Take Advantage of Our 7/10 Specials – Offers End July 14!

7/10 promotion
7/10 promotion

STM Canna, the leading provider of cutting-edge pre-roll automation equipment, is thrilled to announce our 7/10 promotion. 

What in the Heck is 7/10?

The “7/10 day” mentioned in this text refers to a celebration recognized by cannabis enthusiasts, particularly those who appreciate cannabis oil. The number 710 is used to represent this celebration as, when flipped upside down, it spells “OIL”, a popular derivative of cannabis. Much like 4/20 day, which is widely celebrated by the general cannabis community, 7/10 has evolved to become a significant day for those who prefer consuming cannabis in oil form.

In the context of this announcement from STM Canna, our “7/10 promotion” is a special sales event organized to coincide with this celebration, offering attractive deals and packages on our pre-roll automation equipment from June 20 to July 14.

Our primary intention is to entice new customers into making their first purchase, particularly those in the cannabis oil industry, so they can take advantage of this opportunity and enhance their operations.

What are the Offers?

From June 20 to July 14, 2023 – both new & returning customers can take advantage of this promotion with exclusive packages designed to revolutionize their pre-roll automation operations.

Harvest Package

For those new to the industry or seeking to enter the world of pre-roll automation, STM Canna presents the Harvest Package– a comprehensive offering that includes all the necessary equipment and training to jumpstart their production. This all-inclusive package features the Mini-RocketBox+, the Atomic Closer, the Cone Lander, four bottom trays, one top tray, two loading boxes, and various accessories tailored for these machines. As a bonus, customers will receive complimentary on-site training as well to ensure they maximize the potential of their new equipment. The Harvest Package enables customers to produce an impressive 10,000-20,000 joints in a single day, while saving an incredible 12% on the entire lineup.

Loyalty Special

Existing STM Canna customers are not forgotten, as the Loyalty Special is designed specifically to support their expansion plans. With this offer, current customers can enjoy fantastic discounts on selected equipment. This includes a 10% discount on Atomic Closer and LaunchPad Weigher purchases, 15% off RocketBox 2.0 and Revolution Grinder 2.0 purchases, 20% off Mini-RocketBox and Mini-Revolution Grinder purchases, and an astounding 25% discount on all tray purchases. By leveraging these savings, existing customers can enhance their pre-roll automation workflow, increase production, and further reduce labor costs.

Learn more about the Specials

“We are excited to introduce the 7/10 promotion, which offers both new and existing customers incredible opportunities to elevate their pre-roll automation capabilities,” STM Canna Marketing Coordinator Chanse Watson said. “With the Harvest Package, we aim to provide a turnkey solution for those entering the industry, allowing them to achieve professional-grade results. The Loyalty Special on the other hand, empowers our valued existing customers to expand their operations seamlessly and with substantial cost savings.”

To learn more about our 7/10 promotion, interested individuals are encouraged to contact our sales team.

They can be reached via our contact page, or by calling +1 (509) 204-3165. The sales team will be delighted to provide further details and assist customers in selecting the most suitable packages for their specific needs.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to take your pre-roll automation to new heights!

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