Perfect Grind for the Perfect Pre-Roll

The STM Revolution is the world’s most advanced commercial grinder. No plastic whips, meat grinders, blenders or flour mills that heat and pulvarize months of your hard work. Chosen by small craft cultivators and start-ups up to the largest brands and facilities around the world, the STM Revolution is an asset that grows with your business, allowing your facility to scale as needed and maintain the highest product integrity (retaining your trichomes, cannabinoids & terpenes).

Cannabis & Tech Today Magazine

The Brand New STM Revolution Commercial Grinder was Featured in the Nationally Recognized Summer 2019 Issue of Cannabis & Tech Today Magazine.

“The Revolution Grinder is the latest release by STM Canna to take the cannabis processing market by storm”

Highly Consistent Grind.  Perfect for Extractions & Pre-Rolls!

Exceptional Quality

The STM Revolution Grinder is Constructed with Commercial Grade Components and Encased in 100% Food Grade SAE 304 Dent-Resistant Stainless Steel.  It is OSHA Compliant and backed by STM Canna’s 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty and Unmatched Customer Service.

The STM Revolution Grinder is Proudly Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the U.S.A.

Continuous Feed

Continuous Feed Hopper for High Volume & Mass Prodution

Particle Sizes

Interchangeable Particle Screens for Extraction & Pre-Rolls

Dual Blades

STM Proprietary, Highly Polished Dual Stainless Steel Blade System

Product Integrity

Maintains cannabinoids, terpenes & trichomes to achieve the highest yields

Key Features

This Revolution grinder is loaded with features

  • Dual Steel Blade Technology 100% 100%
  • 5-Point Safety System 100% 100%
  • Chute for Easy Collection 100% 100%
  • Commercial Grade Quality 100% 100%
  • Touch Screen Operation 100% 100%
  • Different Grind Sizes 100% 100%
  • Food Grade Materials 100% 100%
  • Continuous Feed Operation 100% 100%
  • One-Year Warranty 100% 100%


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Preserves Cannabinoids

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The Importance of Grind Size

The grind size of your product is going to directly influence how your pre-rolls are filled. In order to obtain consistent results and weights, the first step is the create a standard baseline in grind size. This baseline will allow you to repeat the desired results and create the perfect pre-roll. As the pre-roll must reach a specified weight, the goal is to ensure that it both meets the weight, and fully smokeable requirements.

If the grind size is too large, the particles will not fill the cone properly, leaving the pre-roll short on weight, flimsy at the crutch and it will burn inconsistently. If the grind size is too small, fine or powdery, the pre-roll will be over weight as there will be product that has fallen through to the crutch. When overfilled, it will not allow you to pull the joint all the way to completion when smoking.

The STM Revolution will allow you to achieve consistent results to cut down on the frustration with everyone involved in the process.

Coarse Particle Screen

Interchangeable Food-Grade 304 Stainless Steel with Coarse Particle Screen for larger particle sizes. This screen size keeps the grind consistent for pre-rolls


Interchangeable Food-Grade 304 Stainless Steel Fine Particle Screen
for Extraction for smaller particle sizes. This screen size keeps the grind consistent.

Touch Screen Control

 Touch Screen Control for ease of use with low, medium and high settings as well as a quick pulse setting which can help to clear any debris.


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