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RocketBox 2.0

commercial pre roll machine

Introducing the RocketBox 2.0

A Smarter, Faster, Commercial Pre Roll Machine!

Introducing the patented STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 – the ultimate commercial pre-roll machine designed for high-volume production and efficiency. With its state-of-the-art technology, the STM RocketBox 2.0 can produce up to 453 pre-rolls in just three minutes, making it the fastest and most reliable multiple joint roller machine on the market.


Whether you’re a small dispensary or a large-scale production facility, the STM RocketBox 2.0 can help you streamline your workflow and maximize your profits. With its easy-to-use interface and customizable settings, this pre-roll machine is a game-changer for the cannabis industry. Get ready to blast off into the future of pre-roll production with the RocketBox 2.0 commercial pre-roll machine.


Automation is becoming increasingly crucial for cone-packing machines. Automated cone packing systems can help to reduce labor costs, increase production speed and accuracy, and improve product quality. Automated pre-roll packaging machines also provide cutting-edge technologies that help you get ground cannabis into pre-rolled cones with the ultimate in precision and speed. The Rocketbox automated pre-rolled cone-filling machine is an example of a device that has revolutionized the industry by providing a reliable, efficient way to fill cones quickly and accurately. Automation is essential for businesses looking to stay competitive in the modern market.

Scale on Demand

The industry leading RocketBox 2.0 commercial pre roll machine can fill and pack 453 pre-rolls per cycle and up to 25,000 a day!

Reduce Labor Costs

Our commercial joint rolling machine is fast, efficient, yet remains a user-friendly cone filling machine – and reduces your costs!

Advanced Tech

The RocketBox 2.0’s built-in, proprietary smart density software, guides you step-by-step to achieve the desired weights and results.

User-Friendly Design

The RocketBox 2.0’s user-friendly design easily fills & packs more efficiently with accurate weights than the competition.

Training Mode Saves Time

Built-in step-by-step training videos and user manual on the 7″ touch screen. Saves time by reducing training.

Intuitive Software

User-Friendly software measures target weights using a built-in density calculator with one-touch repeatable results.


Don’t just take our word for it – hear what our clients have to say about the RocketBox 2.0 multiple joint roller machine! Our satisfied customers have shared their experiences with the RocketBox and how it has transformed their pre-roll production.  Read our client testimonials to discover how the RocketBox can benefit your business and take your pre-roll production to the next level.

  • “The RocketBox 2.0 is simply the best in the industry bar none!”

    Metolius Hemp Company
  • “Great machine, simple to use, great customer service.  Short learning curve, makes some of the best joints out of the several machines I’ve tried.”

    Matt H., Verified Buyer
  • I love all the resources and the company checkin on us, it feels more like you want us to understand the machine. So far we have loved the support and we are looking forward to producing with you guys.”

    Ascend Wellness Holdings, MI
  • “Our Efficiencies have increased, labor costs decreased and it makes a superior product all around”

    Levi Budz, Budz Butter, WI

Video Testimonial

With Our Fully Automated Turnkey Systems, You Can:


STM Revolution Grinders preserve your important terpenes and cannabinoids with low heat, low friction grinding.


Choose the STM RocketBox Commercial Pre Roll Machines to give your business the most efficient processing power available. 


Confidently weigh 72 joints simultaneously, quickly and accurately with the all-new STM Canna LaunchPad scale.


Atomic Closer folds 72 pre-rolls in just 45 seconds with a professional looking dutch crown. No twist ties Permitted!

The RocketBox commercial pre-roll machine is designed with durability in mind and is engineered with industrial grade components and food grade materials.
Commercial Joint Rolling Machine

Built to Last.

The STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 commercial pre-roll machine is not only the fastest and most efficient pre-roll machine on the market, but it is also one of the most durable. Engineered with industrial-grade components and food-grade materials, this pre-roll machine is built to withstand the demands of high-volume production.


The machine’s durable construction is evident in its stainless steel frame, which is corrosion-resistant and designed to last for years. The machine’s parts and components are also made of high-quality materials, ensuring that they can withstand the wear and tear of continuous use.


In addition, the STM RocketBox 2.0 commercial pre-roll machine is designed with food-grade materials to ensure that the pre-rolls it produces are safe for consumption. This means that the machine is built with materials that meet strict food safety standards, ensuring that there is no risk of contamination or other health hazards.


Overall, the STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 is a durable and reliable pre-roll machine that is built to last. Its industrial-grade components and food-grade materials make it a safe and practical choice for businesses looking to produce high-quality pre-rolls at scale.

Accelerated Output

The RocketBox 2.0 system is twice as fast as the original and up to 7x faster than competing commercial pre roll machines.

 Enhanced Accuracy

The RocketBox 2.0’s new enhancements includes an exclusive Adjustable Top Tray and Lift Plate technology improves fill rate and accuracy.

1-Year Warranty

Every STM Canna machine comes with a comprehensive 1-year parts & labor warranty with optional extended warranty to double production.

View the RocketBox 2.0 Demonstration  on Vimeo

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Industrial Pre Roll Machine

  • ✅ Top tray
  • ✅ Bottom tray
  • ✅ Loading box
  • ✅ Density testing beaker
  • ✅ *Trays designed to fit without an adapter



Industrial Pre Roll Machine

  • ✅ (2) Mini top trays
  • ✅ (2) Mini bottom trays
  • ✅ Mini loading box
  • ✅ Density testing beaker
  • ✅ Adapter Set


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