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Upgrade Your Pre-Roll Production with STM Canna’s May Promotion

Are you looking to either begin your pre-roll automation journey or simply take it to the next level? Then you’re in luck! STM Canna is offering a new promotion for the entire month of May. Choose from one of three separate packages: the $49,995 Jump Starter package, the $99,995 package, or the $109,995 package.

Choose from Three Packages Designed to Meet Your Needs

The $49,995 Jump Starter package includes a Mini-RocketBox, Atomic Closer, and 2 Bottom Trays, and a Loading Box. This set of equipment alone is capable of producing up to 10,000 pre-rolls in one day. But if you need to increase your output even further, we offer booster packs to get you the equipment that suits your needs.

For higher volume outputs, our turnkey packages provide everything you need from grind to close. The $99,995 package includes a Mini-RocketBox, A Revolution 2.0 Grinder, a Cone Lander Tray Loader, A Launch Pad Weighing Scale, an Atomic Closer, 2 Bottom Trays, 1 Top Tray, and a Loading Box. 

Additionally, if you’re really serious about pre-roll automation, then the $109,995 package includes two Mini-RocketBoxes, A Revolution 2.0 Grinder, a Cone Lander Tray Loader, A Launch Pad Weighing Scale, an Atomic Closer, 8 Bottom Trays, 2 Top Trays, and 2 Loading Boxes. With our largest package, customers have the opportunity to make 20,000+ pre-rolled joints in one day.

But that’s not all – STM Canna experts also offer on-site training, premium tech support, and live demos to see the equipment in action. Financing options are also available for all packages.

STM Canna machines are simple to operate, easy to clean, and offer a low maintenance solution for businesses of all sizes. By investing in STM Canna’s pre-roll automation systems, you can save on labor costs and improve efficiency, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to revolutionize your pre-roll production. Contact our sales team today for more information on how STM Canna can help you and your business!

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