versatile machines available.  We have always offered the ability to fill and pack, or roll, several joint sizes including the standard 84mm, 98mm and 109mm. Now we can also do the popular micro joints or dog walkers 70mm sizes and the new cigarette style tubes.

The STM Canna research and development team is constantly developing new trays and new sizes to accommodate trends in the marketplace and consumer demands. Let us know in comments what type of joints you produce and what tray sizes you need.

Scalability & Growth

With our system and in an 8-hour day, it is possible to fill, pack and close 11,500 joints with just 1 employee. Because our turnkey packages and workflows are designed around a compact modular model, it is easily expandable as your business grows and expands. Add another employee or two with a 2nd RocketBox and a few extra trays and double, triple or even quadruple your production output easily. Did I mention that our machines are easy to use and clean?  You can get a full production space saving workflow and even purchase a commercial grinder and still be 1/4 or more of the cost of those other large systems.



When you invest with STM Canna, you invest in your future. Moving into 2024, STM Canna is continuing to innovate new products and improve existing products. Every one of STM Canna’s future products will fit into the existing workflow to improve your process and slash your production costs while increasing your production output and accuracy.

According to the Investing Whisperer, automation moving into cannabis pre-roll production will dramatically reduce costs and increase cash flow. STM is committed to providing a fast return on investment in our technology, producing a high quality product at lower prices than the competition which is great for your bottom line and profits.  STM Canna will continue to innovate and expand well into the new year and beyond.