Visit STM booth at IndoExpo Denver Jan 27-28

Stop by the Sesh Technologies Manufacturing (stm) booth at the Denver IndoExpo this weekend.  The stm booth is located in Aisle J, booth 58 and see the stm 4.0 Advanced Commercial rosin press in Action.  The worlds first commercial grade rosin press with built-in safety features, food grade materials and advanced control systems is capable of pressing 3 ounces per cycle.

Also on full display is the STM RocketBox, the worlds 1st commercial pre-rolled joint filling and packing machine.  The RocketBox can fill and pack 453 pre-roll joint cones at once in under 2 minutes.  Paired with the separate loading/unloading station, the RocketBox is the ultimate high volume production commercial pre-roll filling and packing machine.

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