Ultimate Pre-Roll Sizes Guide for 2024

pre-roll sizes

You’ve stumbled onto our comprehensive guide into the fascinating world of pre-roll sizes and paper types!

STM Canna is proud to present this detailed exploration into pre-roll sizes, including our handy visual cone size chart for quick referencing. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge required to navigate the robust selection of pre-roll sizes and paper types available in the flourishing U.S. legal cannabis market. We aim to help you optimize your product line by understanding and catering to your customer’s unique preferences.

Commercial Pre-Roll Sizes

Pre-roll sizes are a crucial aspect of personalizing the cannabis consumer experience. They come in several handy sizes, with some of the most popular ones being 70mm, 98mm, and 109mm. Each size is designed to meet individual customer needs. In the following section, we’ll delve deeper into the characteristics of these popular pre-roll sizes and help you understand which might be most suitable to offer to your customer base.

70mm Dogwalker Pre-Rolls

One of the smallest commercial pre-rolls available is the 70mm pre-roll, often called a “Dogwalker“. These little guys typically accommodate about 0.5 grams of cannabis. This size equates to the conventional “single-wide” cigarette, making it an excellent choice for personal use or lighter smokers. Its compact size makes it usually more affordable, marking it as a preferred choice for customers seeking a budget-friendly option or a lower dosage. The short duration required to consume this pre-roll size is what led to the nickname of “Dogwalker.”

1 & 1/4 Pre-Rolls (Classic)

Next are the 1 1/4 size pre-rolls, designed to offer a slightly more prolonged session than the standard 70mm size. With a length of 84mm, they can comfortably hold 25% more product than standard “single-wide” papers, equating to about 0.6 – 0.75 grams of cannabis. These 84mm pre-rolls, are a mid-size option, striking a balance between the 70mm and 98mm pre-roll sizes.

98mm Pre-Rolls

The 98mm pre-rolls are favored for their moderate size, typically accommodating around 0.75 grams to 1 gram of cannabis. This size provides a longer smoking experience without becoming unwieldy and aligns perfectly with the needs of moderate smokers or those looking to share their pre-roll.

109mm Pre-Rolls – King Size

Our guide wouldn’t be complete without discussing the 109mm pre-rolls. As the largest standard size, they typically house 1-1.5 grams of cannabis. Comparable to “grand” or “super king-size” cigarettes, these pre-rolls cater to heavy smokers or group sessions, offering a longer experience. Understandably, due to the larger quantity of cannabis, they usually come with a higher price tag.

Cigarette Tube Style Pre-Rolls

The Cigarette Pre-Roll is an excellent choice. With a perfect 84mm size (king size), these tubes are designed to be easily fillable with your choice of tobacco (or a very discrete cannabis filled joint!). The tubes maintain their structural integrity during the filling process, ensuring a well-packed pre-roll. Each tube features a classic white tip, a signature of Zig Zag’s traditional style. The tips are sturdy and enhance the draw, providing a fantastic smoking experience.

Double-Wide Pre-Rolls

Lastly, the Double Wide Pre-Rolls, while less popular due to their unusual shape, provide a unique smoking experience. These pre-rolls maintain the length of standard 70mm or 78 mm-79 mm papers but double in width, enabling a larger diameter joint that can contain more cannabis.

Understanding that each of these pre-roll sizes appeals to a different type of consumer is vital when curating a product line that aligns with your customer base’s preferences. STM Canna is always here to guide you through these critical decisions.

Understanding Industry Pre-Roll Paper Types 

Now that we’ve covered pre-roll sizes, let’s delve into the types of pre-roll papers, another critical aspect that can significantly influence a consumer’s smoking experience. From the burn rate to the taste, many factors hinge on the choice of paper used to roll cannabis. The leading papers in the cannabis market include rice, hemp, wood pulp, flax, and cellulose.

Rice Pre-Roll Papers

Rice pre-roll papers are thin and slow-burning, contributing to a smooth and clean smoking experience. Their neutral taste does not overshadow the unique flavors of the cannabis strain used, making them a popular choice among those who prefer to savor their smoke fully.

Hemp Pre-Roll Papers

Hemp pre-roll papers, made from the cannabis plant itself, are an eco-friendly option loved by many. They provide an even and moderately paced burn and may add a slight, generally pleasing flavor to the smoke. Some companies even combine hemp with CBD to offer health-conscious consumers a natural, enjoyable smoke.

Wood Pulp Pre-Roll Papers

Wood pulp pre-roll papers, the most common type of rolling paper, are known for their thicker texture and faster burn rate. They are relatively easy to work with and often bleached, although unbleached versions are also available.

Flax Pre-Roll Papers

Flax pre-roll papers burn evenly and are praised for their slow burn rate. They provide a mild flavor and are quite easy to roll. Like those from Trip2, transparent cellulose papers offer a unique visual appeal as the cannabis inside the joint is visible. They provide a slow burn but can be slightly more challenging to roll due to their slippery texture.

How STM Canna Can Help

At STM Canna, we help you select the best paper type for your pre-rolls by considering each paper type’s characteristics and the preferences of your target market.

We take pride in our thorough understanding of the cannabis market, offering tailored solutions that cater to the needs of businesses and end consumers alike. With this comprehensive understanding of the diverse pre-roll sizes and paper types, we’re confident that you can perfectly refine your product offerings to meet your customers’ varied preferences.

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