Pre Roll Cone Machines – Which One Is Right for Your Business?

pre roll cone machines

Right out the gate, the easiest way to save you and your employees valuable production time is to invest in a pre roll cone machine (sometimes fondly referred to as a “cone stuffer”). As your cannabis brand grows, finding ways to streamline your company becomes a crucial part of the operation.

These machines are one of the most essential parts of any large (or small) cannabis business. While they may cost a pretty penny, these devices are one of the best investments you can make for your business.

However, if you’re just now looking to implement a pre roll cone machine into your production line, you might have a million questions buzzing around your mind.

How do I know which pre-roll cone machine is the best? How big does my company have to be before I buy a pre-roll machine? Is purchasing a pre-roll machine even worth it?

We’ll start by assuring you that, yes, a commercial cone rolling machine is 100% worth it. But, it’s still a good idea to get familiar with the fundamentals of investing in one of these devices.

So without further ado, let’s dive into what a pre roll cone machine is and which one may be best for your growing business. Before that though, we want to mention that we are the first to market with our cone lander product – and we feel we offer the best cone filling machine machine available – hands down!

Pre Roll Cone Machines – The Ins and Outs

Before you go out and buy the first pre-roll maker that catches your eye, it’s vital that you do some preliminary research.

Remember, these machines are an investment. The best ones tend to be a bit more expensive, so factor that in. You should also remember that if you’re trying to cut costs and end up opting for a cheaper machine, you’ll probably end up paying for it down the line.

So, what exactly makes a cone stuffer? There are a few different methods for making consistent pre-rolls, but injectors and vibration-based machines are probably the two most common devices you’ll likely encounter.

Injectors work pretty much like how you’d expect them to: a press stuffs a cone with weed, and a tamp is used to adjust how tightly it’s packed.

Simple and effective! Ultimately, however, these little cone filling machines have their downsides.

Perhaps the most obvious is that, although these machines do speed up the overall production process, they don’t do so by very much. Most injectors work with either singular joints or relatively small batches, so the overall increase in output isn’t that significant.

What are Some Alternatives to STM’s Pre Roller Machines?

In the other corner, we have vibration-based machines. These pre roll cone machines use gravity to let the weed fall through holes into the cones and vibration to pack them.

Once again, simple design but a lot more effective.

STM Canna builds their pre-roll machines by this design, with our RocketBox 2.0 featuring some industry-leading specs.

This patented pre-roll machine is built to be durable, meaning that investing in one of these devices means investing in the long-term future of your company.

The RocketBox 2.0 commercial joint rolling machine features industrial-grade components and food-grade materials in its makeup, meaning each joint will be packed consistently and germ-free.

Its stainless steel build also ensures that every joint is exceptionally high-quality, something you wouldn’t see in a device that’s made with plastic parts.

Picking the Best Pre Roll Cone Machine for Your Company

So, now that you’ve got a better idea of what kind of machine you want for your cannabis company, it’s time to pick which one works best for your individual needs.

The two most important factors you’ll need to consider are the actual size of the machine itself and your company’s short and long-term goals.

If you’re a smaller company and just starting to see some serious growth with your cannabis and joint production, you have two options.

The first is to start with a smaller, less expensive pre roll cone machine. In the short term, this will save you money and be more congruent with your company’s size.

The Mini-RocketBox Plus+ is one of the best and most convenient pre-roll machines available. Its size and price make it perfect for companies that may just be gaining ground.

However, just because it’s small doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful. This machine can produce over 143 pre-rolled joints in less than a minute, making it one of the fastest pre roll cone machines on the market.

However, if you plan to continue growing your company even further, chances are you may end up outgrowing your pre-roll machine.

For larger companies (or those with a long-term growth goal in mind), the STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 is your best bet. It’s straightforward to set up and can produce over 453 joints per cycle, with an output of up to 25,000 daily.

The strength of this machine makes it a precious asset to any company, and its versatility allows it to work well in a small business with a relatively local clientele or a large brand with national reach.

If you’re interested in learning more about STM Canna’s industry-leading pre-roll cone machines, contact us at 509-204-3148 or Check out our Youtube Channel to watch product demos and learn more about our industry leading machines!

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