STM Canna’s Modular Pre-Roll Automation Systems Help You Produce 2500+ Joints / HR

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How You Can Outproduce the Competition

The cannabis industry is booming, and pre-rolls are quickly becoming many consumers’ favorite products. Data from predicts that pre-rolls will be the top-selling cannabis product in the U.S. within a few years. They’re already the number one cannabis product in Canada.

To keep up with this growing demand, cannabis businesses need efficient, scalable, and high-quality production solutions. This is where STM Canna’s modular pre-roll automation systems, particularly the innovative Jump Starter system, come into play. These systems can effortlessly produce over 2500+ joints an hour, easily outpacing any other machine or capped all-in-one system on the market costing up to 10x as much.

Meet STM Canna’s Modular Pre-Roll Automation Systems

STM Canna is a leader in cannabis processing technology. It offers modular pre-roll automation systems that streamline production, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and top-notch quality. The standout among its offerings is the Jump Starter system, which combines the Mini-RocketBox Plus pre-roll machine with the Atomic Closer, creating a powerhouse of productivity.

The Dynamic Duo: Mini-RocketBox Plus and Atomic Closer

The Jump Starter system is a game-changer for cannabis businesses looking to scale. This system includes two main components: the Mini-RocketBox Plus pre-roll machine and the Atomic Closer.

1. **Mini-RocketBox Plus Pre-Roll Machine**: This compact but mighty machine is designed to fill pre-rolled cones with precision and efficiency. It can handle various cone sizes and produce up to 143 joints in a single cycle. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to operate and maintain, making it perfect for businesses of all sizes.

2. **Atomic Closer**: The Atomic Closer works hand-in-hand with the Mini-RocketBox Plus by efficiently closing the filled pre-rolls with a Dutch crown fold. This process ensures that each joint is sealed consistently, maintaining quality and reducing waste.

Unmatched Efficiency: Over 2500 Joints Per Hour

One of the most impressive features of the Jump Starter system is its ability to produce, fill, and close over 2500 joints per hour with just two staff members operating it. The Mini-RocketBox Plus and Atomic Closer work seamlessly together to achieve this remarkable output. And this isn’t just theoretical: a demo video shows two operators producing over 800 pre-rolls in just 20 minutes using the Jump Starter system.

Maximizing ROI and Cutting Labor Costs

Investing in STM Canna’s Jump Starter system offers significant returns, especially regarding labor savings and increased production capacity. Here’s how:

1. **Labor Savings**: Traditional pre-roll production is labor-intensive, often requiring numerous staff to fill, close, and package joints. The Jump Starter system reduces the need for manual labor, allowing two operators to achieve what would typically require a much larger team. This lowers operational costs and minimizes human error, ensuring a more consistent product.

2. **Increased Production Capacity**: The ability to produce over 2000 joints per hour means businesses can scale their operations rapidly. This increased capacity allows companies to meet growing demand while maintaining quality and consistency.

3. **Consistent Quality**: The Jump Starter system’s automated nature ensures that each pre-roll is filled and closed to the same standard, enhancing product quality and consumer satisfaction. Consistency is crucial in building a reputable brand in the competitive cannabis market.

4. **Cost Efficiency**: While the initial investment in pre-roll automation equipment might seem substantial, the long-term savings in labor costs and the ability to scale production quickly result in a favorable ROI. Additionally, reducing waste and improving product consistency contribute to overall cost efficiency.

The Growing Demand for Pre-Rolls

Why are pre-rolls so popular? Several reasons come to mind:

1. **Convenience**: Pre-rolls are ready to use, eliminating the need for consumers to grind, measure, and roll their cannabis. This convenience is particularly appealing to new users and those with busy lifestyles.

2. **Portability**: Pre-rolls are easy to transport and discreet, making them a popular choice for consumers who want to enjoy cannabis on the go.

3. **Quality Control**: Pre-rolls produced using automated systems like the Jump Starter ensure a consistent experience, which is increasingly important to consumers who seek reliability in their cannabis products.

4. **Variety**: Pre-rolls come in various strains and blends, catering to diverse consumer preferences and enhancing appeal.

The Future of Pre-Rolls

As pre-rolls continue to dominate the cannabis market, the need for efficient, scalable production solutions will only grow. STM Canna’s modular pre-roll automation systems, particularly the Jump Starter system, are well-positioned to meet this demand. STM Canna enables businesses to thrive in a competitive landscape by providing a high-output, labor-saving solution.

Seeing is Believing: The Power of Pre-Roll Automation

Potential customers can view an included demo video to truly understand the efficiency and capabilities of the Jump Starter system. This video shows two operators using the system to produce over 864 pre-rolls in just 20 minutes, highlighting STM Canna’s technology’s speed, precision, and ease of operation.

The cannabis industry is at a pivotal point, with pre-rolls leading the charge as the fastest-growing category. STM Canna’s modular pre-roll automation systems, exemplified by the Jump Starter system, provide an ideal solution for businesses looking to capitalize on this trend. The Jump Starter system offers a compelling ROI by significantly increasing production capacity, reducing labor costs, and ensuring consistent product quality. As the demand for pre-rolls continues to rise, investing in automation technology like that offered by STM Canna will be vital to staying competitive and meeting consumer expectations.

For businesses ready to take their pre-roll automation & production to the next level, STM Canna’s Jump Starter system offers an efficient, scalable, and high-quality solution that delivers tangible results. With the demonstrated ability to produce over 2000 joints per hour with just two operators, the future of pre-roll production has never looked brighter. Call 509-204-3164 now to discuss your machine needs with our seasoned sales team.