Mini RocketBox

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143 Pre-Rolls
in 45 Seconds


Fills Up to 1.2g

Mini RocketBox


Constructed with industrial components for durability and reliability.  This machine is built to last and built to deliver results in a compact package.


 Mini RocketBox Loading Station (included)


Exclusive Rocket Box Technology

Using the same advanced technology, the Mini-RocketBox creates high quality, evenly packed pre-rolls that allow for a superior consumer experience.


Other Specs

143 Pre-Rolls

Fills up to 143 pre-rolls in 45 seconds.


Constructed from stainless steel & aluminum

Food Grade

Constructed from food grade materials

Adjustable Settings

The Mini RocketBox has 3 adjustable settings

11,000 Daily

The Mini can produce up to 11,000 pre-rolls a day.

10% Variance or less

10% Variance or less on fills for accurate pre-rolls.

90% Average Rate

The mini has an average fill rate of 90% or higher.

1-Year Warranty

One years parts and labor warranty.

STM RocketBoxes


One-Size Doesn’t Fit All

Mini RocketBox

143 Pre-Rolls Per Cycle

3 -Adjustable Settings

Up to 11,000 Pre-Rolls Daily


453-Pre Rolls Per Cycle

Customizable Settings

Up to 25,000 Pre-Rolls Daily