STM Canna’s Strategic Expansion: Powering Infusion Innovation & Pre-Roll Automation

STM expansion for pre-roll innovation

The pre-roll market is booming, and with the explosion of infused pre-rolls, cannabis businesses need the right tools to capitalize on this demand. STM Canna, the global leader in pre-roll automation, understands this. 

Their recent expansion of manufacturing facilities is bold. They’re committed to innovation, customer success, and setting the standard for the pre-roll industry.

STM Canna’s new 28,000-square-foot facility allows them to ramp up production significantly. Here’s why that matters for cannabis businesses:

  • Meet Market Demand: Whether you’re a minor operation using the RocketBox Mini or a high-volume producer with the RocketBox Pro, enjoy the faster turnaround on your pre-roll orders.
  • Infusion Made Easy: STM Canna is your partner in infusion innovation. Get your support to integrate the Astro Infuser and streamline infused pre-roll production.
  • The Best Service: Expanded training areas, technical assistance, and a focus on building relationships ensure every STM Canna customer feels supported.

R&D Expansion: Where Pre-Roll Innovation is Born

The 2,750-square-foot R&D center is the driving force behind STM Canna’s groundbreaking solutions. Expect to see:

  • The Next Generation: Their engineers are developing even faster, more precise pre-roll systems that will redefine efficiency.
  • Infusion Integration: Seamless workflow with the Astro Infuser and similar technologies for smooth infused pre-roll production.
  • Workflow Mastery: Continuous refinement of the one-tray workflow, potentially leading to enhancements for tools like the Atomic Closer and LaunchPad scale.

“We see pre-rolls as the future of cannabis consumption,” says Jason Dueweke, STM Canna CEO. This expansion is our investment not only in our growth but in the entire industry’s growth. We’re pushing the boundaries of automation and infusion technology and developing the next generation of products to empower cannabis businesses.”

Ready to join the pre-roll revolution? Discover STM Canna’s full range of pre-roll solutions – from their industry-leading RocketBox series to infusion systems and quality control tools. Contact us today to see how we can take your pre-roll operation to the next level.

Sustainable Practices in Pre-Roll Production

As the cannabis industry grows, so does its environmental footprint. STM Canna is committed to reducing this impact through sustainable manufacturing processes. The new facility expansion incorporates energy-efficient technologies and waste-reduction practices that are both good for the planet and cost-effective for cannabis businesses. 

Customization at Scale: Tailoring Pre-Roll Machines to Your Needs

Every cannabis operation has unique needs, and STM Canna recognizes the importance of providing personalized solutions. With the expanded production capabilities of their new facility, STM Canna now offers enhanced support for all of their pre-roll machines, such as the RocketBox series. 

Whether adjusting the machine to handle different types of cannabis blends or configuring the system to produce specific pre-roll sizes, STM Canna works closely with each client to ensure their equipment perfectly aligns with their production goals and requirements. 

This level of customization enhances operational efficiency and ensures that businesses can produce distinctive products that stand out in the always competitive cannabis market.

Discover how STM Canna’s commitment to pre-roll innovation can elevate your cannabis business to new heights. Embrace the future with their state-of-the-art solutions, and watch your business thrive in the growing cannabis market. Open a chat to speak with our dedicated sales team or use our contact page to get in touch and tell us your needs as a growing cannabis business, we’re ready to listen! Follow us on Twitter for our latest news & announcments or join our mailing list.